Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shawna Forde is a member of Chelene Save Our State & her buddie.

This was emailed to me...

"You know, crazy can be fun to watch at times. Chelene is running around pretending that Shawna Forde is a surprise. This is too funny.

Shawna Forde is a member of Save Our State (SOS member BorderHawk). That is how I met her. She attended a border event with her BorderHawks co-founder Michael Williams. You all know Michael Williams as AZPatriot of Save Our State. Mr. Williams was the webmaster for SOS and was introduced to me by Ms. Nightingale as her "closest personal friend" at SOS.

Mr. Williams is an unemployed convicted felon (Burglary, breaking and entering, and receiving stolen property) which is why (by his own admission) he never joined the Minuteman Project. **<-- Fact not rumor

You may all know Mr. Williams, Ms. Forde, and Ms. Nightingale from their countless emails asking for donations to aide in the search for Ms. Forde's daughter who was "kidnapped by the Russian Mob", which was prominently advertised on Save Our State's forum and webpage for weeks in spite of warnings from the Seattle Police Dept. that it was a fraud. **<-- Fact not rumor

As I understand it, Ms. Nightingale's claim that Jim "refused to believe" that Shawna was involved in murder and robbery actually makes sense. Jim didn't know Shawna very well and it stands to reason that he was surprised. But, why then was Chelene and her #2 boy at SOS working so closely with Shawna if they knew just how crazy she actually is? In fact, nobody except for Jim has expressed surprise at the revelation that Ms. Forde is a murdering former prostitute fraud nutjob (allegedly on some of that).

Now, perhaps Chelene didn't actually care enough about SOS to purge Ms. Forde and Mr. Williams from the ranks, but surely our Governor to be had to put two and two together while she was sleeping on Michael's couch (technically his parent's couch) after becoming homeless (**see - she lost her house and consequently her rock star unemployed husband). Governor Chelene had to know something was up when she saw Mr. Williams and Ms. Forde dating. I know Michael denies this now, but the truth is the truth. We all saw them together at Vigellance-a-palooza.

So, to recap;

Chelene's buddy, webmaster, and temporary landlord is a known convicted felon who started a group with another SOS member (**also a convicted felon), but Jim is to blame for Shawna's prominence in the Border Movement. (**Funny enough, Chelene's buddy probably would have been in on Shawna's home invasion plan if he had somebody to mooch the gas money off of.) Chelene isn't surprised that Shawna is a nut job yet Shawna is a member of her beloved SOS. Chelene never once asked Shawna to leave any SOS function nor did she mind sharing a brew with her at the border, but Jim is to blame for Shawna.

Well, I agree with Ms. Nightingale on one thing. Murder IS a serious thing, but Ms. Nightingale is not and anybody who takes her seriously needs a CAT scan immediately.

It is important that everybody know the truth, but it is also important to note that all of the bickering and infighting is exactly what Chelene wants. It is what allows her to constantly slip through the cracks as she defames patriots by spreading rumor and innuendo. Yeah, Jim got duped by Shawna, but so did everyone else who never kicked her ass off the border or out of their orgs. But, as far as I can tell, Chelene was the only person who KNOWINGLY condoned Ms. Forde.

So, that you don't think I am totally full of crap, ask yourself if ANY of these sound familiar. Here is a partial list of Chelene's lies;

1) She has "SEEN" the proof that the hijackers are right (**she denied ever saying this in court)
2) Ray Herrera embarrassed her and the Ramos family in TX when Nacho surrendered
3) Ray Herrera and Robin are not true Christians (**as she is) because they left their spouses for each other
4) Ted Hayes was told by her and his friend Rhonda to get a job but would rather be homeless
5) Steve Eichler and Jim Gilchrist are the gay half children of Satan
6) William Gheen frivolously spends his donors money on "the biggest suite in the place" at the DC event and in Phoenix at the Ramos & Compean rally (**among others)
7) That March for America founder Jonnie Crivello was "sniveling" and power hungry
8) That Cheryl Burns and those who supported Chuck Baldwin were delusional and stealing Ron Paul's votes
9) She stated that she would never work with Jeff Schwilk because he is abusive to women

Believe me, the list goes on and you KNOW that you have heard her say these things and/or things like them. But, you know now that I think about it this was all probably Jim's fault.

One other thing, let's do a quick comparison;

Jim - Decorated war vet, co-wrote a book, launched the NATIONAL illegal immigration movement, 4000+ media appearances, endorsement sought by Presidential Candidate, head of Minuteman Project, Congressional candidate, married for 30+ years, and retired professional.

Chelene - Divorced, homeless, took SOS from 4000+ members to 10, never ran for ANY office, last job was handing out cheese in a supermarket (<-- True Story), pretends to be a model and actress yet has no credits or body of work, never served in uniform, no volunteer or activist resume, never founded anything.

And for the record, I am not a Minuteman and do not owe Jim nor anyone else a thing. I am not part of his (**or any) camp. So, don't try to belabor the truth by pretending that only one group sees through this crap. In fact, we all do.

Yes, everyone in these petty squabbles looks silly including Jim, but he has earned more in his lifetime than Chelene is even capable of recognizing. And the only reason that any of you fault Jim at all is because you expected more from him than you expect from Chelene. So, why are we supposed to vote for her again? Case closed."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'THEY' won the election, they have underestimated us....

They have underestimated us...

Town Halls summer of '09 and listening to the voters.

AARP town Hall meeting closed for too MUCH members participation.

The SF Valley Congressman Brad Sherman (D) ‘Dog & Pony Show’ town Meeting goes from good to silly to hostile.

""This was the first time I have attended an event like this since my collage days way back when. I remember those events to be vastly different. And I am one of those strange people who enjoy watching the weekly Public Open Comments at the LA City Council meetings for the drama, information and sometimes entertainment value. So last night was going to be essentially a good night out even if I heard or saw some matters that didn’t interest me. I was ready.
I had received this Town Hall Meeting notice through my email. **How a Democratic email list got my email has got me slightly angry because I protect my email jealousy. Well onto the night….

I arrived early to get a seat in the large High School auditorium. Sherman aides and interns were busy in the lobby pushing the Congressman’s mailing list. They were telling people to fill out information cards so they could hear from him. I am sorry, I must say I was more interested in being sure I could ask a question of Sherman and have some snacks. I was given a one ticket because there was to be a orderly line for the question period. The early lower number tickets had a better chance to speak and be heard by the Congressman. I sat down and the auditorium was only 1/3 full and most people there were the ‘retired’ crowd so I couldn’t tell what their mood was. I saw one fellow wearing a Home Depot store t-shirt caught my eye and I overheard some three folks near me whispered, ‘How bad illegals have loused up LA’. I did not recognize them. Later two members found me and I was given five more ‘question Sherman’ tickets to help my chances. We all moved to the front of Sherman's view. I also noticed that Time Warner cable was taping this meeting and we were told that it would be shown in the SF Valley cable system ‘On Demand’ channel for free. I saw NO other media there except a lone consumer video camera set up by a civilian.

Finally we started, Sherman came out and told us about his committee responsibilities on Congress. He is involved with a science, insurance and a third committee in Congress. Most of his committees were small ‘potatoes’ I guess since he has only been in Congress for 10 years now. He is a very blabby fellow. I then recognized that he was a democratic member of the Congressional Immigration Fact Finding Meeting that was in San Diego and Texas. He was on CNN in San Diego when he started his participation with those meetings saying, ‘These meetings are a waste of time and money. This is merely a Dog & Pony Show!’ and then did not actively participate in the meetings investigations. I thought he displayed a real crappy attitude and unbounded arrogance to his fellow Congressman, the State officials testifying, the voters attending and the CNN national audience. (Some members attended those San Diego meetings in person.) With that attitude, I wondered if he thought the same of this town hall meeting too? Sherman asked people to have a short simple question and keep the complicated long questions to a minimum.

Finally, he got to the question time. He had the people who had Sherman staff initialed ‘question asking tickets’ to speak first. These folks took 90% of the time. They were a combination of legitimate questions from problems, long ranting statements with no questions, ‘tin-foil hat’ speakers, and shouts from the frustrated members of the audience. We had a questioner who spoke for Hesbolla in the Israeli conflict saying that the Israeli army response was too harsh. We had a local businessman complain about how he is in the bulk mailing business and if they close the Canoga Park post office where his office is, he will be forced to spend more time and money driving 7 miles to the Van Nuys PO station to mail his mail. We heard from the 9-11 conspiracy theorists, a ‘Cindy Sheehan’ wannabee on Iraq, social security, import tariffs and a lady’s emotional impressions of the Twin Towers falling almost six years ago with no apparent question. Then ticket numbers called forth were only in the first ten digits from the tickets given out tonight. Some shorter matters covered were truck delivering at night only for easier freeway traffic alla ’84 Olympics, Sherman’s abstentions and voting record, health care issues with ‘shingles’ vaccine, would Sherman debate his Republican opponent (Yes), veteran’s pensions, and **LASTLY immigration**. We were deep into overtime, and we were told that we had to close. It looked like the illegal problem was not going to be addressed by ‘Open Borders D- voting report card' Sherman. The last person in line to speak, a lady was bringing up a related problem with closing hospitals due to illegals not paying their bills and overcrowding. Well, hallelujah….Finally.

Sherman started to ‘tap dance’ around the issue sarcastically saying:
that at the border there are two big signs. One says ‘DO NOT ENTER’ and the other one says, ‘HELP WANTED’ and then he smiled at the listening crowd.

At this point a gentleman yelled out, ‘That’s no answer. Where do you stand on the issue!’

Sherman started to ‘tap dance’ more.

Then our friends yelled out, ‘You're the one who called the Congressional Hearings in San Diego a ‘Dog and Pony Show. I know because I was there!’

Sherman repeated his San Diego response again with, ‘It was a show…and there were some very dirty dogs and some very ugly ponies!’

The audience gentleman then said additionally, ‘You insult the voters. Shame on you! I am not voting for you!’

A well dressed black woman sitting quietly through all this asked Sherman, ‘Why did you vote for such-and-such open borders bill? I am an immigration lawyer and you are wrong to vote ‘for’ that bill, Congressman." I got the idea that the lawyer next to me was anti-illegal and was for the naturalization process to be supported. She told me that there should not be any amnesty because it caused much more problems since ’84.

At this time, the question time was abruptly closed and chaos ruled. Hoards of people were rushing the Congressman’s area and I decided to leave quickly due to it was very very late for me. I got my ticket initialed by a Sherman staffer and I was told they didn’t know what date would be the next meeting.
Perhaps I will return because my typed questions were very much more appropriate and concise than some of the personal rantings I heard tonight. Those rantings did not speak well for John Q. Public’s discerning mind and voting choices. I probably should have networked with those couple of anti-illegal folks in the audience, but I spaced around then.

I left the meeting feeling it was very entertaining, and small waste of some of my time.[b] I learned how Sherman thinks with his ‘In the Clinton years everything was great’ hardcore Democrat myopia. He can’t see past his political party to the welfare of the nation. That is a REAL problem.[/b] The political parties are too busy beating each other than accomplishing something beneficial for the voters. Sherman is a real ‘enough of you talking, I have to talk about me’ politician/lawyer. And he was the only ‘Dog’ or ‘Pony’ I saw that night! ""

The SF Valley Congressman Brad Sherman (D) ‘Dog & Pony Show’ town Meeting goes from good to silly to hostile.

Call Congress and White House and give them your views !
They work for us, NOT the other way round.
House and Senate phone number
White House phone number
Be respectful but be adamant with facts !
Call your local Congressional reps and schedule a meeting at their offices NOW !

Funny olde Sam but not now!

I don't agree with the poltics of the video's maker, but the video is just plain funny. If you know sam as I did, this is vintage Sam in the good olde days, NOT NOW !

Chelene SOS-running for Governor 2010 Nightengale LIES !!!!

California Governor Candidate 2010 lies on camera to naive voter about her Save Our State events that she in in charge of.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BEWARE: Corrupt Doings at "FBIS" org or Fight Back in Sacramento .org and forums.

Corrupt Doings at "FBIS" org or Fight Back in Sacramento .org and forums. Self examining the FBIS membership list showing that many SOS staffers are now INSIDE and welcomed in Fight Back in Sact.

While good hundreds activists are disgruntled and disillusioned victims of Save Our State staff censorship, corruption & member's banning for the unpardonable crime of voicing a differing opinion and those good activists suffered under the vindictive & capricious vendetta of it's female leader; another new .org was started named 'Fight Back in Sacramento'. Unfortunately, this new .org has many of the same corrupt leadership vindictive earmarks and uses their leadership positions against any vocal general patriotic members that point out the .orgs leadership corruption there. Members are not allowed to review the leadership's actions by voicing their opposiog views are attacking its members. When those good folks are black-balled or marginalized, I could see that that org was a popularity cult.

***And their discussion forum's moderating team is conducting a repessive vendetta against ANY individuals who are members of Minuteman Project forums or speak up for the MMP on those forums or defend those MMP members that speak up to correct the fraud record on those discussion FBIS boards. The FBIS Staff do not like anything Gilchrist exactly like that other dying Turner org.***

Taking a page from the SOS fickle forum staff crimes on members, 'FBIS' forums have many mysterious covert administrative handle accounts to hide any accountability for their Gestapo actions and even one FBIS administrative handle account that THREE covert anonymous staff members can use for their member's censorship of any posted opinions and the restriction of good members free & open use of their Freedom of Speech. Also like that 'other' corrupt org, 'FIBS' has a 'purgatory' section for holding bannished uncooperative members that is open for all to see and post on for even more public punitive mocking of those deamed 'not of the .org'. That just disgusts me to know how hard it is to motivate folks to do things to better their neighborhoods against illegal aliens and have some ignorant meglomaniacs destroy that inniative of activists. I know of many good folks that got banned and that put our efforts in the trash heap. We are still suffering from that today. Some folks left permanently, and many are disillusioned will never join-up again. That is why I think this matter is a cancer on our movement and needs to be cut-out and not easily dismissed (Amnesty for org corruption anyone?). Anyone who was party to those deeds should make a clear admission of doing so and tell all who will listen the whole hidden facts about the unfair injustice that they saw or accomplished on their 'watch'. Then it's not hidden or censored. And the vicitms can get final fairness and make a informed decision on these matters. Informed people should know that this new org is just SOS clone or Part 2 with regurgitating it's many secret punitive actions towards good people (stalking, smearing, banishment, or outright banning of members). Self examining the FBIS membership list showing that many SOS staffers are now INSIDE and welcomed in Fight Back in Sact.

SOS staff

Arizona Patriot * Mike Williams SOS staff, webmaster
AyatollahGondola * Davi Rodriques, SOS staff, AdM
Bonfire * SOS staff, AdM- Tecate Volnteers- leader
kjl * 'jeanfromFilmore' SOS staff, events
REWHBLCAIN * Mark Cain SOS staff, AdM
LAPhil * SOS staff, AdM
PochoPatriot * SOS staff, AdM
StokeyBob * SOS staff, AdM
1inchgroup * SOS staff, AdM
Rim05 * SOS staff
Dawes * SOS staff-
Cat Patrol * SOS
DARSACRAMENTO * SOS * Sam 'SZinWestLA' Zilsman
Freedom Rings * SOS
joazinha * SOS
ohighlass * SOS
Reportanddeport * SOS
Sierrapatriot * SOS
True Blue * SOS
borderwatch * SOS
sandinator * SOS