Wednesday, September 29, 2010

UNclassy intollerant Beverly Hills Liberals attack Tea Party children at event

Good video of Liberal Beverly HIlls Elite attacks on Tea Party Patriotic children....


Monday, September 20, 2010

Good music video

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suspect In Valley Village, CA- Murder Of Cheree Ozmanhodzic

Suspect In Valley Village, CA- Murder Of Cheree Ozmanhodzic Identified

Los Angeles police this week announced they have identified a suspect in the shocking and brutal Valley Village murder of a bride-to-be in July. The alleged killer was ID'd as Omar Armando Loera, a 34-year-old who was described as a "parolee at-large" (ILLEGAL ALIEN ??) with tattoos of Aztec women on both shoulders. Police Tuesday afternoon said Loera weighs 170 pounds and stands at 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Anyone with information about him was asked to call police at 818-623-4016.
Cheree Ozmanhodzic was "brutally murdered" in her home on July 24, apparently right before her husband-to-be was returning from an errand right after the sun set, according to police. The fiancé spotted a man in the home and chased him down the street as the residence went up in flames in an apparent attempt by the killer to cover-up evidence. The body of Chere, a 34-year-old Armani saleswoman, was soon discovered. The exact way she was killed was not revealed. At the time, however, police had enough of a description of the suspect to release an artist's sketch of the man they wanted at the time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Frank Jorge.vs Chelene Nightingale

The following link is to a thread where you may download the sound file from the trial of Chelene Nightingale vs Frank Jorge. For those of you wanting facts, here they are from the court record. In the course of Frank Jorge's effort to get repayment of a 3 year old loan to Chelene, he has endured all sorts of denigrations and insults, in addition to being called a traitor by nightingale and many in her camp.

Frank Jorge of AVMM robbed by Chelene Nightingale

Originally Posted by Rim05
I did not see a single person from old SOS.

Frank Jorge (leader of defunct Antelope Valley Minutemen) says about Chelene Nighingale running for Ca '10 3rd party governor:

She(Chelene N.) sacrificed so many of us for not agreeing with her dictatorial ways that we all walked off and as far away as we could from her.

After having helped her out financially, driving her to rallies, buying her meals and such for close to a year we go to Simi Valley where a bunch of us were protesting a church harboring illegal alien Liliana. This was a crowd of anti-illegal immigration activists that included SOS, LAIR and others.

I was on my bullhorn giving the church an earful when Chelene decides that I should not and says "No"! at the same time that she physically pushes the bullhorn away from me. I was shocked! I was angered and beside myself with indignation. She was my passenger, that's how she got there. I could not believe her nerve. The same day I calmed down and purchased her meal for her after the event and drove her back to the Antelope Valley.

I was beginning to catch on that there was really something wrong with this woman.

Some time later she decides to host the NAU rally in West Los Angeles by the Federal building. She approaches me about me bringing my sound system to the event. I was hesitant because of her prior behavior but agreed to do so.

A week before the event was to take place I informed her that my old truck was not faring well and that I would not be able to make it. She wanted to borrow the equipment and I told her that I do not loan that stuff out because people wreck it and return it saying "I'm sorry" and leave me to get it fixed at my expense.

She became angry and I told her to check with Ted Hayes because I had helped him to select a system and that they would be able to help her, besides, she had been loaned a large amount of money recently and could have purchased a system. Ted Hayes helped her out.

I decided to attend the rally in my van. As soon as I arrived Jeff Schwilk came to me and said that he was just the messenger but that Chelene wanted me to leave her rally.

I stayed because I had driven a long ways. Later when she came to me I held out a fifty dollar bill (donation for porta potties that she had asked for) that she ripped out of my hand (no exaggeration) and asked me why I was there.

I said that I had come in support.

The rally ended and I encountered a gentleman who was on the other side of the issue with respect to illegal immigration and who recognized us. We started arguing and Chelene said to me, "I order you to stop talking to him" with outstretched arm and finger pointed in the direction she wanted me to go in. This is no lie on my part. It is exactly what she said and did. I had been in the service, taken orders and marched. Who in hell was this woman to speak to me as if she were a general and I her subordinate?

Later we all went to a place to eat and one of the ladies was shooting a video. She asked some of us to speak and she wanted me to be first. I got up to speak and Chelene jumped up immediately to stop me. Later I was told that she was telling the video lady that I was on the other side, a mole, a traitor. No, I did not pay for her meal.

I kept my cool but i wasn't going to be taking Chelene anywhere from that moment on. She called on numerous occasions trying to ride with me (it saved her gas money, she could bum a meal and her vehicle was safe from goon attacks) but I made lame excuses as to why I could not take her with me. I just did not want to empower someone that had, and would keep treating me like small change.

Frankly I was done with her and I understood why others were too...fully!

There had been prior outrages but I had always looked past the moment and forgiven her. There was the time that we were having an Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen BBQ at my home and Chelene was talking with many of them. They did not like her demeanor and wanted her booted out of the AVIMM. Then at the same BBQ she wanted some toys for her son to play with and my wife graciously produced some army men from a box of toys, Chelene noticing that one of these held a chinese flag threw the figure back into the box and told my wife "I am offended". My wife doesn't take lip from anyone but because of me she kept a lid on it and later said to me, "Don't ever bring that bitch here again". I agreed that my wife was and is correct.

Chelene was never invited back.

I have been labelled by Barbara Coe and Jeff Schwilk as being an Anti-American, a goon and a traitor and all that was involved in this were my court dealings with their darling.

Jeff Schwilk was on me like white on rice immediately as he tried to paint me as a traitor so that not a word of truth would be uttered about his leader.

Barbara Coe declared me a traitor three times over the same situation.

Non of them offered to pay a cent of what was owed on a large debt.

Losing Barbara Coe's trust hurt quite a bit and I was taken aback by it all. I had never had a cross word with Jeff or Barbara prior to that.
Finally I settled in emotionally and just said good riddance to both of them.

And all of this because of whom? Chelene!

If the people of Victorville want to be treated like shit then they can vote for Chelene and by God they deserve what they get.