Sunday, November 22, 2009

Many 'flim-flam' narcissistic Jacka$$ 'secure the borders' organization leaders.

Unfortunately, myself and many other activists (I personally know) are now
disillusioned good folks who have been seriously burned-out by Calif mismanaged
militantly opposing organizations (S.ave O.ur S.tate -vs- N.o M.ore I.nvasion
-vs- F.ight B.ack I.n S.acto -vs- S.ave O.ur S.tate/info).

These are controlled by narcissistic Jacka$$es mugging for the camera. All smoke
and no fire. ORG Members who don't robotically agree with or have NOT fallen for
the koolaide drinking hive group-think in these pathetic cults are routinely
forum banned, lowering the group's intelligence or discussion bar for these
petty groups and their clone brain forum posting membership.
Then, narcissistic Jacka$$es secretly & privately do everything they can to
forum banned these "enemies" for their own personal egotistic reasons. These
sick cheating folks then send out unsubstantiated libelous emails to many
'secure the borders' activists just to smear others who are still fighting The

My friends are struggling to keep active and positive in our mission activities,
even though its currently very difficult. There is so many 'flim-flam'
narcissistic Jacka$$es mugging organizations that are around to snare the naive
and unsuspecting which are lead by rank unprofessional amateurs who put up a
website, crash other people's events, push their way in front of the camera and
bull$hit their way onto TV for the fleeting media spotlight. Some 'might and
possibly' be even petty failed CostCo food sample giving actresses trying to run
for AIP governor candidate's position or SF Valley head bloddied alcholic taxi
company dispatchers or indigent sign truck driver's from Sacramento. I'm sick of