Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Memorial Day events.

A FULL day like Veteran's Day. Spent my day remembering and visiting the three 'passed-on' veteran's graves of my family members (WW1 artillery, WW1 ambulance service, WW2 US Army European Theater disabled wheelchair vet); and attending Memorial Day spiritual services in a local National Veteran's cemetery. While there thanked and talked to as many active and past military service members, ROTC, and Scouts that was at those events for their 'service' to us. Also thankful for a 'nephew' (who just got back from US Army armored convoy protective service in Iraq) who just got home to California.

MORE citizens should be mindful of voluntary service memebers giving their time, blood, and lives for us all!

Killer of Jamiel Shaw STILL FREE ????!!!

From Doug McIntyre:
While the mayor and City Council may have done nothing, Pedro Espinoza has been very busy.

Since killing Jamiel Shaw II authorities say he's added five new felonies to his resume, including slashing a handcuffed man in the face with a razor, assaulting a sheriff's deputy, instigating a riot - all this while awaiting trial!

How much grief, how many ruined lives, how many expenses has this rat inflicted on the good people of Los Angeles?

Jan Perry and Bernard Parks don't care. There will be other Pedro Espinozas because of them.

Perry, who has delusions of being mayor, panders for Hispanic votes by opposing the "Secure Communities" law that requires cities and counties to turn over fingerprint data of arrestees so Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can verify a suspect's immigration status.

She also cynically assumes Hispanic voters support illegal immigration and the harboring of criminal aliens, which is nonsense and a pernicious stereotype.

Bernard Parks, the former LAPD chief, also opposes "Secure Communities" and sees it as a threat to Special Order 40, the disastrous policy that encourages and enables the Pedro Espinozas of the world to come here.

While L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca calls "Secure Communities" an important tool to keep our streets safe, Parks said, "From what I can read of the program, a high percentage of those who are being deported have not necessarily committed the most serious crimes."

In Bernie's World, does someone have to rape and kill before we can deport them?

Jan Perry, Bernard Parks, Herb Wesson and nearly the entire leadership of Los Angeles not only don't care about the outrage perpetrated on the Shaw family - they are the outrage.

Why am I the one who can't sleep at night?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Conservative CA activist Chelene Nightingale ordered To Court Again For Debtors Exam

Some privileged people/politicians don't have to pay their personal debts.....
Conservative CA activist Chelene Nightingale ordered To Court Again For Debtors Exam

Chelene Nightingale, former manager of SOS, has been ordered to appear in court again to divulge her finances to a judgement creditor over a personal loan she recieved a few weeks before filing for bankruptcy. Ms Nightingale solicited the loan from a former supporter of hers within the Save Our State membership, allegedly after describing the need to pay for basic family needs. The lender became concerned after the debt went unserviced for nearly two years, and filed suit after Ms Nightingale began appearing in many public events all over the state during a failed attempt to run for governor. The lender, a previous supporter of Ms Nightingale's activism in the anti-illegal immigration field, has apparently once again lost patience with her willingness to address the debt after recently seeing her jet to a conference in Harrisburg, and make make appearances within the state at various other events. Once again the court documents clearly refer to this as a loan, and Nightingale never used any "gifting" as a defense. The trial recording is still downloadable:
forum LINK- http://saveourstate.info/showthread.php?t=4010&highlight=frank+george+vs+chelene+nightengale
When the court issued judgement for $6200.00 plus court costs
See The Kern County superior court website for more information.

It is very hypocritical of Chelene to ask for the feds for protection from her state personal debts while also relentlessly parroting that she would stand up to the feds on the water issue, immigration and a few others.

Maybe Nightengale's found a way to make money to pay off her personal debts with campaigne or supporters funds. She's organizing a Nullification Now Tour on the internet.

Tickets to hear Nightengale her highness speak are only $75.00 for front row. $10.00 for steerage class.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bye Bye, Bin Laden.....

See YA, Bin Laden...911 victim ==
Steven G. Genovese- Age: 37- Place of Residence: Basking Ridge, NJ- Location on 9/11: One WTC-
Occupation: Cantor Fitzgerald, Partner-

911 victims site LINK: