Thursday, February 11, 2010

MMP leader, Jim Gilchrist speaks about his court VICTORIES...

Dear Minutemen,

Thank you for posting the two trial results on your site that completely exonerate me from all the false accusations made about the MMP by some sinister individuals who, three years ago, set out to destroy the organization and stop the immigration lawlessness awareness campaign.

I hope these two court decisions, both decisively in my favor, finally put to rest any suspicion that I am a criminal monster as deliberately falsely portrayed for the past three years by those complete mindless beasts (the hijackers) who tried to steal the Minuteman Project in a futile effort to destroy it.

Since one of their legal advisors from the firm of Gilbert and Marlow in Santa Ana, Ca. has close ties and connections to La Raza, it is appearing more and more that these bandits were working at the whim of La Raza or some other pro-illegal alien group. MMP lawyers are suing Gilbert & Marlowe for legal malpractice due to that law firms deemed unscrupulous actions.

The hijackers are long-time personal friends with journalist Frank Mickadeit of the Orange County Register (Santa Ana, Ca.) newspaper, and it appears he also conspired with them to disrupt the Minuteman Project and the minuteman movement by writing commentaries about me and the Project that deliberately and falsely claimed that the MMP and its leaders were criminals conducting all sorts of criminal activities from within the MMP.

Americans, this stuff is beyond the twilight zone. It is so surreal that it is almost unbelievable. I have always thought "framing" someone was something that only happened in fictional movies. I never thought in my life that I would ever be the victim of a "framing," but I was. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! (yep, still in disbelief that all of this actually happened).

I will again re-file federal and state criminal actions against the perpetrators as soon as I am done suing them next month in a civil trial. I have already gotten one arrested and put in the slammer. He is out now on probation. He stands being returned to prison for five years for violating his probation.

I also intend to include "dirty" journalist Frank Mickadeit as a possible "person of interest" in any criminal investigation.

As a former "clean, honest and respectable" newspaper reporter (from the early 70s), I am appalled that so-called journalist Frank Mickadeit would stoop so low as to deliberately write lies to intentionally distort the truth in the eyes of a newspaper's readership. His actions speak volumes about today's rampant corruption within the ranks of the media. In my opinion, people like Mickadeit are no different than bribe-taking politicians, drug-dealing cops, pedophile priests, or Wall Street thieves. They are all dirty.

Minutemen and women, stay within the rules of law in everything you do, and you will win in everything you do. And that is how we are going to win this contest with our political governors to stop the immigration lawlessness.

Thank you to all of you who supported me during these past three years of total Hell.

Meanwhile, watch your "six." What happened to me could very well happen to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA(ret.) - Founder and President, Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project, Inc. [dba The Minuteman Project, Inc.]

Saturday, February 6, 2010

3 years of MMP hijackers (Courtney, Stewart, and Sielski) comments court proven to be outright LIES!

Gilchrist & MMP WINS again…3 years of MMP hijackers (Courtney, Stewart, and Sielski) comments court proven to be outright LIES !

Jim Gilchrist Minuteman Project Inc VS Stewart, 01/31/08, Fraud, # 30-2008-00102064-CU-FR-CJC Stewart

The Court having taken the court trial under submission 1/25/10 now issues its statement of decision:

Based on the evidence presented at trial the court finds that James Gilchrist has never been legally terminated as a board member of the MMPI and that defendants Courtney and Stewart were lawfully terminated as board members from MMPI on February 2, 2007.

In making the above findings the court has considered the various legal and factual arguments advanced by the defendants and finds that with the possible exception of their claim that plaintiff is stopped from claiming he has the sole director of MMPI, which claim was not fully litigated, the arguments lack merit.
· For example, there is NO legal or factual support for the defendants’ claim of laches as it applies to plaintiff’s claim that he was the sole director of the MMPI or that he and others lawfully terminated the defendants. ·
*Likewise there is NO legal or factual basis for determining that Gilchrist and other members of the board were prevented from voting on their removal because it would have involved their self-dealing as interested directors.
· Finally, the court finds that there is NO legal or factual basis for the defendants’ claim that James Gilchrist waived his right to notice of his termination by appearing at the Janurary 29th board meeting. Of course Bueler and Eichler did not appear for that meeting, so the argument of waiver would not have applied to them in any event.

A permanent injunction shall issue, ordering defendants Courtney, Stewart, and Sielski to refrain from holding themselves out to anyone as members of Minute Man Project Inc, or members of its board of directors. This injunction requires the taking down of any web site, including but not limited to http://www.minutemenprojectinc. Com, wherein defendants hold themselves out to be members, managers, or spokespersons of the Minute Man Project INC. or members of the board of directors of the Minute Man Project Inc. Said defendants are further ordered to turn over all property belonging to Minute Man Project Inc to plaintiff. The court further finds, with regard to the defendants’ motions in limine and the plaintiff’s request for declaratory relief, that defendants Courtney, Stewart and Seilski are not members of Minute Man Project Inc, and have not been members of the border of directors of the Minute Man Project Inc, since February 2rd, 2007
The further proceedings relating to the trial of this matter are scheduled for February 8, 2010, at 10:00 am. The clerk shall give notice to the parties of the above ruling and schedule for further proceedings.