Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ron Reagan speaking in early 1960s, sounds like NOW !

Ron Reagan speaking in early 1960s before he got into running for office. Take a listen and see how the problems he is speaking of sound like today's headlines !

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mental Patient with Guns in the NEWS !!!!

Mental Patient with Guns in the NEWS !!!!

(Isn't it against Federal & State laws for mental patient's to possess guns of ANY sort !??)

Flight Attendant rants incoherently on Microphone before Flight Takes off.

Passengers say flight attendant ranted on intercom, had to be subdued"One passenger said the flight attendant mentioned that she suffered from a bipolar condition and that she had not taken her medication."

= AND THIS....

2 dead, 7 wounded in Pittsburgh psych hospital shooting

"Two people are dead, including a gunman who opened fire in the lobby of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, says a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center spokesman who was briefed by police, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting. At least five other people were wounded in the shooting just before 2 p.m. ET."

Monday, March 5, 2012

Why do people think clinical depression is fake?

Why do people think clinical depression is fake?

There is a dirty little secret that many people publicly manipulate the social welfare system to propogate a fraud in order to get on Govt. cash disability programs for decades, it's called having the vague illness of 'depression'. (Maybe it's a more serious untreated denied 'paraniod schizophrenia', or some other murderous anti-social mental thoughts that many cowards, gun-nuts, and serial killers will eventually be discovered after some murderous tragedy occurs in our 11 o'clock news. FIRST, these frauds obsessively public boast of on their Blogs about this 'depression' because they have the urge to feel superior to ALL others due to some personal fake 'superior' I.Q. or intellect. Does this sound healthy or sane ??!! NO. Some 'fakers' have been caught by Govt. investigators. Then they sell their homes quickly and leave their hometowns. 'Fakers' will hide from new public scrutiny in going 'underground' living in new communities, mobile home parks, or Indian reservations. Kinda sounds like the actions of guilty child molesters or other criminals huh?) Those same folks are taking legitament social public assitance moneys away from those who really need that income and causing a waste of schrinking Govt. public funds.

Some people use it to gain the sympathy and pity of others since their lives are so empty. Some people suffer and get out of their depression with being active with medical help. Others use this reason as a 'gravy train' to help them through life on their own selfish terms. A person who speaks of their "clinical depression" as if it was this major, life impacting disease, tends to be suffering from another entirely different disease, which is abject lonliness. They often are milking the system.

It tends to be a "attention seeking" type of disease. Another reason is that it is a disease that is very easy to fake. It's very difficult to fake cancer etc.. A lot of clinically diagnosed depression is self inflicted. It seems to be widely circumstantial. It can be enviromentally brought on.

Depression is a very real disease in a small limited number of cases, and a disease that claims the lives of thousands of people each year through suicide. Even with all the evidence that supports clinical diagnoses of depression, the truth is that millions of Americans suffer from some sort of depression from time to time, and millions of Americans usually recover from it over time and end up doing perfectly well.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

RIP Andrew Breitbart at 43- He was an inspiration to all

Evil is Powerless, if the good are unafraid. President Ronald Reagan

It is the measure of an individual to see how they comment and react to a person recently dead. Unfortunately the Blogsphere today is filled with hate, snark, and liberal name calling and smears of Mr. Breitbart. I feel sorry and embarrassed for these cretins who didn't have the courage to say this bile tripe to his face while he was alive. My thoughts are with his young family and friends now.

I have to make a comment on this firestorm of hate coming from our brother & sisters on the 'LEFT': I don't enjoy speaking to people who misrepresent themselves. Name calling posters have just shot their comment's credibility to nil. I did not bring up such tripe. Snarky jealous posters smearing the recent dead have brought up those first, they are the misanthropes here. Smears are not factual. Maybe in your sick warped world it is. Try posting this nonsense at the progressive liberal Huffington Blog for a sympathetic audience. You make yourself and your views to look cheap and not very 'Progressive' or 'Liberal'. So much for your 'diversity of speech', they often cry out for when their opinions are being debunked by the likes of Mr. Breitbart. Their H.A.T.E. comments are just rude and childish schoolyard pap.

Rest In Peace- Andrew Breitbart at 43, Father, Communicatior, Webmaster, investigative reporter, and deep thinker. 'He asked questions & told the truth to the powerful!" He was an inspiration to those battling for prudent rational leadership ideals. He took on Acorn, and he was the one that exposed Anthony 'the forgetable' Weiner. Andrew was always verbally sparring, and still kept his ability to show humor, but yet control of the situation with the release of fact from his investigations and reporting. Matt Drudge and he are the only real investigative reporters who have NOT sold their Journalism degrees and souls to the corrupt owerful few that are not worth of their places of leadership in Govt. I sincerely hope the miopic view of the US voters and thinkers will not forget him especially in the upcoming crucial elections of 2012. We lost a great patriot today.