Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mass Murders caused by Mental patients on DRUGS !

President Ron Reagan's COMMON SENSE in Govt.

The Progressive/Liberal Media and the Obama Govt. are after law abiding citizens to make it hard for them to defend themselves. It's called self defence. Every American has that right.
You know...2nd Amendment stuff.
Medi and Govt. are using a public tragedy of mass murders and school child massacre in true Progressive Sol Alinsky style "Never let a good tragedy go to waste!" to push their Progressive BIGGER GOVERNMENT agenda. They are wiping up emotion, but NO Facts. But there was other common denominator factors to these mental patient crimes and it's NOT 'guns'. It's drugs. Register the Mental Patients NOW!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A question for John 'Thalek/Dr. Henglaar' of Hidden Frontier Whiting..

Whiting won't answer or confirm these questions about his work....although he is well aware of them and BRAGS openly to those people naive of the real truth HERE...

In this IMDB listing for Mr. Whiting, IMDB says his Hidden Frontier fan video hobby is a "TV Series".

Has it ever aired on TV?


Were is that TV series airing on TV?

What TV network?

Is the TV show UNION or non-UNION?

Which UNION?

He's listed ALSO 'an actor' and 'a director'....This brings to mind another direct question....

The major actor's unions(SAG/AFTRA/EQUITY and etc.) have thousands of professional unionized members that have to pass stringent membership requirements: suppling producers letters, providing screen credits, supplying clips of their work on camera, presenting their contractual requirements, getting paid for their performance work by union signatory producers, coming up with major membership entrance fees + dues, demonstrating weeks of acting on camera, and many MORE requirement to numerous to mention here.

Is Mr. Whiting a SAG or AFTRA union affiliated performer? If not, why not?Especially when he posts and publicises in his personal appearances as a performer member of this hobbiest fan video?

Is Mr. Whiting a DGA or otherwise a union affiliated director? If not, why not? Especially when he posts and publicises in his personal appearances as a director of this hobbiest fan video?

Whiting (self proclaimed Hidden Frontier miracle man: performer, make-up man, director, prop designer & maker and  ??!!) on the right
INquiring minds wish to know the truth. UNfortunately, Mr. Whiting has said things that: that are not true ONLINE before, in the press and in forums in connection to his resume and with his home/club movie fan video hobby pursuits.

EXAMPLE and PROOF if his past whopper lies about his credits:
Whiting LIES exposed !

Monday, March 4, 2013

STOP THE GUN HYSTERIA, learn and get educated.

The Progressive White House, Senate and news media would have you think that this is the next assault rifle crisis to worry about. IT"S NOW unthinking and unquestioning HYSTERIA on a topic!
This is an myth but just as misleading, confusing, and false as their many statements and news media's reports to the uneducated concerned public. GET educated. Here's a video to clear up the confusion with the facts that many responsible gun owners have known for years, but the politicans and news media won't tell you because it doesn't serve their radical agenda. Do the 'leg work' and get informed. DON'T be unknowing unvoting sheep. Please watch this Video LINK:

The TRUTH about Assault Rifles