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Internet TROLLS get a lesson from a Mom & her baby on Internet Manners !

Snide comments get trolls in trouble and they lose their website by staffers actions.

Mom RIPS apart troll who called her baby 'UGLY"

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Medically Crazy people WITH firearms or bombs in the News and how to deal with them.

There have been many brazon & loud mouthed certified medically mentally defective people in the news lately. They either leave knapsacks with bombs or bring firearms to crowded places to shoot innocent victims. This has to stop. There has to be some recourse for good sane people to get the dangerous individuals off the public streets. Especially after insane people show many signs of owning dangerous weapons and making public threats against ANY other person to use those firearms to shoot other persons.
Where are the police or authorties to stop this act of lawlessness.

Here is an incident where an armed man threatened another by coming after his victim  with his insane & violent Blog comments. And here are the actions taken against the isane 'depressed' internet threatener after he was turned into his local POLICE authorites....

Empty Whiting whining “Stalker” rumors exposed.

March 29th, 2005 In the strange, sad and disturbed firearm owner and user Internet gossiper J. Whiting 'whining' world, the clinically depressed  faux alien makeup clod has been consciously spreading rumors about me, the actor.

I am writing this so the readers can be told the first-hand true story about the whiny stalker’s rumors that included a reference with a constable from the country of Montclair. (The gossiper’s juicy rumor is more interesting than this simple truth. But this IS the truth, just the same). The actor’s conversation with an official constable came out very well for me, the actor. The phone call cleared up many questions about how the whining rumormonger’s sick mind works with his imaginary “stalker” issues with the actor.

Here is what the official constable said to the actor:

From Constable’s office call- Hello, Montclair constable C.

From the Actor- Sorry for playing phone tag. I was busy.

C- Do you know what this is about?

The actor- No.

C- Do you know a J. Whiting person (alien makeup clod)?

The Actor- No, not currently. I knew of him several years ago.

C- He has said that he is getting many strange emails. Many of them are inferring about him being gay.

The Actor- Oh??!!..Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

C- Sure.

The Actor- Have you seen these emails?

C- No.

The Actor- The last email I sent to him was in the fall of 2002.

C- What was that email about?

The Actor- It was my only response to his trashing my good reputation all over the Internet. I am an actor and I have some websites on the Internet. For over a year, he has tried to trash me. I sent him a direct email asking him to stop libeling me because he doesn’t know what he is talking about since he is not a performer. I then said that if he didn’t stop, I threatened him with legal action against him. I wanted him to take my message seriously.

C- When was this email sent?

The Actor- I think it was sent November ’02. The rumormonger is very active on the Internet and I run into him there on public BBS. Sometimes we disagree on issues. He gets really angry when I and other Internet people don’t agree with him. I think he is a very frustrated man. I am sure that many people send him strange email because of his very combatant attitudes on the Internet.

C- He said something about you were both members of a local Star Trek club. He said you were removed from the club. He said you were blaming him for being kicked out of a Star Trek club?

The Actor- Yes, the club matter happened back in 2000, years ago. I had little club interaction with him. I realized that the club staff did an illegal backroom deal without any club fair due process of hearing both sides. I wasn’t happy about that. The problem was with the club staff. He was not on the club staff. But, I feel his cowardly silence on this club matter (after he knew what was going to happened against me, a fellow member) showed his disgusting apathy towards prevention of an unethical club matter. (Club membership rules and bi-laws outlaws this behavior by club staffer against a member.)

C-Well, I think I have no more questions. I believe I understand what is happening here.

The Actor- May I make an observation about this matter?

C- Yes, sure.

The Actor- I believe the rumormonger is a very very frustrated man. If he is receiving emails that he doesn’t like, he needs to look into his own actions on the Internet and to see that his own obsessive actions on pro-gay issues could setup these gay email matters. I think most of this is his own fault because he participates in very vocal obcessive Internet disagreements.

C- Thank you. I think you are correct. I will bring up your views to him when I contact him back on these matters. I think this matter is closed for me and will not go further.

The Actor- Can I believe this matter is officially closed?


The Actor- Thank you, Constable.

***Please take note that the subject of receiving gay oriented emails accusing this rumormonger of being GAY and the unethical Trek club matters were the only issues that came up during these official police communications. Only those topics that have recounted here were truely discussed. NO mentioning of Internet stalking or threats & harassment were covered or mentioned.


BUT strangely & obsessively, then another Whiting whiny gossip rumor was published:

Latest Libelous Rumor News from J. Whiting: QUOTE- The stalking case has been sent to the District Attorney. Life is good and getting better all the time. UNQUOTE


Then the rumormonger wrote this on several Internet website’s BBS and on the “HF” home website bulletin board and on many others:

The subject title: The Feud is Ended?
Per a Constable of Montclair, the actor has stated that without admitting any guilt, he will have no further contact with me (and presumeably, Hidden Frontier) on the condition that I do not continue pressing charges against him. That’s fine with me. The moment the harassment starts again, of course, the case will be reopened and he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as I promised. I am disseminating this information widely so that both the agreement, and the consequences of breaking the agreement are also widely known. As a result, this subject should now be closed.

+++Rumormonger states another defensive face-saving LIE! Then, the Actor was notified of this new Internet rumor and the actor wanted to get the official police department truth first hand. The Actor talked to the Constable again.

From Constable office call- Hello, Montclair Constable!

The Actor- Hello. This is the actor. I am sorry for bringing up this Whitings rumor matter again with you, but some thing has recently occurred that I wish to speak to you about whiting.

C- Yes, no problem.

The Actor- I have been made aware about whiting posting several strange Internet rumor statements involving the constabulary on the coming out of this matter. I wanted to ask you about them, is that ok?

C- Sure. Go ahead.

The Actor- On the rumormonger’s website he states, “The stalking case has been sent to the District Attorney”. I was under the impression from what you said to me that this rumormonger matter has ended. Am I correct in assuming this?

C- Yes, this was never a stalking or harassment investigation. The matter is closed and is not going forward.

The Actor- Well, I think you can see that the rumormonger is purposely putting a lot of energy in keeping this matter going. Matters are NOT going forward to court?

C-My department and I have officially quashed this matter. It had no legal merit.

The Actor- I am very concerned about these matters being boasted about and continued by the rumormonger. I am sure you can appreciate this. Now, I believe you can see who is being honestly candid with you in these matters. I think the rumormonger is trying to make something else out of this issue. If the rumormonger doesn’t stop these continued false statements, I may have to take legal actions against him.

C-That is your right. I believe you should keep tract of his statements in case you need these evidential facts to support a legal case against him.

The Actor-That is good advice. I will think about doing that. I just wanted you to know what the rumormonger is doing to keep this matter going for his own advantage. Thanks for clearing up the confusion based on my seeing the rumormonger Internet intentional misinformation. I needed to know it from you.

C- No problem. Glad to help. Good Bye.

***Please take note that the subject of “HF” or Hidden Frontier NEVER CAME UP during the uncovering of these newer false rumormonger matters. Only the subjects that have been accounted here were discussed. There were NO other or missing subjects. Could the rumormonger just be a pitiful liar looking for some importance with his false claims? You can be the judge on that. I think he is.

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Residuals, Cash Flow, Income, Free Money, Residuals......Yippee!

My films & TV shows public screenings: Program screening- Channel- Date & Time "Bowfinger" - ON HBO cable- April 2014 Comedy about small filmakers making it in HOllywood. Eddie Murphy & Steve Martin. DIR- Frank OZ Message in a Bottle- On TVWG Chicago cable- airing April 2014 "Message in a Bottle": A reporter (Robin Wright Penn) tracks down the lovelorn author of a note in a bottle and meets her dream man (Kevin Costner). Blake: Paul Newman. Land: John Savage. Charlie: Robbie Coltrane. Lina Paul: Illeana Douglas. Directed by Luis Mandoki. "City of Angeles" - ENCRCLP On cable- airing April 2014 Fantasy story film remake of an angel wanting to become human to experience love of a women. Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.

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Idea theft, plagiarism, copyright piracy is not CREATIVITY !

Informed people who know the real 'behind the scenes' Hidden Frontier facts and want to share them here without Hidden Frontier smear squads being so fearful to stamp out any 'naysayers' postings here that just confirm and demonstrate Hidden Frontier's cast & crews huge unethics, weaknesses, anti-Star Trek (IDIC) & Roddenberry fairness with HF smear squads hater posts. Hidden Frontier's cast & crews is just using internet stalker, hater, trolling fanatical bully tactics and show fans that Hidden Frontier's cast & crews are just mis-using Gene Roddenberry's genre for their selfish self engrandisement and shallow fanboy noteriety because they have little else to offer society or public. Copying or ripping off other's original artistic talents is not original.