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NMI thread: From Glichrist suit Defendant, Brook Young

Here is the WHOLE (NMI's once public, now privatized, a day later) thread posted by Brook Young against Jim Glichrist and his court suits. Gilchrist is sueing Young for libel and other matters.
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Jim Gilchrist Loses In Court, Must Pay Defendants Attorney Fees

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Last week Gilcrhist’s partner, Steve Eichler, had a nearly identical frivolous defamation lawsuit struck down. This week it was Jim Gilcrhist’s turn. The Attorney representing Barbara Coe, Dave Klehm, who filed his fee petition concurrently with his motion, was awarded $9,100 in attorneys’ fees!Attorney Daniel Lula representing the Minuteman Project Board Members, Deborah Courtney and Marvin Stewart will be filing a petition asking for a similar amount of money. This is a lot of money for Jim Gilchrist because he gets very little money in donations these days. By his own admission, he’s already burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars in fruitless litigation against Patriots.Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State, and I were served much later than the others so we have not yet had our day in court. We expect these frivolous lawsuits to be thrown out by the exact same Judges. Jim Gilchrist will again, pay our Attorney fees! Since I obtained free representation under my insurance coverage, this isn’t costing me a single dime.So Jim Gilchrist is paying for all these Attorney’s fee’s, including the expense of his own Attorney’s for filing these frivolous lawsuits. Anyone that has ever given Jim Gilchrist money in the past, needs to realize that it has all been pissed down the drain by a self indulgent con-man.The California court system really looks down on malicious prosecutions and the abuse of the court system. Jim Gilchrist lied in his defamation suits claiming the defendants, myself included, posted a photo of his drivers license on the Internet, along with threats of violence towards him. This is an outright lie, it has never happened to him, and he is unable to bring any evidence of it happening to the court. Idiot!

Quote News from:
Second Frivolous Defamation Suit Against Patriots Deborah Courtney, Marvin Stewart and Paul Sielski Stricken; Jim Gilchrist’s Suit Follows the Same Path As That Of His Associate Stephen EichlerSanta Ana, Calif. - July 29, 2008 -

Judge Randell Wilkinson of the Orange County Superior Court today struck Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist’s defamation suit against Minutemen Deborah Courtney, Marvin Stewart and Paul Sielski as a "strategic lawsuit against public participation." Gilchrist’s suit against Barbara Coe, head of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, was also stricken on the same basis.Marvin Stewart and Deborah Courtney are members of the board of directors of Minuteman Project, Inc., and Paul Sielski is executive director of the corporation. Both have been embroiled in a dispute with Gilchrist regarding alleged financial irregularities within this high-profile nonprofit corporation.On April 16, 2008, Gilchrist filed his defamation suit against these patriots, as well as Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State and Brook Young of Immigration Watchdog. Gilchrist claimed that the defendants had "defamed" him by speaking out about his transfer of the assets of the Minuteman Project corporation to a new corporation titled, "Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project," without board knowledge or approval.Under the relevant law, defendants Stewart, Courtney and Sielski are entitled to an award of the attorneys’ fees and costs they incurred in defending themselves against Gilchrist’s meritless suit. Gilchrist has already been ordered by the Court to reimburse Ms. Coe over $9,100 in attorneys’ fees.Gilchrist’s frivolous suit against fellow anti-illegal immigration activists is the second in less than a week to be dismissed. Last week, Gilchrist’s associate, Stephen Eichler, suffered the same ruling from Judge Kirk Nakamura. Eichler had filed a virtually identical defamation suit against the same defendants.The vindictive and retributive behavior against fellow patriots by Gilchrist and Eichler is deeply disturbing to many in the anti-illegal immigration movement. Today’s ruling should be heeded by them as a warning to engage others on the issues, not attempt to use litigation to squelch freedom and dissent.The Minuteman Project was founded in early 2005 to secure America’s borders by means of civilian volunteer observers. Incorporated in mid-2005 as a Delaware nonprofit corporation, the Minuteman Project is governed by a board of directors under applicable law.

Contact:Marvin L. StewartPresident(562) 221-1820

Daniel F. Lula, Esq.(949) 851-1100

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There are a lot of liars out there, so just because some California judge ruled that way doesn't mean crap as far as I am concerned. California judges (almost all liberal frauds) seem to rule in favor of bad guys (the law breakers themselves) more than victims all the time. Just look at what has happened with Jamiel's case, the Bologna case and many many more. I know for a fact that certain people have lied about if I were some of the other Patriot's I would not necessarily believe all of the cat fight crap going on here. Be cautious is all I can say, be cautious! I see you are pretty good with Photoshop as well WatchDog.



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Someone from ALIPAC put the straight jacket on Jim. The original photo is below. The kook, Jim Gilchrist, publicly embarrassed himself by wearing a bullet proof vest to a debate with Enrique Morones! No one has to lie about Gilchrist. He's done himself in with his own actions, but obviously you're not paying attention. After it's all over, these frivolous defamation lawsuits could cost Gilly around $50,000.


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I hope things work out similarly for you, WD. I don't want to see you get saddled with enormous litigation costs.

The Watchdog

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I won't be. A free Attorney was provided for me by my insurance provider.

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Attorneys fees are often only a part (albeit the big ones) of the costs of litigation. I don't know how extensive your policy is and whether or not it covers depositions (court reporters, printing fees, etc.).Anyway, the success of the SLAPP motion in the other suit is a good sign for your situation.



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I just hope all of this discourse just ends and goes away. There has been way too much bickering among people who are all supposed to be working for the same cause. I'm just as guilty for taking sides without fully understanding whats behind various peoples motives. I'm done with my share of it and just plan on going back down to help watch for invaders and leave all the soap opera to the people that thrive on that kind of stuff. I want nothing to do with it anymore.



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Quote from: TheWatchdog on Today at 07:06:32 AM
Someone from ALIPAC put the straight jacket on Jim. The original photo is below. The kook, Jim Gilchrist, publicly embarrassed himself by wearing a bullet proof vest to a debate with Enrique Morones! No one has to lie about Gilchrist. He's done himself in with his own actions, but obviously you're not paying attention.After it's all over, these frivolous defamation lawsuits could cost Gilly around $50,000.+++

I do have to say one thing about this. Watchdog is correct about JG wearing the Kevlar vest. By wearing it OUTSIDE his suit shows me that its more for show and attention that for safety. Besides by showing that he was wearing one invites a head shot, and I don't mean by cameras. Photo Op

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Jim as every right to wear his vest! He among anti-illegal warriors, has had his life threatened the most. As for your excited dribble and sicko avatar Watchdog, aren't you sick of your dog and pony show. GET A FRIGGIN LIFE!!!!


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I agree he has the right to wear it. It would just be better if he used it under his clothing for safety's sake. I know some guys in SOS that wear plate carriers at rallies and have pepper spray carried in drop leg rigs. It's pretty clear that one might expect more violence at rallies than actually down at the border (at times that is).

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REACTION- SOS Chelene's desparately 'seeking approval' thread

REACTION- SOS Chelene's desparately 'seeking approval' thread

Hey I didn't vote, Chelene is so vain she believes those that can't stand her still go to the sos board ?? The woman is truly over the top with drama and that thread/post prove it.

--- In, "doberman1a" mailto:doberman1a@...

Here we see again how paraniod and desparately spotlight seeking Chelene 'Patriotic Scream' Nightengale is. She starts this -24 hours ONLY then closed- popularity contest thread to boost her own saging ego. How old is she? Is this high school? Get a grip, woman! Keep doing this stuff, you are only embarrassing yourself in public. pluuuze stop! =

Is Chelene the reason you don't attend events? locked Closed thread. ONLY OPEN FOR 24 HRS ONLY. started tuesday, June 10 01:53 PM POLL votes- yes- 2 7.69% no- 24 92.31%

Chelene 'Patriotic Dream Nightengale':

MEMBERS READ - Am I the reason you don't attend SOS events? You know quite a few horrible UNTRUE things have been said about me since joining this movement. I have been called the "bride of frankenstein", a "tweaker", a "drama queen", a "racist", a "liar", and a host of other nasty slander! A couple people in this movement have attempted to maliciously and falsely sue me! People have madeup stories and tried desperately to ruin my reputation. I think I have endured quite a bit and tried my best, but someone sent me the following link and let me tell you at first I was offended, butthen I thought is Sam right? I want some answers and I would like all of you to be honest without being vicious of course. IF what isprinted below is true, I will quit tomorrow...I do have a couple upcoming events, but I will gladly bow out of the movement if it is what is best to save this please answer the poll, and make comments as you see fit.>>
SZinWestLA Hero Member- The germ of the idea that Derek had was great but the execution sucked ... in part because the Chelenites have alienated too many people. They're not drawing numbers anymore. I knew the attendance would be low. The same thing happened at the Barack Obama gig they had a couple months ago. They've peed in the Cheerios of too many of the former faithful attendees and a lot of them simply aren't showing anymore. Think of all the faces you used to repeatedly see inphotos and film, those who belong to this board and those who don't, who are flat abstaining from the Chelenite functions. Further, American Apparel has money. Dov Roostersock can hire a few dozen folks to walk around with signs and hand out promotional materials without raising a sweat. You want to make a splash, you'll require 70 or 80 folks that Chelene can't get anymore on her own. With Ted's or Frank's help, maybe.+++>> PS. What Barack Obama gig? We never hosted a Barack gig? -

Drumsme7: WTF! That was my "Yes" vote. I meant to hit "No" Damn! I'll post more on this tonight -

PatrioticArmyMom: Can't we just stay united no matter what? I personally don't care who likes me or not! Or who likes who and who doesn't. I will walk along side all of you for our Country. Our soldiers do it, why can't we! Our common goal and cause is the same. ->

Arizona_Patriot: Chelene, dont let that rot over there affect you this way... That is just what it is, ROT *Voted NO* ->

RIMO5: No one has ever prevented me from attending anything I want to attend. I have one purpose and it is my one goal. I get so tired of people trying to cause problems for what is supposed to be the mission of all of us. I may get angry at someone but they can not deter me. ->

AyatollahGondola: Despicable! Chelene, Do not take ANYTHING this person writes here, or says about you, your involvement with us, or your efforts in this movement, as even remotely close to factual. These are the musings of a jealous, attention starved, outcast suffering from the internal anguish of having caused his own banishment with this same type of careless backbiting in previous months. Some day he may wake up and realize that the smell he has accused others of creating within this movement just might be eminating from his own urine stained sheets that he has been waving in others faces to attract attention to himself. There is no need for a poll. He has self-polled himself, and the survey reported inadequacy. Your record is his admiration. He believes he is incapable of aspiring to similar achievements, so he belittles yours in a feeble, childish attempt to level the playing field. Don't believe the overt accusations and denigration that was written by him. subliminally, his recent actions mimic yours, and your creations. In that regard, he has actually voted for you. ->

3Bear: Who? What? There are events? Not in Northern California, I guess. ->

BorderHawk: I love you PD, as one of my cherished friends. I cannot make it to all events, so I set priorities. Although I may not support some of the participant's agendas, I have still attended to provide services. I don't base my reasons for attending an event based on who is putting it on, or who may be there on either side of the street. Sometimes it is a conflict of events, commitments, distance, time, expenses, income, employment, personal goals, family or personal. I've been to events at which I had arrived very early in the morning, often many hours before the event, in order to recon or liason with the LEOs, locals, secure a site, etc. Then as the event got going, I left.
As for the exodus from SOS to NMI, I'll say they have their reasons for going there, we have our reasons for being here. The low turnout, at the Legallize LA rally, seems to me, asevidenced by the above NMI post, to be a problem of people putting personal anymosities(**SP?), before the movement. NMI could attend, and show cohesion within the movement, even if they stood separate. But, no we have to witness this tearing apart of the fabric of Patriots. How much PC can we stand. Hawk ->

Press One For English: OMG, Everyone loves you! and the ones who don't, send me their names and I'll feed em to my pet illegals sitting 50ft. from me. I don't know what was said (the link didn't work) but you know what> happens around here when you're not around. Pay no attention to those guys. They have to pump themselves up by attacking others. one more thing, anyone who can keep me quiet while chewing my butt, is a someone I respect greatly. >

AyatollahGondola: Everyone please take this into consideration, SOS is not any more down than any other organization or group that is, and has been battling for control of our immigration system. all across the board activity is down. It is also down for our opposition, and it was evidence by the very low turnout for may day rallies this year. We are all experiencing lack of enthusiasmlately. coincidently, the economy has been stumbling along with the same malaise, as have the elections. In my area, the involvement in even small local races was lack luster at best. Keep in mind that being beholden to our environment is something we humans have started to take less than seriously. But the planet has provided periods of bustling activity and fertility. the inverse can also be true. where we become masters of our own environment is to recognize that it is not something we have done, and there is no reason to punish ourselves for it. Having done that, it makes it both easier to live with, and more compelling to try and make an advance during this period. ->

StokeyBob: Quote: "bride of Frankenstien".+++> Why is this a turn on for me? Anyway I haven't read all of the post and figured all of what is going on but I did have a thought today that may help. (Someone on said in a thread that people that don't read the entire thread makes him feel all stabby.) Things have been tough at the company I'm working for and I started wondering if maybe it was me and they would be better off without me. That could be true but it is also a pretty ludicrous idea when I reflected on it. Could I have brought down the ecconomy of the world? At break there was talk about how a gas station was barely making it even with these prices. He is stretched to the limit like everyone else. We are all up manure creek as far as making ends meet. The same thing goes with the battle for law and order in regards to the illegal invasion. About June last year there was a drop off on all of the message boards and I felt my own drive wane. I don't think any one person could have done that. If so it would be awe some! I think William Gheene was able to turn things around because he ran into a bunch of television interviews that got the word out about ALIPAC. That and the election political post had some heavy threads going. ->

Quote:> I think William Gheene was able to turn things around because he ran into a bunch of television interviews that got the word about about ALIPAC. That and the election political post had some heavy threads> going.+++>>
It doesn't look all that turned around yet. their board is weak on posting, and it shows by just the daily count of users chiming in. ->

StokeyBob: Considering the times, it is hanging in there pretty well. This downturn worries me. With the election coming up, with only New World Order Globalist for the sheeple to vote for, we should be raising a ruckus while we still have a chance. The water shortage could be a topic we should work. For me it seems relevant anyway. When I was in school, water was one of the reasons they insisted that there wasn't going to be room for our children. Overcrowding and the lack of water was a good enough reason to have my unborn children killed. But it's not a good enough reason to enforce the immigration laws. Just who are these people working for??? ->

Bonfire: Aw, PD you are like a sister to me and I love you like a sister. You are a pillar of strength to me. You just held me up when someone kicked me in the teeth like you've been kicked. Someone that I trusted. (**NOTE: Chelene is a beatuy contest loser, failed actress, lost her house in OC to the bank and going through a messy divorce from husband with two minor daughters involed) I believe now that person felt threatened and was ill advised. I was so offended but you showed me the way to ignore it. Thank you sis. NO Chelene what is printed below is not true! We know you and have faith in you! There are people that feel threatened and are jealous of you and have agenda's that would function better with you out of the way. It's that simple. It is hard to endure but you will be stronger for it. Hang in there lady. We need you Save Our State needs you! You ain't going anywhere! We are going to fly the Red White and Blue next month and celebrate The 4th of July ~Bonfire~> ->

Press One for English: On Bonfire's previous post quote, response: Good, see you on the Point Ma'am. don't forget to wear your hat...PROUDLY. have a good night :) ->

oldreb: The reason I don't is because I'm not in California. But if I were Chelene you would be one of the reasons that I would attend. ->

Cruisingfool: I would be there in a Heartbeat, if I didn't live where I do. I'm just learning, and trying to get the movement going here. ->

horsepuckies: From AG: SOS is not any more down than any other organization or group that is, and has been battling for control of our immigration system. all across the board activity is down

From Remo5: No one has ever prevented me from attending anything I want to attend. I have one purpose and it is my one goal. I get so tired of people trying to cause problems for what is supposed to be the mission of all of us. I may get angry at someone but they can not deter me.
The above are all very valid points. Add to these the fact that it is an election year and many people who would normally be involved here are not because they are involved in the election. Speaking for myself, It is my bisiest(**SP?) time of year with the ranch and also with companies that I work for or represent. Add these factors together and you can plainly see the reason for low turnout. One more little bit of info for you. I was concidering going to the 4th of july event at camp vigilance but was not really looking forward to it. Then you [PD] posted that you would be a speaker at the event. Now I am definitely going and looking forward to it. SoI think someone needs to do their homework. People ATTEND BECAUSE OF YOU !!!! ->

Bonfire: Thank you I will wear it proudly always. How is your mayo supply holding out?->

Press one For English: I have 4 jars....well, for you when you get here. ->

Press One for English to horsepuckies post, responding: Marines kick ass! see you there, my friend! For those of you who have never met Horsepuckies, he's a good guy and actually makes sense from time to time. ;) Sorry to get off topic but for ONCE, i agree with you. I figure if Chelene can give up part of her Saturday to protest, why can't the rest of us? Not one of us is more important than anyone else. ->

Bonfire: Bravo, Horsepuckies you said it brother we stand behind Chelene. You rock girl you have the charisma going on ->

tim55: There is no one person who influences what functions Iattend. I don't get involved in any infighting in either organization and still belong to both. I could do without the ego bashing, but I have no control over anything but myself. As far as I am concerned, anything not conducive to attaining the goal is useless bullspit. I would think that adult folks in both orgs could put stuff aside and march together if they choose. I have no control over it, so I guess if it ever happens, it will happen in its own time. Until the goal is met, I will do what I want, when I can, for any of the three orgs I participate in. ->

1inchgroup: Quote-You know quite a few horrible UNTRUE things have been said about me since joining this movement. I have been called the "bride of frankenstein", a "tweaker", a "drama queen", a "racist", a "liar", and a host of other nasty slander! +++>>
Nope. I can spot two things a mile away.... (1) Tweakers> (2) Nazis (environmental or otherwise) Speaking as a veteran of the early crusade (if that's the right phrase for it)...I'd hazard a guess as to the dropping numbers. Many of us put every second of spare time, and a lot of "spare" money into this thing when we first got off the ground. Many are still at that level of dedication. A lot of us have reached our personal limits though, and needed to do something else with the majority of their free time. Some call us "keyboard commandos", but I prefer the Veteran term. New meat comes in to learn the ropes, while the Vets help them along. It's the cycle of life, Kumbaya...or something. Personally, I had to get out of Southern California and the idiots we were exposing ourselves to before I did anything stupid. Seriously, I was very close to complete snappage. My last trip to the DLC liquor store showed me that. Everyone has their own group of people they consider close friends. Maybe some of the people that used to be at the forefront of SOS have had their feelings hurt by that... Always have said that people need to grow an extra layer of skin to do this, but some haven't taken that seriously I guess. Don't think I've ever met you in person Chelene...but no one keeps me from doing what I want to do. ->

StokeyBob: Any chance you will be bringing a soft horse? I'm just kidding. I don't think there is one out there soft enough for me anymore. I remember riding bareback in the snow in Missouri. Smoky would get a real nice thick coat in the winter. Man it was good to have a heated seat to sit on. It would make it kind of hard to stay on though. The only trick and fancy riding I did bareback was by accident. ->

cuzzit: couldn't read all posts but what i did mirrored my feelings. ->

horsepuckies: POFE. Whatever your smoking---???? I WANT SOME !! ->

Stokeybob: Your right. There are no horses soft enough anymore but we do have some that are very polite. Whenever they encounter an obstacle like a fence, creek, log etc. they insist that YOU go first, by stopping suddenly and ejecting you from the saddle. Back on topic. Chelene--Just grow a thicker skin and continue to LEAD in this war. ->

Press One for English: I was playing "football" with my friends south of the border. lol ->

jinx: Chelene, even though you had something derogatory to say about me it would not keep me from attending any protest or rally. I live in AZ and attend here and when I am in CA when there is a planned event. I attended an event in LA last month. I will do what I can for the cause. PS. I don't need a break. I had enough of a break after my home burnt down with me in it. ->

Jeanfromfillmore: We all have our reasons for whether we attend a rally/protest or not, each is personal to them. When I joined SOS my main goal was to bring attention to the problem of illegal immigration and do what I could to attain that goal. As a student there wasn't much in the way of funds to give, but I gave what I could. Well, today I now have a job and work 55 hours a week, so time is now the problem along with student loans to pay back. What would help me to attend any functions would be carpooling because the cost of gas prohibits me attending anything over 35 miles. Chelene has put more effort than most would even consider donating. That is what the leaders in this movement do. Of those in this movement there aren't any I would consider my friend, but instead they are comrades and co-supporters in a cause. Besides that we have little in common so what they think of me is of little importance. I do respect deeply those who have devoted so much time and effort to the cause and admire their perseverance. Chelene is one of those> people. To those who require more of her, well get over it and focus on the prize. ->

BlackCatsinOntario: Sis, you better stay. You are too critical for SOS and it will kill us if you leave. By the way, Sam is an ass. You are 100% dedicated patriot that in no doubt you would make George Washington and rest of Founding Fathers very proud of you. One of my cat is very, very sick right now, but I will show up for Saturday's event and I am hoping you will be there. ->

4shadows: I have heard from others who are not so complimentary to PD, they seem to have their reasons, validity of them I dont know, but what I do know is I can only comment on what I have seen PD do and say. That being only good and positive things on this fight we have for our country, America. I met a guy named Sam in Campo & I dont dont if this is the same Sam, if it is I am surprised as he seemed like a good guy, if not then I have no clue on who sam or his org. is, can someone pm me and fill me in please? My thought is, stay PD, you have my vote of confidence. ->

Arizona_Patriot: The Sam you met 4Shadows was Persian?? He is a kick butt guy and he goes out (or did last I talked to her) with Capt Valor of SaveOurState. who gives a SH!T?

cuzzit: listen folks. please. some of us have> other endeavours going on in their lives. i am not saying what we, as a whole, are not making a dent or that we, as individuals, are not doing what we can. what i am saying is that we need to be unified in what we feel and preach. i have participated in several function that were sponsered by groups that i did not agree with. i DID however agree with the theme of the marches. so that should transcend ALL when it comes to what we are about. after all....we are about unity to some degree are we not? ->

BorderHawk: Although, I could never place a value on what Chelene, does for SOS, a recent AOL article puts her services out of the budget of the org. Public Relations Professional Salary: $52,675 Job Description: Engage in promoting or creating a positive image for individuals, groups or organizations by writing or selecting favorable publicity material and releasing it through various communications media. May prepare and arrange displays, and make speeches. Hawk> ->

PonchoPatriot67: OK, I know that there are people on this boardthat> post at that other board. Therefore, what I am about to say,please, please, PLEASE let the ambulance chaser know. The ambulance chaser's own Jamiel Shaw rally had small turn-out.The Leimert Park event for the Shaw's had a small turn-out. What appears to be happening is the ebb and flow of organizations. What is more, PD DID NOT organize this event, I did. Therefore the poor turn-out was due to me, not PD. I realize that I have tweaked the noses of many posters by exposing their racist and anti-Semitic posts. I realize that many of the posters on this board do not like me, and that is fine. I am not doing this to win a popularity contest, unlike the ambulance chaser. This is not high school! Weare trying to fight for this country! No, PD, has never been the reason why I have not attended a rally. However, the ambulance chaser will be a reason why I won't attendany of his. Besides standing outside of a Home Depot and provoking day laborers is not my idea of cutting edge activism. ProtestingAmerican Apparel, and the NAU is. ->

Mel_Living: Who's Chelene? ->

Kathy58: Everyone pretty much knows why I don't attend events. I won't even go into it. I would, if I could, but I can't, so I don't. I was sorry to see SOS split and so many leave for elsewhere. It did this before, if there is anyone who has been around long enough to recall that. Since I don't know any particulars, I won't comment on either split. I have met Chelene one time, but as it happens on boards frequented by a small group, I feel that I know her, perhaps not as well as some, but enough to know that she is a very hard working person whose dedication cannot be questioned. I commented on this before. Groups such as this seem to get only so big, then they develop infighting and split, usually with hard feelings someplace. Rather than being the fault of one person, it is a problem that seems to be inherent in the kind of people that are drawn to these groups. Even though the person who is supposedly "at fault" changes from instance to instance, the structure ofseparation never changes. And the structure of separation never changes from group to group! They all suffer from the same malady. I wouldn't take this too seriously. It seems to be part of thegrowth process. ->

BorderHawk: QUOTE_ Originally Posted by mel_living, Who's Chelene? PD is Chelene, a.k.a. W O N D E R W O M A N ! Hawk ->

FedupinOC: Wow......I just went over there to view the thread andgot> this: An Error Has Occurred! Sorry Fedupincali, you are banned from using this forum! I have no idea why either. I've been to that forum maybe once or> twice quite awhile ago (not a regular because I have very little time to be even mildly active on any forum) Nor do I know who's forum it is or any of the mods. I didn't even know there was any "bad blood" between the groups/forums until today. Someone has a hair trigger if they ban someone for no reason. To address the topic on this forum, I have met and spoke with you 2-3 times, Chelene, and have nothing but respect for you. It breaks my heart that this movement has so much dissent at a time when we are standing on the precipe staring into the abyss at the destruction of our country. I don't attend very many internal operations (in fact, only the 2-3 mentioned above) because I spend most of my spare time at the border. I wish I had the time to do both but I don't. I think people are just feeling battle fatigue and demoralized by the fact that our representative government has waged war against this country and her citizens. IMO . However, I also feel confident that we will all pull together when this crisis comes to a boil. We have> NO leadership at any level of government. Our only leaders seem to be our citizen leaders and we need them all....most importantly when it is critical and we all need to pull together ->

Chelene Patriotic Dream: I appreciate the advice given above andin> other communications. My skin is pretty thick, but this time I thought perhaps there might be some merit to Sam's opinion. Glad to find the truth of the matter. For the record, I am strong woman, I speak my mind, and have very little fear. I am passionate about defending our nation and take my role seriously here. I make decisions not based on popularity, but what I think is best. I am not always right, I apologize whenneeded and make fun of myself often. I would NEVER say anything bad about a person if I wasn't saying it to them personally. For the record, I am not the person who has banned former members. And people were banned for causingdissension. I agree with everyone..I hate the dissension and have spoken to people who remind me that groups like ours are infiltrated on> purpose. I also realize that people are not ever going to receive 100% support. I will take the 94% support in this poll...that is definitely a higher approval rating than Bush! Or for that matter most presidents. I do my best and am open to constructive criticism! PM me anytime! I am closing this thread as I don't want this to be a diversion. I honestly wanted to make sure my presence or leadership was not affecting this organization. From now on though, SOS will consider those who bash other patriots to be "goons". We can't afford more episodes that derail or demoralize individuals, this org, or the movement. We can't affordto trust people who waste time intently trying to destroy other> patriots. Our mission is clear...our country is in peril and we need strong, united patriots to win the war that has been waged upon us. Thank you for taking the time to answer the poll and questions honestly. I want SOS to be the best org it can be as we continue to defend ourcountry and educate and wake up other Americans. Sorry for any inconvenience. And again thank you for the support!>>

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My 5 Years Activism Resume..Done NOTHING?

Activism Resume:
For over five years SOS- member NMI- member has been doing my volunteer part to fight illegal alien immigration. I first started on my own regard by myself. Then, I discovered other people who seemed to share my political views on illegal aliens. I have been working through the general membership 'ranks' to being an unofficial staff advisor and working closely with official club approval from many So Cal 'enforce the immigration laws' groups and their leaders. I have been-

1. Personally invited & attended numerous SOS and NMI staff meetings: at (SOS) Marie Calendars and (NMI) Shakeys Pizza & (NMI) Dennys restaurants.

2. Personally received several Dennis Slater friendly phone calls about confidential NMI staff matters and planning public events.

3. Personally built and gave 13 unique NMI group art logos & slogans for fundraiser sale use on NMI t-shirts at Cafe Press.

4. Street protestor at several Day Laborer Centers: SOS's picketing many times at Burbank Home Deport, picketing many times at Van Nuys (saved Sam 'SZinWsetLLA' from a physical beating and automobile rundown.) and picketed many times at Canoga Park Home Depot for 2+ years. (Helped Dennis 'AmericanPatriot' with Slater's flattened tires from car DLC attack in Canoga Park. Changed and inflated Slater's tires.)

5. Marched in Anti-Amnesty parades: SOS's Hollywood March & Free Republic's '03 Hollywood Pro-Iraq 'Oscar’ ceremonies demonstration

6. Street protestor outside sanctuary illegal alien housing churches: almost weekly for 1+ year at Liliana's Church of Christ in Simi

7. Spoke to many city councils about illegal alien issues: '08 appeared and spoke TWICE at Simi City Council about Liliana's Church of Christ law breaking as a citizen & activist. ‘03 appeared and spoke at Los Angeles City Council about illegal immigration issues.

8. Produced & posted large freeway signs in May Day and on important election dates: '06 &'07 numerous Fwy signs up in North SF Valley and in Simi Valley saying 'NO Amnesty!' and 'Respect Citizenship!' and 'Welfare for Vets and citizens ONLY!' and 'USA only, aliens no' and 'Enforce the Laws! Deport' and “It’s the Law!’ and many more etc.

9. Written several SOS, NMI, Ojai Post, the Ventura County Star, Daily News comments on varied Internet BBS forums: Too numerous to mention specifically.

10. Attended Free Republic's Reagan Memorial and meet-up breakfast at Simi Reagan Library '04

11. Generated and written several news media articles on immigration law enforcement and related community matters. Numerous articles on the Internet.

12. SOS member and NMI member is a cable TV producer in the San Fernando Valley. His TV show aires into 395,000 family cable subscriber's homes EVERY WEEK in Ventura, Simi, Conejo and San Fernando Valleys in hundreds of southern California communities. Expanding constantly into other neighboring cable systems in weeks.

Produced many shows on to 'Enforce the Immigration Laws' and 'Secure the US Borders' related show topics:

1. Save Our State's Public Work, SOS guests Kim 'Papoose', Terrance “SOS and Ted Hayes supporter’, and Janet 'Blondee', Chelene 'Patriotic Dream' voluntarily gathered the show guests from SOS membership.

2. No More Invasion's Activism, NMI guests Sam 'SZinWestLA' and Dennis 'AmericanPatriot', Slater 'American Patriot' voluntarily gathered the guests from NMI membership.

3. Our Immigration Problems - LIVE Call-in show, hosted by the show’s producer

4. Support Jameil's Law - LIVE Call-in show, hosted by the show’s producer

The TWO FACES of No More Invasion's D. Slater.
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Local Thinker is a troll

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Friends and fellow patriots,
Im sorry to see that this fine forum is being trashed by this dunce LocalThinker. He has been banned off of multiple anti illegal immigration forums for infighting and trash talking numerous amounts of patriots. He spends more time slamming fellow patriots then actual activism. Some of us actually spend tons of time fighting for our country instead of slamming people. Now he is going around pretending to be some sort of media. He isnt media at all. He has written some blogs on the Ventura site but thats about it. His real name is Tony and also goes by CalifNative and SeenItAll. Please friends, ignore the troll. He does nothing but cause trouble. The dude loves to name call and create fights too. This is just my advice. Take it or leave it. Take care.
Dennis (*Slater)-

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Dennis Slater is the forum administrator of Mr. Slater recently posted an article in which he threated to shoot Senator McCain for not employing Mr. Slater's views on illegal immigration. This arm chair warrior tactics is often used on his "followers" who often decide not to be a member anymore. I am one of those, and I am NOT the author of the article.
Take it or leave it, Mr. Slater, this article was in SUPPORT of the movement, not against it. Read for context. Your remarks are out of line, unnecessary and destructive.


Thread title Re: McCain...

**Deport_Now (NMI)- Disgusting. Traitor, that's all he is. It's a shame the North Vietnemese Army didn't put a bullet through his headback in the early 1960's; they would have done us a favor.

**AmericanPatriot(Dennis Slater)- Disgusting. This is the future of our once great nation.

**Native Texan-

Quote from: Deport_Now on May 09, 2008, 06:27:07 PMDisgusting. Traitor,
that's all he is. It's a shame the NorthVietnemese Army didn't put a bullet
through his head back in theearly 1960's; they would have done us a


U.S. Secret Service, LOS ANGELES 213-894-4830 office


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