Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another TROLL bites the dust !!!!!!!!!


The victim speaks up-----

Hello nice people,

I try to take the high road with non-confrontational threads topics and these thread trolls hyjack them OFF TOPIC (punctuation, border security, politics, and grammar trivia) for their own selfish personal smears of me (the poster) and trolls hyjack a intellectual discussion with off issue personal lying attacks and lying smears. They do that because its easier to childishly smear. They look small doing that. They can NOT control themselves or their thinking. AND, what have they got to compare with their achievements? anonymous posters share nothing or stay silence. Typical. When I point out their stalking trollish bad behavior here; they stalk my comments, they post and smear with obvious trollish H A T E. What empty personalities. These troll posters are making a personal attack on my opinions and me in an abusive manner. I have been polite. I have tried to be gracious and they still want to pick a fight, as practiced trolls do. I' not interested in that. It's boring. These trollish post H A T E R S have a combative arguement attitude and a large chip on their shoulders. Normally I would not be so blunt but they have to be told this since trolls just don't understand. SO-- Silly reveiling liars like yourself (many of Hidden Frontier crew & cast & fans) can't keep the true record factual straight or their lies consistant, because you are shown to have been lying most of the time to as many listeners as will be so naive to accept your malicious personal attack 'spin' posted here. The difference is that I have the truthful evidence and openly show it to all. And I will repeat it to make the same factual points that you can't stand. Get use to the truth. I speak of issues, childishly you speak of me. Hidden Frontier/Star Trek hive mind...drone...follower....sheep ??? That says volumnes about your lack of credibility or Roddennberry allowance of any diversity thoughts in these matters. Your personal attack nonsense adds nothing to your dwindling micro credibility. Your posts are only attacking 'recycled' sentences, grammar and opposing thoughts against the people that don't see things drone 'lock-step' your foolish ways. Your attack posting comments show no thoughtfulness, class, uniqueness, or new ideas. Your lack of independant thinking on these issues is just disappointing and only embarrasses other Star Trek fans sorta like Rob Caves numerous sham video projects. And, your posts are only a kiddie rehash much like the elementary schoolyard taunt by the kiddies, "I know you are, but what am I?" Apparently it obviously works for you, your ego and your side of these matter. That's sad. LOL There is no need to keep digging up crap off the bottom of a disgarded tv dinner in some unforgotten trailer park of your imagination. When you start mentioning stuff like this it actually fuels and makes you appear as wacko and nuts and paraniod to readers. There is absolutely not a single person on earth with an intelligence level above a gibbon that buys your nonsense. If you are posting it to try and denegrade this imdb forum and its members by association, it won't work.

ATTN: There are billions of anonymous people on the planet. YOU have clearly confused thinking. YOU ignorantly think that I care about your trollish thoughts or want to speak to an anonymous stalker troll on the Internet. Cause I don't. Take a hint, kid. Bye.

PS... Any resorting to personal attacks and childish name calling or reputation smears only shows readers your discussion point of view has no substance or worth and only embarrasses the name caller.

PPS...Trolling- Trolling is an internet term that means you're not posting to actually start or participate in a good non-personal discussion, but simply to attempt anger another member or group of members.

Three things trolls exhibit:

*(1) They pick and choose the discussions they want to respond to just to hear themselves speak;

*(2) They bring up unrelated OFF topic topics or trivial arguments to dilute the discussions just to have something to post;

*(3) They clam up suddenly when they're confronted with the truthful opposing facts, or use tact #1 or #2.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jim Gilchrist's response to the National Journal article

Jim Gilchrist's response to the National Journal article at LINK URL:

Dear Readers,

Tom Tancredo's favoring of U.S. immigration law enforcement does not make him a "hater." To refer to him as such implies that anyone who supports law enforcement is a "hater." Surely we are not a nation of "haters," are we? Haters of what? A civilized society governed by the rules of law?

Texas Governor Rick Perry approved in-state tuition for children of illegal aliens 10 years ago, but that was at a time when 97% of the Texas state legislators voted for that benefit program. Governor Perry simply gave the legislators (and the people of Texas) apparently what they wanted at the time. That was before the rampant illegal alien dilemma was brought to the attention of the public and became a serious issue with taxpayers and voters.

Certainly Perry and Romney are dignified gentlemen with sincere aspirations for the White House. But, on the issue of illegal immigration lawlessness, Governor Perry seems to have the upper hand.

After all, Perry has received the endorsement of one of the nation's most respected lawmen, border-state Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. That is no light-weight endorsement.

Perry, as a border-state governor, seems well aware of the adverse economic and national security consequences to a nation whose federal government chooses to pander to the uncounted millions of illegal aliens occupying U.S. territory rather than represent its hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens.

Also, in the race for president, Gov. Perry seems to be the catalyst for debate about the federal government's decades-long reckless disregard for immigration laws.

Without Perry in the race, there would be little or no mention of illegal immigration in the debates, except for the usual weak-kneed candidates whose delusional solution to the problem is a blanket amnesty.

Of course, that is fine, if the candidate just wants to encourage more of the same. In that case, there is really no need for an election because it would make no difference who is newly elected to, or who remains in, the White House.

Sincerely Yours,
Jim Gilchrist,

President, The Minuteman Project -a multiethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group-

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- A multi-ethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group.
- Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.
- The power of change through the power of peace.
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