Monday, April 2, 2012

CBS/Paramount/Viacom sends & tells fans to stop making Star Trek videos...

Paramount Film Lot- Roddennberry Building, Water tower and sky backdrop over the water parking area. Shot- 2012/March-April
LONG TIME COMING --- CBS/Paramount/Viacom sends/tells fans to stop making Star Trek videos...

The move irked fans so much that it landed Spinrad, Cawley and CBS Television into the pages of The New York Times. There, CBS gets a simple sentence with their statement on why they issued a cease and desist, Cawley gets a simple sentence explaining that he has a great relationship with CBS Television and of course will follow its demand, and what seems like dozens of paragraphs of fans and writers protesting the move.

It just bugs me to hear that CBS Television is being made out as the bad guy here. There is absolutely nothing legally these fan series could do if CBS Television came to them tomorrow and told them to stop production all together, and pull down past episodes from the Internet and no longer make them available for public consumption. Nothing.