Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Videos Patriots should see....

Here are some more video showing our “guests” from south of the USA border committing crimes, attacks, and assaults done in broad daylight with video cameras rolling, sometimes while local police stand watch. SHEEeeSSHHH !

Copy & Paste these HTTP video site into your browzer window if not linked automatically in my post.

The Immigration Mess, THREE parts

You Tube Videos

You Tube Videos

You Tube Videos

Exploring Jamiel's Law in Los Angeles
You Tube Videos

US Citizens killed by Illegal Aliens
You Tube Videos

Grandma attacked by Illegals
You Tube Videos

Simi Thugs attack quiet Lilianna Sanctuario church picketers.
You Tube Videos

American Woman Attacked By Illegal Supporter
You Tube Videos

Violence- Lupe Moreno attacked at Santa Anna Mexican Consulate
You Tube Videos

Communists Attacking Americans at events.
You Tube Videos

Calif. Minutemen Attacked by La Raza Anarchists
You Tube Videos

You Tube Videos

Hispanic Patriot Speaks at LA City Hall
You Tube Videos

Murdered Son's father, Jamiel Shaw Senior addresses LA City Hall
You Tube Videos

MORE videos to see:

Latina Attacks Minuteman at Vista Vons DLC
You Tube Videos

Tina Jillings Attacks Minuteman at Vista DLC
You Tube Videos

Tina Jillings, founder and director of the Vista Human Rights Committee, a North San Diego County. Please contact Tina Jillings with your video comments at: or 760.828.5576.

Hispanic Minuteman Attacked at St. Peter’s Church
You Tube Videos

'MECHe Brown Berets' Azlan Supremacist Group Attacks Peaceful Activist/photog in Burbank.
You Tube Videos

Peacefull activist bloodied & attacked at Canoga Park Home Depot DLC
You Tube Videos

Canoga Park DLC assault on peaceful activist
You Tube Videos

**ATTN:** Day Laborer Centers are NOT that, they are full of criminals that attack their neighbors and the community....

More videos to enjoy:

Day Laborers crimes part 1
You Tube

Day Laborers crimes video part 2, on You Tube site

Day Laborers crimes video part 3, on You Tube site

Monday, February 23, 2009

Unholy alliance of RADICALS speaking in SoCalif.


There was a SAD event on February 21, 2009!

It was called, 'ALIPAC Indoor Rally Against Amnesty' that had several Unethical Reactionary Koolaide Drinkers Speaking to the naive public.

Garden Grove Woman's Civic Club
Saturday, February 21st, 2009
3-5 pm "Banquet Room on the Right"
9501- Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841 (Corner of Gilbert & Chapman)

ALIPAC's President, William Gheen, will be the keynote speaker. He will speak on the topics of defeating Amnesty in 2009, bringing more national support to California, and warning America about what illegal immigration has done to CA.

These are the third-party wackos, charlatans, and self-serving reactionarys (LaRoche, Birchers, and Paulites) speakers:

**ALIPAC's William Gheen.
**Barbara Coe of California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR),
**Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State (SOS),
**Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen (SDMM),

And these MORE prudent speakers:
Lupe Moreno: of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR).
Congressional Candidate, Tony Dolz.
LA Activist, Ted Hayes.

Hosted by the “Americans for Legal Immigration PAC aka ALIPAC”

MANY 'Secure the Borders' SPLINTER GROUPS are unethical and leadership is BAD!

Illegal Alien Patriots should be aware about the unethical character of this speaker's program. There are many speakers that are media spotlight loving third-party wackos (LaRoche, Birchers, and Paulites supporters), meglomanic arrogant charlatans, and self-serving Koolaide-drinking reactionarys with a complete lack of integrity and character appearing at this public Southern Califorian event.

1. ALIPAC/W. Gheen- Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee : East Coast fascist Leader who tries to destroy anyone who does not goose-step according to “his” selection of political candidates. Maintains a section on the ALIPAC web site dedicated strictly to slanering and libeling MMP and Gilchrist.

Personal Unethics & Immaturity EXPOSED; ALIPAC forums LINK:
ALIPAC forums

ALIPAC forums

Manually paste into browzer window:

2. MCDC/J. Simcox- Minutemen Civil Defense Corps: Leader that Engages in unscrupulous fund raising schemes, like “the fence to nowhere,” for the sole purpose of conning donors out of their money.

Personal Unethics EXPOSED; LINK:
Michele Malkin's site

Prospect org

Manually paste into browzer window:

3. SOS/C. Nightingale- Save Our State: Unethical Leader and Propagandist/slanderer who spreads lies that MMP “is engaged in criminal activities and is being investigated by the FBI.”

Personal Unethics EXPOSED; LINK:
The Valley News

Yahoo Groups

Southern Christian Law Center

Manually paste into browzer window:
Save Our State =='s Hate Group

4. SDMM/J. Schwilk- San Diego MinuteMen; Leader & Raving kook with no following who uses the internet to relentlessly spread false claims of criminal activity conducted by Gilchrist, Eichler, and MMP.

Minuteman Jeff Schwilk is EXPOSED as wife beater, a homophob hypocrite & loving to wear a woman's Bikinis. View the video with evidence here, video LINK:
Truth Brigade Site

Jeff Schwilk has close, personal and cordial friendship with Dennis Slater, SoCal leader of N.o M.ore I.nvasion. Personal Unethics Slater/NMI EXPOSED, LINK:
Yahoo Group

Manually paste into browzer window:
Jeff Schwilk has close, personal and cordial friendship with Dennis Slater, SoCal leader of N.o M.ore I.nvasion. Personal Unethics Slater/NMI EXPOSED, LINK:

5. CCIR/B. Coe- California Coalition for Immigration Reform : Leader that joined hijackers Sielski, Courtney, Powelson and Stewart in attempt to steal and/or destroy the MinuteMen Project until the originator, Jim Gilchrist stopped them with MinuteMen Project/Gilchrist lawyers.

Personal Unethics EXPOSED; LINK:
MMP FAQ news

Manually paste into browzer window:

What do they all have in common? Incurable jealousy, huge greed, rampant immaturity, fame-seeking, and ignorance that is hurting our cause to fight for a secure USA border and stopping illegal aliens ruining our communities and children. They have hated Jim Gilchrist's MinuteMen Project; the FIRST, best and original .org that is ethically still fighting the secure the border issue. Go with the BEST (Gilchrist/MMP), drop the weak rest...Go MMP and Jim Gilchrist!

MMP link
Minuteman Project Command Center

***AFTER ACTION NOTICE*** This notice from Jim Gilchrist,

"Interestingly, a donor in Santa Maria sent MMP $10000 last week for MMP lawyers…just after he attended the Gheen/Schwilk/SOS tiny convention in Santa Maria last week. Not a lot of money, but, MMP lawyers are happy. Kudos to Schwilk and Gheen for inadvertently raising that windfall for our lawyers. Don’t worry, folks, I haven’t “embezzled” the money. It was paid to MMP counsel yesterday.

The donor from Santa Maria was apparently upset that the anti-MMP/Gilchrist convention leaders devoted part of their convention to ally themselves against MMP and MMP friends and associates. So, he took the MMP side and sent money for the lawyers.

By the way, MMP lawyers are also ready to defend and/or prosecute on behalf of any minuteman/woman who has been obviously harmed by the illegal alien invaders or their supporters. As soon as we are finished with the hijackers in court, we will then divert the legal resources to sue public officials who have violated their oaths of office. Unfortunately, because of the antics of dirty journalist Frank Mickadeit and his friends (the hijackers) MMP has had to devote its legal resources to fighting Mickadeit’s friends who tried to steal and disrupt the MMP, after covertly gaining my trust by offering to “volunteer” for the cause.

It is looking more and more like La Raza and other pro-illegal alien invasion supporters are behind the hijackers. I don’t think B. Coe involved herself on purpose. I think she was severely duped and conned by persons she had only known for a couple months. Or, it could have been a typical case of jealousy at the success of MMP.

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA - Founder and President, The Minuteman Project, Inc."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Patriots support ABC/TV's 'HomeLand Security USA' and MeCHA/Anarchist Violent Protest!

I sent this note BEFORE the event to help & assist to get as many smart knowledgeable patriots forwarned about the protest location:

Dear Patriot Friends,
Mark your calendar AND be THERE!
Glad you are coming to Disney lot. Disney/ABC is good folks.


Here is the protest location scout facts. The W. Riverside Drive studio entrance gate (protest location) is employee gate. This is the public gate on the southside of the studio. On southside of W. Riverside Blvd. enjoy seeing the tall multi-story Disney/ABCTV and the colorful Animation building. The ABC corporate offices are on the W. Riverside & 101 Fwy side of the studio at the Buenavista 101 Fwy exit.
There is street parking all along W. Riverside; east and west. Also there is parking along Buenavista and OFF the boulevard in side residental streets.

For lunch, you should try the Bob's Big Boy burger place in Toluca Lake at 4211 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 843-9334


Where: ABC Disney Studios
2400 W. Riverside Dr.
Burbank, Ca 91521

When: Sunday Feb. 15th @ 2:00-5:00

La Razaist will be there to protest the ABC/TV program Homeland Security. The La Razaist are suppose to start at 2:30, at least that is what they've posted. There will be people from our side flying in to attend and the media will be there. Let's all stand together and show some strength. This is about a cause we all believe in, so get out there. No excuse.++
See you all there with my video camera. Looking forword to this, since Simi sanctuary church, 1000 Oaks & Canoga Park & Burbank Day Laborer centers protests have stopped near me.++++
Some of the attendees were Chris 'BorderRaven', Joe 'SOS' Turner, Chelene 'PatrioticDream' Nightengale, Terrance, Kim 'LetFreedomRing', 'Lil Dog' Crooks, Janet 'Blondee', 'JeanfromFilmore', and about 60 more people.
Sent this message out AFTER the event:
It seems that many of you that I bothered to send you my protest location pre-event info, didn't take what I said to heart. This patriot protest went bad in many ways. You are just acting more dumber that usual. I am not your enemy. You have been lied to by your leaders. Stop being a sheep. Learn from your and others mistakes and get smarter and wiser.
It is sad that overweight Chris, aka 'BorderRaven' got hurt. He is a good man, but has issues. When you go to play with the animals (BB), you need to be smarter than them. Not dumber as it is.
Your protest group had the prime high ground on Riverside Drive. The Brown Berets or BB were in a weaker crappier off-ramp protests spot. Even with this obvious winning situation, Overweight Chris had to take a huge risk and walk over near those BB by HIMSELF. A guy with obvious huge health and work issues by himself.

Some thoughts:
1. Pepper spray...$8 BIG Five Sporting Goods. It's allowed to be used in a defensive action.
2. Travel in pairs near the opposition.
3. Park in secure parking for your cars and leave a sentry with a walkie-talkie contact.
4. If anyone is physically attacked, you are allowed to HOLD the attacker for the police.
5. It's sad that with all the mission veterans and .org LEADERS attending on our side, their actions to protect our folks always turns to violence with no police arrests of the perps acting on video cameras. Pretty much a sad joke on you and our important mission.

As long as members of our side go to these events with a chip on their shoulder, to spoil for a fight with or enemies, they will get what they want. Dennis Slater finally learned that the hard way. He's gone.
I predict BorderRaven will be gone, too. Your side can't afford to lose any more people, right? Your ranks are thinning due to all the lies and dishonesty your SOS leaders cram into your heads.
After a year of no big protests, this was a sad joke. Get organized and get smarter.
This was sadly laughable in it's waste of time and embarrassment to 'The Cause'.
tired of this....
This event confirmed that there is war declared upon Americans as the racist Brown Berets appeared in force in their nazi costumes. Photos from SOS Chelene's photo site:
Nightengale's photo gallery

Please circulate these videos far and wide...submit to all media please!! This is what the media is not showing!! :
You Tube

Audio Blog Talk Radio hear what exactly happened.
**NOTE-- Joe 'Mr. SOS' Turner turns down a chance to speak on the radio, Chelene losses her professionalism (AGAIN!!, she does this at least once at any of her events, on purpose, it's good for 'the troops' and good theater!!) starts to cry to the radio audience incessantly, major SOS staff are given radio time.

Internet Blog Radio site



Monday, February 16, 2009

American Engineering and workmanship

Nellis Airbase B-2 stealth bomber runway take off

Video LINK:

* * * * * *==============
* * * * * * ============ Put This on your
* * * * * *=========== Page if You
* * * * * * ============ Kwow Someone in the
* * * * * *=========== Armed Forces or to
==================== Show Your Support
================== and Respect to all
==================== our Troops...Thanks Guys!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SOS's Chelene NOT donating $1,000 per month over to the Ramos & Compean families

I just got this from Jim Gilchrist; it's an email to Shawna Forde regarding the SOS Webmistress, Chelene Nightengale...

From: Century21Minuteman []
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 5:29 AM
To: 'Take Back America T-shirt Comp'
Subject: SOS and Chelene Nightingale's unjust enrichment payments from Minuteman Project

You asked me about Chelene Nightingale’s payments from the Minuteman Project and if she is using the money for the cause in fighting illegal immigration. Attached is the spreadsheet showing her monthly cash payments, which will continue at least into 2010.
She receives $1,000 per month.
As far as I know, none of the money is used to further the cause against illegal immigration lawlessness. In my opinion, she should turn the entire $1,000 per month over to the Ramos and Compean families, rather than keep it all for her own benefit.
Here is the story:
Nightingale engaged in malicious defamation, apparently at the behest of Marvin Stewart, for the sole purpose of destroying the Minuteman Project. Nightingale repeatedly posted on the Internet, and verbally claimed to strangers and mutual acquaintances alike, that Jim Gilchrist was “under criminal investigation” by the FBI, IRS and USPS. I introduced written testimony of this defamation to the court. ALL of these claims were bogus and she knew it.

Nightingale, in my opinion, was instrumental in conspiracy with several others to purposely spread false rumours that Jim Gilchrist, Steve Eichler, and Sandy Gilchrist were somehow conducting a criminal cartel of sorts from within the MMP. As a result of the severe damage caused by Nightingale’s deliberate crusade of destruction, I had no choice but sue her to stop her insane behaviour. What my lawyer did not tell me is that a public figure cannot sue anyone for defamation. Since I am considered a public figure, anyone can say whatever they want about me, regardless of whether it is true or outright vile and malicious propaganda. The consequence is that MMP was levied a fine by the court to pay Nightingale over $20,000 plus 8% interest. We are required to pay at least $1,000 per month until fully paid up.

The tragedy is that Nightingale was able to spread in defamers lies, in a joint effort with the hijackers who have tried to steal the MMP, with the intent on bringing as much disruption and destruction as possible to the MMP and the minuteman movement. For that, she is being rewarded to the tune of $1,000 or more per month. I hope this answers your questions about the court ordered payments to Chelene Nightingale, leader of Save Our State (SOS). I am sure she is enjoying her instant lottery winnings.

Jim ++++
So I decided to ask Chelene directly about her donating that "FREE monies" to the Ramos and Campeon families since she got so much media attention by supporting their cause:

"Why aren't you donating the unethical damages money you are getting ($1000 a mo. from MMP) and give it ALL to the families of Campeon and Ramos?
You clearly snakey prostituted yourself with those wounded folks to get news coverage for yourself, you owe them that money.
You haven't and won't.
Where's that do-gooder that you scream about to anyone who will listen to your $hit?
Just keep on being a hypocrite.+++"

Here is Chelene's the official managing director of the SOS's response to my helpful idea for the Ramos and Campeon families:

"I am copying my attorney on this as I have asked you before NOT to email me and have blocked your account. (**TRUE FACTS: ONLY my old SOS account!) In addition, I have blindcopied several people so that they can see the insanity and abuse endured by the likes of you. (**TRUE FACTS: I thought this was a private email. I guess I can publish this email around, too!)

First, your best friend Gilchrist is the hypocrite and liar that you choose to believe! (**TRUE FACTS: He has the facts and has never LIED like you!) The LEGAL court documents are on the PUBLIC forum of Save Our State and are a matter of PUBLIC record via the court system! Your "hero" falsely sued me and other patriots to create some type of diversion from the REAL MMP legal battle. It is NOT my problem that your extreme envy and hatred for SOS and me caused you to not look objectively at the FACTS. (**TRUE FACTS: ENVY, of what? Of a badly run, corrupt and laughable .org?) Your "hero" LOST in court because his UNSIGNED under oath FALSE allegations had NO merit and NO evidence! Your "hero" did NOT lose for "being a public figure" like he so falsely claims. And the anti-SLAPP winnings go STRAIGHT to my attorney who is PAID for his legal services!! I personally endured almost $1000 in OUT-OF-POCKET expenses which were reimbursed and that is ALL!! The REST of the money PAYS the attorney who although worked on contingency did NOT work for FREE!!! Want to look at my bank account records?? I would be more than willing to show you there is NO deposit from Gilchrist. (**TRUE FACTS: I don't trust you because you lie for your benefit. Put that on the Internet, too!)

Daniel or anyone else, this guy has been harrassing me for a very long time. I have asked him to NOT email me. I have blocked his account and he still cyberstalks me. Can I go to the police with this? Quite frankly one must wonder if this person is not a PAID infilitrator as he spends more time abusing patriots than he ever attends events! (**TRUE FACTS: I have complained about her specifically due to her corruption, public lies, and her slanders towards innocent patriots! CAREFUL: I may be under your bed!)

And finally...I have NEVER helped the agents and their families for some type of media gain!!! Monica and I are genuine friends and I LOVE the family! Yet, I have NEVER been in the media on their behalf!!!! You are mentally ill! (**TRUE FACTS: Judging by your heated protestations on this simple point, I must have hit a nerve !!!!!)
God Forgive America,
Chelene Nightingale
Managing Director +++"
Here's the truth from Jim Gilchrist on this matter:

"She is one mad person…mad, meaning nuts, not angry.

I lost the case because, although my grounds for suing were valid according to the judge (malicious defamation, deliberate lies and so forth with the purpose of causing damage and wounds) the fact that I am considered a public figure prevented me from “having a case”. (**FACT: Google: public figures are open to ANY public criticism, cannot be libeled.) In other word, anyone can say anything they want about someone who is in the public eye, and there is simply nothing that can be done about it. In the cases of Carol Burnett and Tom Cruise, they won only because the newspapers they sued simply settled out of court rather than go through the rigors of an incredibly expensive trial.

Chelene, acting on orders from Marvin Stewart, literally hates me. Stewart just got slammed with over $2500 in court penalties two weeks ago for abuse of the legal system. MMP lawyers are on him like hornets on a chicken. Courtney and Sielski also got nailed with about $4,000 in penalties each for the same abuse. The judge has had it with them. He is irate when they are in court.

I think you should exercise your free speech rights and simply write whatever you want about anyone you want. Since Chelene is a limited public figure, I guess you can say whatever you want about her and not worry about any legal repercussions. She has sent warnings about calling her lawyer to about 100 other emailers, including me. She has never followed up on those threats, probably because she knows her suits would go the way of the Gilchrist suits.

It’s a wonderful life, eh? God save the First Amendment. JIM GILCHRIST++++
AND Jim Gilchrist added this:

"Write back to her and tell her you have “irrefutable proof” that she is a liar about everything she said in her email to you. Her reply should keep her busy for about two weeks and put her in a tailspin. She certainly enjoyed doing that to me, my wife, and Steve Eichler for two years. Time for her to enjoy the game, this time as a recipient. I have to send a $1,000 per month for her benefit to reimburse her for legal fees. That is constructive receipt and she is required to report it as taxable income in her tax return. Tell her that and ask her if Gilchrist has sent her a 1099? "
AND if this matter was going to be closed, I guess Chelene also sent a copy of my private simple email (**FACT- without my permission) to another radical kool-aide drinking San Diego MinuteMan .org, Jeff Schwilk, another Jim Gilchrist jealouse-hater. He had these calming, intelligent, and prudent suggestions to her.

From- Jeff Schwilk (

Chelene, who is this F*ck wad?? Another of Gilly's freak goons?

Point him out at the next rally and we'll "correct" his attitude. Just another worthless punk who hangs around our movement because no one in the real world will even talk to him. Why is it that all the losers hang out at MMP??? (**FACT: Even though Mr. Schwilk and I attended several repetative DLC protests, he seems to have forgot me. Funny, huh? Very intelligent of him. Schwilk is a close pal of the current NMI leadership 'ghost', Dennis Slater.)

You must be so proud !!! !!!!!

(borrowing from an emotional Chelene 'Crazy' Nightengale and Jeff 'Bully-Boy' Schwilk.