Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obsessed mental patient continues to stalk and troll me FREELY for years !!!

After TEN+ Years of Me being Obsessively Internet Trolled/Stalked

by a Montclaire/Ontario/Riverside mental patient.....

(For years now WITHOUT any of my contact)

BUT to him in his endless BLOG thoughts and comments(quoted shown below),

I'm still his- 'Our Mad Stalker' ???!!! You be the judge of his

Obsessed, crazy, nutziod, weirdo, combative, psychotic, depressed schizophrenic ???

His obsession and attacks on me STILL continues in 2012

on his obsessive public comments Blog

(for years now WITHOUT any of my contact)

Obsessive mental patient's public Blog,

TAKING NOTE OF PUBLIC ACTION Of MENTAL ILLNESS on a mental patient: Rob Caves' Hidden Frontier main crewmember and personal advisor- J. 'Dr Henglaar' Whiting obsession with "OMS" (me) very overtly & oddly continues (with no push-back by his victim at all). Whiting's weird obsessive paranoid thinking and egotistical, embarrassing, & sycophantic public Blog is shown here for your warning attention and maybe personal amusement. His many entry LINKS, titles, dates of entries and his own blog comments quotes and thinking is exposed to rational prudent people here. (2012...**a 12th new year of his attacks. And he ironically complains about me trolling him. I do not. LOL!)
***I will offer no answer, rebutal, or comment more on his psychotic Blog ramblings. ENJOY the sad view into mental illness that he fiurnishes to all who wish to see & read.

UPDATED: But 'My Obsessed Stalker' HIdden Frontier Whiting hypocritically and ironically told a new troll/stalker that he propagandized into months of stalking of me (now gone) this good advice which he himself didn't take advantage of:

QUOTE: "We cannot do that by sinking to his level or even just visiting it. But A.G.'s weapons simply won't work for us, and make it impossibleto tell the difference between us and him---and that's what he is counting on.**(YOUR) using muck and falsehoods are tools he's very familiar with and mostly very skilled with. As long as we play by his rules, we lose. Every time he manages to infuriate us to the point where we look like him, we lose. But leaving him alone to the point where he rants and no one responds at all is probably what will be the most effective weapon." UNQUOTE. HIdden Frontier Whiting. {Ad Naseum} ++++++

THE Stalking/trolling Evidence from his own public Blog words and thoughts:

@Help for Dyslexics 02-16-2012 LINK:
"Our Mad Stalker seems to be dyslexic, and it has been difficult having an online conversation with him, as he frequently has difficulty understanding what I've written. Other times, he'll create a sentence that is pure gibberish and claim that the sentence is clarity itself."---

@The Problem with Cartoons 01-31-2012 LINK:
"This cartoon has a solution for the problem of OMS. All we have to do is change his life enough that it matches his beliefs and expectations."--

(**End of 2011** and a new year 2012 ???!!!!??)

@Dis and dat 12-09-2011 LINK:
"Reading this article reminds me of why I can't completely ignore Our Mad Stalker and still be safe."---

@Descent of a Madman 10-15-2011 LINK:
"People wonder why I am concerned about my safety when my persecutor is so clearly incompetent. It's because he is unstable, and has been deteriorating for a decade and more. I may have been safe from physical attack a decade ago. I might even be safe from physical attack today. But given his deteriorating mental condition, I'd be a fool to assume that I will always be safe from him.....But the similarities outweigh the differences; if this man could become a murderer, why not Our Mad Stalker? A fearful percentage of stalkers do go on to murder their victims, after all, sometimes after stalking them for years at a time." ---

@ A.G. puts in a complaint 08-31-2011 LINK: "I was recently requested to edit his name out of a recent journal entry, including all comments. Unfortunately, I cannot edit comments, so I do not know if the entry will be revived or not.Apparently, using his full name violates his right to privacy, so let's stick to simply "A.G." from now on. Alas, Live Journal can do nothing to halt his violations of our own privacy, at this time."---

@ A.G. seems to be getting desparate 07-9-2011 LINK:
"He's on my Ignore lists, so he can't get to me (except here, where his messages, unless they've started carrying more facts, are likely to get deleted unseen by anyone else). There's only one other person even talking to him on IMDB, and I almost have her convinced to ignore him, too.
What's a poor I'm-not-a-stalker,-you-are! to do when all of his victims ignore him? Why, start bothering some of the people he hasn't bothered in years, of course. He's apparently sent an email to Rob, and from what I've seen, it's not even a good letter: it's just a cut and paste job from several of his older tirades. (About half of it is his unpublished letter to the L.A. Times after they wrote the article on us, for example.)
I hope Rob saves the letter for the trial: it is additional proof that Tony is the stalker, not us. A.G. might claim that I'm "stalking" him by actually having the gall to post in my own threads, but he can hardly claim that Rob is stalking him. Rob hasn't been in touch with him for years, so why the sudden harassment from someone who claims not to be a stalker?
Of course, A.G. is also the man who boasts about how humble he is, so I'm sure he'll come up with some equally ludicrous explanation for how Rob is victimizing him by shunning him."---


**To John 'M.y S.talker & T.roll' with all charitible Christian concern~
Thoughts to Ponder... We're all refreshed and challenged by your 'unique' stalking point of view. The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an mental patient. I know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce. Any connection between your reality and nice & prudent people like myself is purely coincidental.