Wednesday, January 14, 2009

D. Slater's NMI is Imploading due to MEMBER BANNINGS!

Photo of NMI Staffers attending '07 meeting with D. Slater.

Red X's showing how many helpful friendly staff now BANNED from NMI by arrogant D. Slater and his cronies.
NMI's boss Slater said when this meeting occured,
"I'm in high hopes that everyone attending will also be bringing ideas about the focus of NMI and how to best combat illegal immigration. We need new ideas and they should all be shared. This is a team effort here, folks. I REALLY want to see everyone taking some sort of action. There are many ways to take action, but action needs to be taken by everyone. Of course, this is all volunteer stuff and no one can really tell others what to do, but I do feel strongly that taking action is crucial.**Here are some pictures taken tonight at the NMI meeting. A fine group of patriots showed up and good ideas tossed around. From what I saw, we all had a good time too. The next meeting will probably be in about 2 more months and we(NMI) should definitely be in full swing by then."

NMI EATING THEIR YOUNG Or Staffers.... **NOTE: You see no one else was personally invited by D. Slater; -NOT THERE- the loud (also local-living) spineless NMI banning apologists now incessantly posting their lies on the NMI forums. NO '(Mindlessly)Standing Alone', 'Small and Mighty(Flighty)' or what others ?!!!???

BTW- TWO years+ later spineless sycophantic apologist and ethicless NMI cheerleader girl 'Standing Alone' laughingly forum posts, "Not to bring up 'sorry(sic- 'sour') grapes' but I was banned from NMI at the time, or I would have attended." WRONG..Attendance was allowed by personal D. Slater invitation ONLY! She was BANNED and she didn't fit the necessary NMI staff requirements because she didn't participate in any public events like neighborhood sidewalk activistism with the rest of NMI staffers attending this meeting. Her recent activism has been a safe 'jonny-come-lately' in the Fall of '08.

NMI Staffers handles attending:

  • Left table- Summer, Seenitall, GSBAmerica, Jalira, Weasle.
  • Right table- Mrs FoothillPages.Com/MAC, FoothillPages.Com/MAC, SZinWestLA, AmericanPatriot.
NMI response to this entry....Quite amusing!;topicseen#msg22258
Topic: new hate website

StandingAlone whines: "It is truly sad that 'Seenitall' will not give up his self aggrandizement, he is absoultely off his rocker to boot and has begun a website to spew hatred toward yours truly, how pathetic how sad. *WRONG- The site was about the elimination of many NMI staffers by Dennis Slater, unbera$$hole.
'Seenitall' you have done it again, despite all of the difficult task ahead and in the past in fighting illegal immigration, you insist on hatemongering. *WRONG- Mongering ??!! Funny how the actual truth instead of delusional thinking is now NMI bigmouth hatemongering.
For the record I have attended many more protest/rallies including DL site monitoring than you, have traveled longer distances and do not always shout about all of my actions on the board. *WRONG- I never saw you for a year of weekends at DL sites in Canoga Park, Van Nuys, Burbank, or at Lillanna's Simi church (in you home county) or many others like I did. Tell me another whopper. I only recount my activism when others (like you and Voni) wish to demean me and my work fighting illegals with other good patriots.
Why doesn't 'Seenitall' think about what 'Seenitall' needs to do. Though you are at Jim's MMP, I have not noticed you or anyone from Ventura county over there calling for or attending rallies/protest, dear say what is your purpose??? *WRONG- You really are out-of-the-loop and don't know much being in and speaking for the kool-aide drinkers in NMI now.

Is it to make yourself feel a little higher on the ladder rungs by putting others down, or are you simply bored with your life??? *WRONG- Life's great, I'm busy. Are you done complaining and gossiping about me, yet? I guess your life has little else. LOL They say there is only alot of flack thrown when you are on target!
I feel sorry for you and hope you seek mental services, again you ARE not doing our cause any good. *WRONG- Practicing medicine without a license again. Use your pity on D Slater. Tisk Tisk.
Dennis is no longer a part of our daliy operations so I do not know why you keep hounding him and other's who rarely post here. *WRONG..OH really, Dennis constantly pays for the monthly website fees. And why would he post much after he has banned all the best idea people out of NMI months ago? Just more eating NMI young due to unbalanced NMI Slater and others.
Your need for attention, any attention is HELP before you do something to really harm yourself. *WRONG- My need is for fighting phony lying false leadership of good patriots in our Cause, nothing more. NMI abises leadership with unethcal selfserving power.
I agree with you on one subject and that is on the namecalling, Gay etc. Instead of allowing you to return to NMI, I would have banned you entirely and for good! NOT allowed you to bait me with your foolishness. *WRONG..Your fearless leader Dennis Slater (who you say is out of NMI..LOL) his manly shallow fragile ego resorts to calling people 'gay' rather easily like any schoolyard bully. NMI bully in charge of you..shame. You are still in denile.
'Seenitall', I have tried to understand you and help you, it is obvious you do not know how to be gracious to anyone including those who try and assist you in healing yourself, so this is goodbye 'Seenitall', I will no longer accept your schizophrenic emails. Susan *WRONG- Oh why? How come you posted many of my email news releases I sent you on the dead NMI forums and you took jealouse credit for my email news release work telling you what's going on in the first place? Not much news in Ojai. embarrassing for you. I don't obviously need the some street credit on NMI. Oh well, Susan, heal yourself because you are still in NMI. I'm free of that crap.
**NOTE: I thought she was going to end it with me....I guess not..LMAO.
Still feeling a need to be an NMI apologist & babbling on..StandingAlone/Susan secondly has to say: Any role one might have in the fight against illegal immigration is a difficult one, fraught with danger and stress, it is easy for people to make mistakes, to be led astray, distracted from what really is important. *DENILE
Some take on roles they are ill prepared for out of necessity and may have come up short, yet they at least TRIED. *DENILE. I was there WAAaaay ahead of you, when you were comfortably at your home in upper class Ojai. Try to remember that. I am still working only without the paranoid restraint and shameful need for applause from D Slater, you and others.
You mentioned several NMI member's who had been banned in the past. I am not sure what the reasons were, if the reasons were not that serious, I do not see why those member's cannot be reinstated if they choose to be and the mods agree. *YOU DON"T KNOW MUCH, YOU WEREN"T STAFF
We are reorganizing and hopefully will bring more local's to our cause. YOU, 'Seenitall' could be a part of preventing the invasion here in our county, yet for some reason refuse to do anything more than harm us. *ATTACK THE MESSENGER, just like the illegals.
I cannot help wondering whose side you are on. *THE USA and THE TRUTH'S SIDE
It is a fact our orgs. have been infiltrated by those with mal intent and you with your bitter accusations are very suspect either that or as stated in above post have issues you need to deal with, I say this not in a demeaning way, but SERIOUSLY you need HELP!!!

The question is asked where is ALL the efficient street activists in NMI? Where did they go?
Nowhere. They are BANNED AND GONE! ASK SLATER AND COMPANY...he shoots himself in the foot constantly now doesn't he?