Thursday, July 9, 2015

When is a Sanctuary City, NOT a Sanctuary City=s when it's full of illegal aliens with guns & drugs.

When is a "Sanctuary City, NOT a Sanctuary City ??!!

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimiis is defending his decision to release illegal alien, seven time felon and five time deported Francisco Sanchez onto the streets of his sanctuary city today after Sanchez shot and killed 33-year-old Kate Steinle while she was on a walk with her father last week. 
Mirkarimiis is being accused of being complicit in Steinle's killing after Sanchez admitted in a jailhouse interview that he chose San Francisco due to sanctuary city policies. Those policies have been implemented and strongly supported by Mirkarimiis over the years.
"California and San Francisco politicians are culpable for implementing and enforcing policies that resulted in Ms. Steinle's murder. In 2013, the California Legislature approved a bill barring police and sheriff's departments across the state from honoring most ICE detainer requests. That bill was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Confront our elected Govt servants....

***PS....The voters were not pleased. San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimiis lost his next re-election to post of Sheriff.

They knew and did nothing.....not even a public warning.....

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimiis

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