Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trekkies have NO sense of humor about them get 'punked'

TV show- 'Jamie Kennedy Experiment' punked a bunch of serious Star Trek geeks...... With amusing results.

You Tube video LINK:

BRING HOLLYWOOD HOME - The solution group for runaway production from California

**Bring Hollywood Home has an Assembly Bill #1780

Bring Hollywood Home Foundation

NEWS FROM HOLLYWOOD! Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Bring Hollywood Home announces AB #1780 to make California competitive in tax credit incentives and to end the discriminatory lottery for independent filmmakers The first grassroots foundation in the history of job outsourcing is sponsoring a bill to put California on par with Georgia and Louisiana for tax credit incentives to keep production and post production in the state and save the iconic Hollywood movie industry and the ancillary businesses that support production in the film, TV, commercial and music industries. "We are delighted to be working with Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and his staff in introducing AB #1780 with the intent to write legislation that will put California back on the map in production." said Sharon Hardee Jimenez, founder/president of the California 501 C 4. "Our all volunteer effort has made a difference in raising awareness of the problem of runaway production. We have an online petition available on our website supporting our mantra "Job Outsourcing is an Outrage! Bring Hollywood Home." In 2013 Bring Hollywood Home helped make the issue a part of the LA Mayor's race. California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly released the following statement in a press release from his office in Sacramento. Assemblyman Donnelly's bill will revitalize California's current film tax credit that is set to expire and is woefully outdated. AB 1780 intends to replace the arbitrary lottery system, allows for a 30% transferable credit that will be competitive with states like Georgia and Louisiana that have benefited from the jobs lost in California and allows businesses to group multiple projects together in order to reach the minimum qualified expenditure amounts. Donnelly concluded, “Californians who want to work in the film industry shouldn’t have to leave the state to do so. Enough is enough. AB 1780 will make California competitive again so that the birthplace of film can take the lead again and bring prosperity back to California by bringing Hollywood home.” Sharon Hardee Jimenez, founder president of Bring Hollywood Home says, "We look forward to working across the aisle in a non partisan effort to make California competitive with other states and countries in film, TV, commercial, and music production. AB #1780 should be welcomed by everyone in the entertainment industry who wants to see jobs come back to our state and our creative economy vigorously supported. Artists deserve great leadership as their contributions have built the golden state."