Monday, June 8, 2009

The History Of Illegal alien Immigration

Watch and learn.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Chelene's 'SoCal Coalition' is phony......

Chelene and her pseudo CRONIES are fakes!

Here's the newest anti-Gilchrist efforts by the usual SDMM, SOS, ALIPAC suspects.

Chelene says: Our SoCal Coalitions is very strong and let's keep it that way!

SoCal Patriot Coalition- (many unknown, SOS, SDMM, MCDC, and other splinter spin-off 'shell' orgs)


California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR), Barbara Coe, sued in lawsuit.

Save Our State- nightengoul

Tecate Border Volunteers- "Bonfire" leader, sos staff

San Diego Minutemen- bikini schwilk

FIRE Coalition,,updated '08,
SDMM Schwilk and AVMM Jorge and Robin Hvidston- So Cal reps.

Antelope Valley Minutemen- Frank Jorge (retired)

Minuteman Corps of California-Simcox

Central Coast Minutemen (MCDC)- simcox

Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)last updated site, fall '07
lupe Moreno, 200 members.

Stop Taxing Us- 2009, Carlsbad, CA 92011, 800 supporters,Gary Gonsalves, M.D. Co-Founder...Rhonda Deniston, Oceanside..Dana Matas, marketing

Taxpayer Revolution- Committee, SAN DIEGO, CA 92169,graduate student Ted Hilton, State Committee ID no. 1297837, site form contact, sponsoers CALIFORNIA TAXPAYER PROTECTION ACT 2012 inniative

Los Angeles Minutemen- myspace only, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps(Simcox)

Desert Cities Minutemen-,
Maxwell Britton, Contact: 760-508-4971,

Ted Hayes’ Group- Crispus Attucks Brigade, Choose Black America

Jamiel’s Law- Jamiel Shaw sr?

You Don’t Speak for Me, San Diego (Hispanics against illegal immigration)

Gun Rights Committee, San Diego

Border Patrol Auxiliary-'08 last updated,

San Diego Citizens Brigade,

Oceanside Watch League (OWL) Carol Derbis, president
NO website found

Escondido Minuteman Brigade
no website found

San Diego Christians for Secure Borders
site not found

Carlsbad Citizens Brigade
site not found

Encinitas Citizens Brigade
site not found

We the People, San Diego
no site found

Stop SPP (Security & Prosperity Partnership),
no website found

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Patriot lynching by SOS's Nightengoul...Davi Rodriguez aka AyatollahGondola

MORE background material about SOS and the people involved- LINK:
Save our Sanity info site on

04-30-2009, 05:05 PM Chelene Patriotic Dream wrote: Attention SOS
patriots, Davi Rodriguez aka AyatollahGondola is no longer the Save Our
State Northern California Director. In addition A.G. has been suspended
from the forum for one month for creating divide, drama, and instigating
in-fighting. (more later...)

Here is the video in question...

A record of he You Tube discussion of this video as of today's date...

JamesTCA (1 month ago) I declare you: Not guilty.

(Robert Crooks) Bigbadred23 (1 month ago) -6: You disrespected me on sos
how does it feel I spent 6 months on the border and You reap what u sow
bro I thank You for what You do but u did the same shit to me

linwooddeaton (1 month ago) +7: I guess you didn't understand the speech
he just gave. United we stand.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago): (Robert Crooks) BigBadRed23,
I don't know the circumstances you mentioned; there were probably a lot
of instances where I treated people unfairly. I was just a bigger spoke
in the SOS wheel, but I still did what I was directed many times, as
opposed to what I wished. However, that is not to say that I wouldn't
vote to do it again on my own given the same percieved offenses. The
point is, now you have no say in your defense; no choice in your leaders,
and no voice in how your supposed community operates.

WilliamDawes (1 month ago) -5: It wasn't about tit for tat, it was about

kdreger (1 month ago) +8: I agree, the rule of law is decided in the
court, not online in some stupid chat area or forum! Grow up folks, we do
not eat our own please.

SEAZBD (1 month ago) Comment removed by author
SEAZBD (1 month ago) Comment removed by author

(EX-SOSer) PochoPatriot (1 month ago) +17: It IS time to end the
dictatorships within the Border Security movement.

(SOS staffer) oneinchgroup (1 month ago) +9: This is ridiculous dude. To
even start to compare yourself to Gilchrist is a joke. That dude was in
it for himself and his own financial gain. I know you as one of the few
remaining people that still puts their money and their free time where
their mouth is.
SOS was never intended to be a controlled group of people. The intent was
to let people do what they wanted to do, and post about it there.
All this because you had someone's email address in your book. Ridiculous
and asinine.

reportanddeport (1 month ago) +6: You're missing the point. Yes,
Gilchrist is a megalomaniacal ass who has been stalked by a hit mob, BUT,
the people after him are just as jealous of Gilchrist's prominence, as
they legitimately upset about Gilchrist's phoniness. I too despise
Gilchrist, but I finally realized that the dogs hunting him down mostly
want to replace Gilchrist's phony mug with their own phony mugs.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply; Yeah, I am not Gilchrist. He is
another one issuing drama packed email hit pieces across the internet.
That's all they do; accuse, indict, and defend without ever concluding
the process. If we had tried his claims before a jury of his peerswithin
our movement, this may have been over long ago. the truth may have
actually set us all free from this saga.

SquawPeaks (1 month ago) +4 Imagine if ego's and BS were put aside and
as much effort went into exercising rights and changing what we demand in
the legislatures where our rights are first not only exercised but
enacted. It's no wonder I go it alone. Can't depend on anyone to do the
dirty dirty work but yourself! Protests do nothing without the savvy of
utilizing OUR legislative process. How many bills has SOS, MMP or MMC
written or helped introduced in any state? Don't answer if it won't give
me hope.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: I'll give you some hope. The SOS
founder got some traction with a local ordinance, and I've been working
on one as well. Also, many of the SOS faithful pushed for legislative
efforts when they were critical. I think people lost faith in legislative
remedy after 187 was overuturned

SquawPeaks (1 month ago) +7 Reply | Spam Thank You! From your statement,
I see it was individuals who acted on their own accord. Individuals
stopped the 4 amnesty back door pushes by Bush and the democratic
congress. What if any org. has written and introduced legislation in any
state? I commend your efforts, perhaps we should hook up. I recently got
a bill passed in my state and four others in 2 other states all against
illegals. Seems u are willing to do the hard work and I am tired of
begging for help and getting only the excuses

reportanddeport (1 month ago) Comment removed by author
reportanddeport (1 month ago) +10: Chelene Nightengale has ruined Save
Our State with her OBSESSION with POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. ALL you're going
to get from her is domination and bizarre liberal values, NOT
co-operation. DON'T waste your time with SOS, rather, FORM YOUR OWN
NETWORK of reliable individuals who are focused on stopping illegal
aliens, instead of drawing attention to themselves and trying to control

borderwatch (1 month ago) +6: You are great guy, working very hard in
Sacramento with not a lot of support.
You are a great Patriot and a Brave Man.

borderraven (1 month ago) +17: I'll wait until I can hear the testimony
of witnesses, observe cross-examination, and see evidence presented,
before I'll declare guilt. Davi, until that happens, you are innocent.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: The immigration law enforcement
movement is mainly political, yet the basic infrastructure of our
constituency operates as a quasi military or employer relationship. This
explains why we our own government is fearless of our prospects long
term. It may also explain why ultra-liberals fear us. We probably look
like a bunch of mercenaries to them. There's no reason we cannot build a
more responsive, functional, and above board platform. 1inchGroup
mentioned electing our leaders

weRsoscrewed (1 month ago) +9: Davi, we patriots stand behind you! Enough
of the damn distractions, we have an amnesty to defeat!! This time it
will be much harder, to stop, than last time!
Keep up the good work, my friend, we appreciate, and admire you for it!
Let's get back to work, and stop the bullshit!

(Possibly Chelene or SOS staffer 'bonfire' sock puppets) TecateVolunteers
(1 month ago) -6 Whoa! As a friend who knows Chelene well enough to
consider her a sister I can testify that Davi's allegations are
fabrications. The wind was taken out of hi sails.
Davi you have cast a black cloud over SOS, therefore, as a sister org in
our SoCal Coaliton you have attacked all of us. flamed an SOS member.

PhiLfromCaLi (1 month ago) -6: who u fooling ? black cloud has always
been over SOS ! bunch of racist freaks !

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PhiLfromCaLi (1 month ago) Comment removed by author

VtaCoLegal (1 month ago) +16: TecateV~ You couldn't be more wrong!
Chelene has done nothing but divide, dictate and send fabrications in
email to anyone and everyone she could for as long as I can remember.
That woman has destroyed our movement and she alone is responsible for
doing far more damage than good. She has trashed Patriot's one by one,
she banned many or was the reason most quit going to SOS. If that is the
kind of sister you want more power to you because you can't pick your
family but you can pick your friends!

SEAZBD (1 month ago) +7: VtaCoLegal -
Chelene sounds a lot like TecateVolunteers. No wonder they are friends.
Just a matter of time before one of them stabs the other in the back.

WilliamDawes (4 weeks ago) +3: Black cloud was already there

TecateVolunteers (1 month ago) -6: To clarify this is Bonfire. I speak
for myself but we all need to stick together and cast out dissenters or
at least ignore them. We have a country that is being attacked from
multiple sources. Your character assassination of Chelene is unforgivable
and is a distraction from our cause. La Raza, ACLU & the SPLC must be LOL
at this division.
STOP this attack Davi you serve the enemy with your misplaced anger.
Please delete this video it only feeds the opposition.

ex-SOSer 'Heather" NMIer 'Jalira' (1 month ago) +12 Reply: Dissent is
healthy and American.

xpgyn (1 month ago) +8 Reply: Jalira, I agree completely...dissent is
healthy and very American.

WilliamDawes (4 weeks ago) +6 Reply: When a person is considered a
dissenter of a movement but that is Not what he is talking about. His
dissent is on how the internet is used by the elites to get their way. He
is definitely not moving over to the "dark Side' because of these
leaders. He will always be anti-illegal. But maybe some here won't be

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: I still stand ready to face the person, and before a jury of my peers. If any of you would
like to work on making the arrangements for it, I will appear.

Jalira (1 month ago) +10 Reply: I wish more leaders that hate drama
would pop up. Drama, not cool, dissenting opinions, fine. I don't know
what happened but I also don't use the word betray lightly. Chriskie
betrays, Tony betrays, but I haven't seen any others.

TecateVolunteers (1 month ago) -6 Reply: Dissenting & resisting the
establishment that betrays the people is one thing. Creating dissension
in forums is another. Especially publicly airing our laundry. It causes
infighting and separates American patriots. And it feeds the opposition.
The only drama here was created by you Davi. The rest of us that are so
inclined are in here to do damage control.
United We Stand Divided We fall.
STOP this and delete this YouTube.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: Get back to me when you have trial
date, and a jury pool. I'm ready.

PochoPatriot (1 month ago) +8 Reply: My dear friend,
We have stood together in the heat of fire, but have you for one moment
thought that AG just might have a point? The road that Chelene has walked
is littered with the corpses of patriots, like me, that only wanted her
silliness to stop. The only one that I see guilty of infighting is Chelene. If you want to perform damage control then ask that AG be given
a fair shot at defending himself.

WilliamDawes (4 weeks ago) +8 Reply: Forums are for debate, that is why
it is called a forum. This is not "feeding" the opposition. Certain
people don't like what he is saying because it is dissent to the behind
the emails gestapo tactics that are used on the internet forum. Sounds to
me like he should get a fair shot of a defense. Anything else is

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: Amendment VI
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a
speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district
wherein the crime shall have been committed; which district shall have
been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and
cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him;
to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to
have the assistance of counsel for his defence.

dfweasel (1 month ago) +6: He makes a couple of good points of having at
least a hearing.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: Tecate,
I'll take the video down when my trial is arranged. You want it down?
That's the quickest way to make that happen. send out an email asking
patriots if they would agree to serve on a jury pool; We can meet any
place. The border, the park, the steps of any courthouse. I don't care.
There's not much in evidence; mainly some emails, and I guess now a
recorded phone message? Should be a slam dunk win for the prosecution
given the proclamations made already.
Anyone willing to help on this?

nucsa (1 month ago) +3 Reply- This is oldreb
AG I don't know all of what happen so far I've only heard one side of it.
But I do want to say that I don't think an organization is much of an
organization if only a few top people get to decide who's in, who's out,
what's right or what's wrong.
I could not believe it when I read about this at SOS and the thread was
closed so I suppose we are not going to be allowed to discuss it there.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: I remember you Old Reb,
I saw that thread you mentioned. All I will say is that if we start
convicting our citizens on the basis of sensationally written articles or
press releases, we might as well fire all of our district attorneys and
hire writers instead. Fortunately, our founding fathers who were
themselves on the recieving end of the Kings proclamations the likes of
this devised some protections to guide us through situations like this.
We need use them or lose them

SEAZBD (1 month ago) Comment removed by author
SEAZBD (1 month ago) -5: "Now is the time we should all be working
together for the sake of our country."
"For the sake of unity and protection of our movement, both the SoCal
Coalition and a National Coalition have banned MMP from our groups."
Working together, but not working together - for the sake of unity, we
need to separate ourselves from other patriots....
Do they ever read what they write before they post it?

SEAZBD (1 month ago) -6 Reply: Allow me to point out the hypocrisy of
Save Our State and other So Cal Orgs. You were removed from the Org
because you sent an email to a list of people that included some MMP
members. For the sake of unity, you can't do things like that.
In a thread on the SOS forum titled: "Fight Amnesty NOT Patriots!", your
leaving is discussed. In the same post, you will find the following:

SEAZBD (1 month ago) -2: To kdreger: Yeah --- You're not qualified to
make that comment. Practice what your preach before you start preaching
Then there's another commenter who is the queen of drama and creating
infighting from behind the scenes - Most of you are hypocrites!

flagwaver1969 (1 month ago) +4: There are those who cannot be responsible
in positions of power. Instead of using power for good they choose to use
it for self interest and even evil. I've found that many of those who
zealously seek positions of power in an organization are exactly the type
of people you don't want leading. The kiss-ass is the most obvious
example. They flatter you with one hand and a knife in the other. The
those who are being led, you don't have to put up with bad leadership. Be
your own leader! AG knows it.

GeauxNOSaints (1 month ago) +5 Lemme guess. AG is acting "more like a
goon than a patriot recently," and it is clear that he is "in league with
Jim Gilchrist and IndyMedia" if you start to "connect the dots". Hey, it
could be worse. He could've been accused of being an illegal alien like
Barack Obama. Observation: Given the fact that AG is someone who has
always gone out and actually done things, it should surprise no one that
he is now disassociated from SOS. / Now would you guys please stop
e-mailing me about this vid?

PhiLfromCaLi (1 month ago) -3: does any1 here kno if those rumors about
Chelene really being a man are true ?

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Hello- PhiLfromCaLi,
We're having an adult conversation in here. Check your junior high humor
at the door

(EX-SOSer 'GeauxNOSaints' or'SZinwestla') DerailAmnestydotcom (1 month
ago) 0 Can't say, but what about those rumors that you're really a man?
Are they true?

dfweasel (1 month ago) Comment removed by author
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dfweasel (1 month ago) Comment removed by author

dfweasel (1 month ago) -3 She is a HOT looking babe who can bitch slap
your ass!

LillyVonStup (3 weeks ago) Comment removed by author

dfweasel (1 month ago)-4 Actually, your whining in public and nothing
is to be gained here for the good of the movement.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: I am not in this for the good of
the movement, or for the good of the leaders of this movement. I am in
this for the good of America. The preservation of America as a free
society, and the preservation of liberty. The preservation of America as
a soveriegn nation. Placing a person, a group, or a movement above that,
and above the law is how dictatorships are formed. If I have to fight
injustice within, as well as foreign invaders at the same be it

dfweasel (1 month ago) -3: Do you really believe that this is the best
for America? You could have worked this out with the people you have an
issue with. We all have disagreements or felt slighted, but we need to
keep such things private. You're in a leadership position and such
infighting should have been between leadership. Line troops don't need to
be a part of this. The fight continues for the USA not our egos. We all
have had to eat some humble pie from time to time.

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply I have always maintained in my
solicitations that I wished to be tried by a jury of my peers. That could
have been comprised of the people who lead, or those who agreed to be led
by them. And yes, I believe what's best for America is to preserve and
practice our way of justice. No one, friend or foe, has any respect for
hypocrisy in the long run. By now, my trial could have been held, and
this video would be gone. The fear of truth is what keeps this alive.

(EX-SOSer 'GeauxNOSaints' or'SZinwestla') DerailAmnestydotcom (1 month
ago) +4 Is this conversation still going on? Remarkable. You folks are
getting upset over little. The major damage done to Save Our State took
place months ago. It's not that AG isn't valuable. It's that there isn't
much left anyway. SOS used to be a grassroots organization that got folks
on the street. However, the people who regularly participated are almost
all gone now. The "doers" were driven out one-at-a-time as they said
something Chelene didn't like or got too much attention ...

(EX-SOSer 'GeauxNOSaints' or'SZinwestla') DerailAmnestydotcom (1 month
ago) +10 which is, perhaps, the ultimate sin in the Patriotic Dream
Universe. And the modus operandi has pretty much been the same.
Disagreements with Chelene immediately become "infighting," "attacking
SOS," and bad for "the Movement" as they are mischaracterized through a
furious flurry of behind-the-back e-mails and phone calls. The result is
that 80% of the productive SoCal members are history. There's a reason
SOS rarely stages anything now. A lot of the necessary bodies aren't

(Frank Jorge AVMM) xpgyn (1 month ago) +10 Davi it is obvious that you
were very hurt by your interactions within SOS. I do not find it
unreasonable that you are willing to submit to an anlaysis of your
actions by your peers. I do not know how SOS is run. I have always
favored a board that meets and votes on issues and actions in order to
have checks and balances so that decisions are just and
out in the light. Rather than fight SOS you might consider starting your
own organization.
I know that you are a patriot.
Frank Jorge

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: Frank,
As far as personal feelings go, I'm not as hurt by this as I am branded
by a proclamation of betrayal. Who in the movement should trust me after
such a proclamation by a "leader"? And after said proclamations were
wantingly distributed to other leaders as fact, how can I then
effectively continue as an activist?
It's also not just about me, but those before and after me. We are
Americans, and we need to conduct our affairs as such, especially those
claiming to hold the constitution dear

(EX-SOSer 'GeauxNOSaints' or'SZinwestla') DerailAmnestydotcom (1 month
ago) +5 Think for a minute. Exactly what have you been doing in
Sacramento that requires Chelene Nightingale or Jeff Schwilk to hold you
in high esteem? Step back for a second and reason. If you resided in
L.A., exactly what activism would be off-limits to you b/c PD has
proclaimed you are now the 438th person who has committed an act of
"betrayal"? Your activities would be constricted how? What person w/ an
IQ over 90 would say "Aaaahh, just like OldPreach and PochoPatriot, this
one is unworthy!"?

AyatollahGondola (1 month ago) Reply: My value is to my fellow activists,
not one or two leaders. I'm soliciting to them to take the reins of their
government, by acting as their own government. In the here and now, my
fellow activists are being encouraged to consign the power granted to
them by our constitution back to a ruling fiat in order to fight the good
fight. I'm saying that the good fight is to preserve what we are fighting
for in the first place, and the result will make us more effective in the
overall pursuit.

(William Gheen) ALIPAC1 (1 month ago) -7: You don't approve of a "flurry
of emails" between people with differences in the movement, yet you put
up a Youtube video doing the same? You have not been accused of a crime
and your due no trial or hearing anymore than an employee of any company
or supporter of any political group in America. You are subject to the
leadership, by-laws, or articles of incorp and that is it. Trying to turn
a political dispute into a trial is quite a leap, u should consider
taking this mess down.

WilliamDawes (3 weeks ago) +6: Appears to me that they are free to
comment here. Freedom of speech.
That can't happen on a closed forum website.
Basically a political dispute is a trial of sorts. Both require the facts
to be disclosed to find the truth.

(EX-SOSer banned- Sandy) sandinator (3 weeks ago) +7: No, he should leave
it up. That is what is wrong with the anti-illegal immigration movement!
They want everyone to march in lock step and drink the kool-aid,
otherwise you get your name and reputation smeared.. Well no thanks. Good
for you Davi for refusing to go quietly into the night.

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sandinator (3 weeks ago) Comment removed by author

LanzaLover2 (1 month ago) -6: Hey, Ayatollah, GROW UP! As a long-time
participation in the anti-ILLEGAL ALIEN movement, I am really angered by
your petty, PETTY allegations, and further by your PUBLIC DISPLAY of
them! You are NO PATRIOT! If you were, you would quietly take care of any
arguments or differences and not give fuel to the fire of all the enemies
of this Republic. Many of us have given our life's blood in this
movement. GO AWAY!!!!! Which is more important to you? Your pettiness or
your country???? GET LOST!

LanzaLover2 (1 month ago) -6: Furthemore, TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN! (It sucks
anyway.) Every second it remains here, you are giving "aid and comfort to the
enemy" -- and what is THAT called????

(SOSer staff- Brook Young) TheWatchdog (4 weeks ago) 0 SOS has
appointed me to handle your case in arbitration. I hereby declare that
you are to take down this video, and drive around that billboard for
10,000 hours. My decision is binding.

(Jeff Schwilk SDMM leader) SanDiegoMinutemen (4 weeks ago) -6: Davi, get
help man. You are losing it. You sound like you are having a breakdown.
At least he gave the goons a good laugh though.

(EX-SOSer: Jeremy) GSBAmerica (4 weeks ago) +9: There are too many fish
in the Ocean to worry about the one that just got away. Many of us have
parted ways from different orgs, and found ones more suited to our needs
or just became independent in our fight.

FREEDOMSTAR7 (4 weeks ago) Show Hide -6: DUDE, THINK! 350 viewers times
8 minutes to watch video = 47 hours of patriot's time wasted, already.
Plus, ammo for anti-americans who want illegal immigration. YOU MUST
THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Maybe, that was the problem in the first place -
you didn't think before you acted.

(EX-SOSer 'GeauxNOSaints' or'SZinwestla') DerailAmnestydotcom (4 weeks
ago) +2: OK, I'll bite. How does his video aid illegal immigration?

class8871 (4 weeks ago) +8: You would not be convicted by a jury of your
As for laughs for the goons, you can not top Schwilk in women's underware
pictures. Or when he made the news fighting with his girl friend?
Chelene has destroyed Save Our State. Sad, but true. Pretty soon, she and
Schwild and Gheen will be the leaders of 3 groups with a total of 3

SEAZBD (3 weeks ago) 0: Schwilk in women's underware! bwahaha Still the
funniest thing I've ever seen. He's the one that need help. Wasn't there
a daughter in that video he was picking on as well?

AyatollahGondola (4 weeks ago) Some here, fling the patriot term around
very loosely. Many of you talk boldly of taking America back. Yet when
asked to perform a single sacred function of American
fail. In doing so, you confirm to our adversaries and our hopeful
recruits that we are all hype and no substance. Governing yourself is
hard work. Adhereance to American standards is not a part time job.
You're either up to it, or you're full of it. Those who are full of it
usually end up in the hands of a dictator

FREEDOMSTAR7 (4 weeks ago) -4:Hey Gil (anti) Christ - AKA class8871. We
know you are getting paid by the cartel. And, everyone knows Chelene,
Schwild and Gheen has done a great job.

SEAZBD (3 weeks ago) -1: Accusations without evidence....tsk tsk tsk

19patriot43 (4 weeks ago) -7: Seems to me that you Davi, are a hypocrite.
As suggested by a few others, perhaps your agenda would be better served
by either going "solo," or forming your own group. It's always a good
idea to view and review your work, be it written recorded, or as is the
case here, video recorded and presented to the world. For good measure,
have a few fair-minded, intelligent friends/colleagues view and help edit
your work before posting. This rambling bloviation has wasted my time.

(EX-SOSer and Choose Black America: "Kim")LetFreedomRing (4 weeks ago) +6
Davi, hang in there and keep up the good work. You're a dedicated

BobbyXD9 (4 weeks ago) -6: Just what this movement needs, another
backstabbing liar who spews outragous claims with no proof or reason. It
is colostomy bags such as this who have infiltrated & destroyed this
movement that are responsible for our borders remaining open. Let's all
hope that they reap what they sow.

(EX-SOSer 'GeauxNOSaints' or'SZinwestla') DerailAmnestydotcom (3 weeks
ago) +5: So tell me, how is this video or its maker responsible for "our
borders remaining open"? Please, I'm dying to hear the details.

AyatollahGondola (3 weeks ago) I actually don't know who Bobby is
referring to yet.

PochoPatriot (3 weeks ago) +4: This bullbaiting is really unnecessary,

AyatollahGondola (3 weeks ago) Reply: I'm not sure what you mean Bobby.
Who is the liar?

SEAZBD (3 weeks ago) +2: AG - I know you're hurt, but it's time to move
on. There are great orgs out there that don't engage in the email
bickering and slandering of other patriots. Good luck to you.

AyatollahGondola (3 weeks ago) Reply: What's a patriot SEAZBD?
I know you mean well, by the way.

BobbyXD9 (3 weeks ago) -6: So why should I bother explaining further when
you obviously lack the balls to leave my post for all to read. Those of
you who seek to slander, sue & attack the very people who are doing
something about our open borders deserve to suffer the consequences of
foreign invaders colonizing our country. You false patriots infiltrate
the movement in an obvious effort to destroy it.

PochoPatriot (3 weeks ago) +3: More bull baiting. Plain and simple.

sandinator (3 weeks ago) Comment removed by author

AyatollahGondola (3 weeks ago) Reply: Bobby,
I did not take your post down. I'm at loss to explain its' absence, but
then I've never actually read the manual on this youtube program.
Here's something to consider:
Have you ever known me to lack balls? What's my history been like?
I would like to say the first attack did not originate by my hand, but I
want to do it while facing my accuser, and in a court of my fellow
activists. No lawsuits, no attacks, no slander. just simple justice. Why
would true patriots reject that?

sandinator (3 weeks ago) +9: Well having been there and done that I am
not surprised this has happened to Davi, who is now having his good name
and deeds dragged through the mud due to pettiness of one person's sick
need for drama. Save Our State hasn't been a viable organization since
2006 when a certain drama queen came on board. Before DQ , SOS was
respected and effective. After DQ SOS became a joke. Too many people were
in it for the wrong reason (dennis slater, girlscout boy & that weird SZ
dude come to mind). = /

sandinator (3 weeks ago) +3: Davi,
Sorry about all the deleted comments but for some reason I am having a
problem with my replies showing up correctly, instead they keep showing
up as original comments instead of as replies.
So please do allow me to clarify, my last comment that begins "no, he
should keep it up" was in reply to ALIPAC1 who said you should take this
video down.

LillyVonStup (3 weeks ago) +6: dfweasel wrote:
"She is a HOT looking babe who can bitch slap your ass! "
You're kidding right. She looks like something the cat dragged in and the
dog refused to drag out.
What does somebody's looks have to do with it anyway? What matters is
character and the drama queen has none. In fact she has a character

BobbyXD9 (3 weeks ago) -6: What I know is this; People like you, Derek, &
others would rather bitch in public & whine about what victims you are
instead of standing up for yourselves & confronting any one you have
issues with. We've all taken heat, suffered insults & lost time, money &
positions because we stand for what is right. So be a man, confront those
you have issues with one-to-one & quit the victim crap. What would Thomas
Jefferson do; whine, moan, call people names in public? Or would he
handle it like a man

AyatollahGondola (3 weeks ago) Reply: What is all this "be a man" and
"grow up" stuff Bobby? Do I have a history of being a wimp or a child
within our movement? Look, it's real easy to cast names at people; That's
part of my point. Our movement has suffered from the disarray brought
about by years of accusations and mistrust. I'm not the victim; good
people within our effort are. It happens one by one as need arises,
circumstance dictates, or opportunity presents itself. Is it whining to
want to change that?

instantword (1 week ago) +1 Reply: Don't give up hope, all is not lost.
Even what seems the worst of a situation can be changed. Remember you
have a friend.


04-30-2009, 05:05 PM Chelene Patriotic Dream wrote: Attention SOS
patriots, Davi Rodriguez aka AyatollahGondola is no longer the Save Our
State Northern California Director. In addition A.G. has been suspended
from the forum for one month for creating divide, drama, and instigating
in-fighting. Not only is this something SOS nor the movement needs at
anytime, but especially right now during a crucial amnesty battle, May
Day marches, a flu pandemic, amendment issues, socialism, etc..... Now is
the time we should all be working together for the sake of our country.
Unfortunately anyone including opposition, La Raza, and the SPLC can view
this very public video which incites dissension within our movement. It
is quite disturbing that a valued, trusted patriot would go to such
lengths especially during this crucial time in America. Shocking really.
Without creating more dissension, I can assure you that the video content
is very misleading. For starters, it was Davi who sent the first email to
me and Jeff Schwilk, the SoCal Coalition leader. The subject line was
rather confusing as instead of a subject, there were lists of email
addresses including MMP leaders. (For the sake of unity and protection of
our movement, both the SoCal Coalition and a National Coalition have
banned MMP from our groups. The ban was especially essential amongst the

Jeff and I were confused, so I simply called to ask Davi about the email.
Unfortunately Davi never answered a very simple question, instead he
screamed in my ear that he was fine before SOS and would be fine without
SOS. I hung up in the middle of his screaming. He was NOT being called to
be persecuted, only called out of confusion and to simply remind him of
the MMP ban.

He called back and left me an awful message, which I have saved, that
basically said I should do the whole movement a favor and leave. (For the
record, I ALWAYS worked very well with Davi and gave him pretty much free
leadership reign here at SOS as I backed off to do other projects. I
valued Davi.)

Due to Davi's actions and reactions I emailed Joe Turner, the owner of
SOS, and Jeff Schwilk. There was NO Internet lynching. It was a PRIVATE
leadership matter ONLY. Davi was not being banned from SOS, however his
actions and reactions were cause for concern and needed to be addressed.
I emailed my concerns and thoughts and Davi emailed back to us that he
demanded a jury of his peers. Jeff Schwilk emailed back that we had no
time for this and simply just needed to know if he agreed with the
coalition or not. Unfortunately Davi finally wrote back that he was not
with the coalition, Jeff, me, Joe Turner, or Save Our State. Jeff emailed
back, thank you nothing personal, we accept your resignation.
Joe and I spoke over the weekend about this matter as well. Again, this
was a PRIVATE leadership/coalition matter. There were no other SOS
members involved. Joe is the final decision maker here at SOS.
Several people over the last few days have asked Davi to just take down
his video, unfortunately he has refused. Therefore SOS regrets that at
this time since Davi would rather instigate drama and infighting, that
this breaks SOS rules.
Unfortunately I was forced to post here due to the numerous phone calls,
emails, and pms on the subject. Silence is consent and neither SOS nor
the coalition is in consent of dissension.

This will be a closed thread as we have no time to focus on drama...we
have too much to lose in America right now. We just wanted everyone to be
informed and encourage everyone to move on and focus on the real
battle...the Battle for our Republic.

Our SoCal Coalitions is very strong and let's keep it that way!

SoCal Patriot Coalition (26)

California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR)
Save Our State
San Diego Minutemen
Border Patrol Auxiliary
Minuteman Corps of California
Central Coast Minutemen (MCDC)
Tecate Border Volunteers
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)
Stop Taxing Us
Taxpayer Revolution Committee
Stop SPP (Security & Prosperity Partnership)
FIRE Coalition
Antelope Valley Minutemen
Los Angeles Minutemen
Desert Cities Minutemen
Ted Hayes’ Group
San Diego Citizens Brigade
Oceanside Watch League (OWL)
Escondido Minuteman Brigade
San Diego Christians for Secure Borders
Carlsbad Citizens Brigade
Encinitas Citizens Brigade
You Don’t Speak for Me, San Diego (Hispanics against illegal immigration)
Gun Rights Committee, San Diego
We the People, San Diego
Jamiel’s Law

· Coalition Coordinator: Jeff Schwilk,

Davi posted the following video on the very public youtube:

PD continues...To clarify: Both a national coalition and the Southern California
Coalition BANNED the MMP from our patriotic movement. We in both
coalitions do not view Gilchrist as a patriot but instead the opposition
for numerous reasons including suing real patriots, working with
opposition to maliciously defame the movement, and for working against
the patriot coalitions efforts of defending the USA.
The rest of the organizations in the movement are united! The SoCal

Coalition is very strong!

This thread will stayed close in order to move on from those who are
instigating drama. This was a post to simply inform the membership. None
of us at Save Our State will be paying attention to this latest, instead
we are moving on and focused on other projects which include battling
this next amnesty agenda by our elected officials