Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another "Barking Chicken" ORG. Truth Brigade.com

Please be WARNED...Have nothing to do with these individuals.

Christie Janelle Czajkowski is the Owner & Administrator of Truth Brigade.com. If you spend any time listening to her and her cronies, you will discover her as another koolaide drinking, black helicopter, down the rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland and Ron Paulite 9-11 truther sick puppy.

'Crazy' Christie Janelle Czajkowski answers: "What really happened to you?"

QUOTE I have been stalked physically and electronically for over 2 years.
These claimants who file false reports about me (Jeff Schwilk, Jim Stachowiak and Celeste Diedre Bonds Cortes) have threatened to kill me, have filed false reports which led to another investigation and ultimate raid on my house after they committed a crime I refused to participate in after I exposed a sex trafficking ring run by the city

Have threatened to poison me, my children and my housemate
Have threatened to steal my children and take them across the border to sell
Have been attacked with non lethal weapons that burned me and my children
Was completely disabled
I have been shot at
I have been beat up physically
My children and I have been burned with DEW's (Directed energy weapons)

I have been set up for multiple crimes
Computer hacked and phone bugged
My house broken into multiple times, bank account defrauded more than once to the tune of 7 thousand dollars. All family heirlooms stolen from my home in the middle of the day.
Posted my personal information online and radio broadcasts repeatedly to encourage others to pay me a visit.
Have made 37 fake youtube sites impersonating or slandering me.
Have made dozens of videos making false claims
Have actually reported these fake crimes to intelligence agencies
Have had multiple sites taken down due to false reports by those trying to conceal their crimes
Have been harassed by police and other law enforcement due to these false reports
Have been pulled over and searched of all my belongings and detained for 12 hours trying to move to a safe place due to an anonymous report that I was a terrorist and carrying contraband and/or bombs

Have been investigated by multiple agencies including CPS because of these false claims
My car has been vandalized numerous times
My car was completely dismantled (totaled) in front of my house
Dead pets left on my front door
Attempted arson to my house
Have been to court (and won EVERY TIME) due to these false allegations
My domain names were hijacked and directed to other sites
I have been denied help from multiple law enforcement agencies
I have been denied restraining orders even when video evidence of me being physically beaten was presented

I was set up by falling for a story of a mother who lost her children and needed a nice place to live so she had a chance of getting them back and drove her to her anger management and personality skills and English classes who stole and highjacked everything she could get a hold of and terrorized our lives after the police had to escort her off our property for threats against myself, my children, a housemate and friend
They have attacked, threatened and slandered anyone who dares talk to me
They have called harassed and threatened congressional candidates that I have worked for or did shows with. UNQUOTE

Christie Janelle Czajkowski supports another sick puppy Chelene 'sos' Nightengale (already spoken about in this Blog). Here you see Christie on the right (holding flagpole) with brunette Chelene in the middle and fellow SOSer "kele" (left Calif for Idaho) in this picture off their political websites.

***ATTN: How demeaning of 'The Mission'..it this people who are about illegal immigration issues or three horny bimbos out to find a man, any man ??!!! I guess Paris Hilton was busy.

Ms. Czajkowski has a very LARGE internet footprint and she uses every site to beg for monetary donations for herself or her sites. HER GROUP IS NOT A GOVT RECOGNIZED or LICENSED CHARITY. It is a money making arm of her personal living expenses. Friends have told me first hand that Ms. Czajkowski has stated about the importance of her websites fighting the illegal alien threat:

QUOTE: I wish illegal immigration was the root of the problem and not the symptom...it would be a heck of a lot easier to solve it. But it is only a symptom, which I choose not to waste all my time on anymore. It's kind of like going to the doctor for a headache, then ending up months later with 10 different drugs because they have to give you more to cover up or mask the symptoms of the side effects from the first drug they gave you.
We will not get anywhere unless we recognize and pull out the root...not the symptom.

What has anyone done for illegal immigration? I know I made over 300 videos? I know I spent many months on the borders of 3 different states multiple times....not at hotels like Gilchrist, but camping in my vehicle. I know I was on the streets, protests, rallies, calling and visiting my mayor and other public elected officials, the schools, etc and got no where.....actually, I got here. A keener awareness of the real issues, not the designed wars they want us to fight in this illusion they have tried to impose upon an entire population. As long as one is fighting in the limits of the pre defined game of parasteroika, you are safe...it's when you step outside the box where you become a danger and where we have a chance at fixing things.

As long as you feed the beast, it will multiply. They want riots and race wars on the streets so they have a reason to use their fancy little space weapons, so called non lethal technologies and have a reason to call martial law.

I will not play in that pre designed game.

For the record, this forum was never set up to battle illegal immigration. I was tired of being told who I was allowed to talk to, so we made a FREE SPEECH forum where all are welcome. Where the so called left and right came together for the first time to see we are all being enslaved by the same masters... An can you believe we all found out we are all human? If you don't understand the problem and you can't communicate with others who do not feel exactly as you do, what hopes will we ever have of solving anything?

That's when I became dangerous...when I began to see that this was not the only issue and it was just a symptom of the greater picture. I'd rather go after the people controlling that situation, not the workers on the street and fight like our provocateur leaders want.

This poll and post you've created here in the breaking news seems completely inappropriate. It is not breaking news and this is not an illegal immigration forum. A simple look at the front page will show that we talk about many other things here and one listen to our shows or a peek at the calender will also prove we have better things to do than talk about illegal immigration all day. Been there, done that. It was a miserable existence.

While you are free to express your opinions here, please do not try to make this out to be something it is not. I appreciate those fighting against each and every issue, if they do it lawfully and with the right spirit and intent. My experience with several minutemen groups was negative and they all were in it together at the time. Of course that does not mean all minutemen are bad and that illegal immigration doesn't matter. It does, and I know some wonderful minutemen whom I love and respect. I appreciate they spend their time on this issue, but this is not the place. I would prefer to teach people how to protect yourself, what can you do to protect your family and loved ones...teach them something useful...how to be effective and active in their community no matter what issue they are working on.

I'm going to move this post to a more appropriate thread, "miscellaneous."UNQUOTE

There you have it folks, from the jackasses mouth, these Truth Brigade websites are not about solving the illegal alien problem. They are ALL ABOUT HER and correcting your thinking and making money for herself. What does that sound like, dictatorship, huh? Kinda boring, childish, and self-serving too !!!

When will these virial leaders understand the movement does not revolve around them. Please, get over yourself. They have proven my point that they are only interested in self-glorification and money. Self-acclaimed saviors as they are the reason groups in the MM movement are tagged as narrow-minded racists and demagogues. That is exactly what they appear to be. This issue is about the rule of law, not about white racial supremacy, or scamming the public out of their money. Deal with it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Listen to Thomas Payne video

Chris Rock's Rules of the Road video

While I think Mr. Rock's ideas are good for all US citizens, he gives us a 'special' parody perspective on using the roads and dealing with the local police departments.

Friday, March 20, 2009

No police, no media.....just a riot !

I can't recomend the site host,
BUT I found a good video showing what activist's like myself have enjoyed & suffered by just exercising my Freedom of Speech and Assembly on US sidewalks. A good video showing what local sidewalk protest Patriots have suffered fighting against illegal alien and their anarchists friends.
Pepper Spray is your friend !!
BTW: It is legal for citizens in California to hold and use pepper spray. IT can be bought at most sporting goods stores for under $10 a can for self-defense.

Video Location: Westwood Los Angeles Ca, July 4th 1996..... no police, no media.....just a riot against good citizen flag-wavers for Prop 187.

Cut and Patse this LINK into your browser to see informative dramatic video: http://www.minutemanpirateradio.com/bonus/4Jul96ccir.wmv

Thursday, March 12, 2009

MechA Goons with cameras, Don't speak to them!

I have been in this pro-secure the borders or pro-LEGAL immigration matters for years now. Our side was first to use video cameras at events to broadcast on Internet video the assine insulting comments, violence, and stupidity of the other side of this topic.
Now the GOON opposition is using our video tactics and show up to events to get any video of our side to 'spin' into a smear on their You Tube sites. If you see these GOON people holding a video camera....

PASS THEM BY, Don't speak to them!

Angry beligerant Brown Beret, 'Cliff' or You Tube HUITZILOPOCHTL:
Copy & Paste into browser LINK:

Pacifist anachist self-proclaimed nurse 'Veronica' or You Tube account holders: VONRN and boypal, CODESILAS:

Copy & Paste into browser LINK:

Brown Beret You Tube account holder: fanboy 'Art' or CODESILAS:
Copy & Paste into browser LINK:

Past peper-sprayed, world's shortest Brown Beret in So Cal, 'Naui'

These GOON camera hounds and posers are on camera to built up their small little egos. So be sure to watch the videos and remember their faces. DON'T SPEAK TO THEM ATEVENTS, YOU ONLY GIVE THEM MATERIAL TO SMEAR US AND OUR MISSION!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Corrupt anti-Gilchrist orgs go Ape-$hit.

William Gheen's ALIPAC, C. Nightengale's SOS, jeff Schwilk's San Diego MM are trying to smear Jim Gilchrist's MinuteMen Project.

Some embarrassing hometown newspaper articles about William Gheen's weird counterproductive work fighting illegal aliens matters:
ALIPAC low rally turnout- CUT and PASTE unto your browser
Federal 287 (g) program-
ALIPAC low rally turnout-
Gheen sending hate mail-
Gheen sending hate mail-

I was recently contacted and was told this story by a disgruntled SOSer about Ms. Nightengale. "Let me say this about a female org leader who has stolen the limelight from others. She is so frightened of being upstaged that she called off a BOA rally to be held in my county, saying the national organizer wanted rallies staged in main cities, yet she aired on her on SOS that another member in another county held a successful anti-BOA rally. The true reason she did not want our rally held was due to the fact the main videographers at the time and others more active in street protest had committed to attending the rally in my county. She has claimed credit for successful rallies she never even attended saying I called so and so (always the name dropper ) to attend the rally, as if to say that was the only reason for the rallies success! I am not the only one who has valid issues with this particular female org Leader. There are many more, some intimidated by the awful attacks they have witnessed occurring towards Jim Gilchrist, afraid to speak out or so discouraged they are never heard of again. I gave this woman the benefit of a doubt and she has failed miserably. The sign of a true leader is one who can unite, all this woman has done is to divide and instill hate!"

Also, I have been sent this testimony, "After being in this movement for over 6 years now and seeing the graft that spin-off orgs from MMP have accomplished, I see small people jealous of Gilchrist. He started this movement, has consistantly lead it for years now with credibility and honor. He has been the honorable face & voice of the secure the borders mission. And with his best-selling books, Harvard legal immigration law reviews, college personal appearances, endless radio interviews, countless TV appearances has influenced millions to fight illegal aliens coming to this nation. No anti-MMP negative blog owner or forum AdM anywhere can truthfully claim that high mark of educating or excellance when working with the public mind. I have seen other smaller people try to attack, harass, libel, smear, and try to insult this brave veteran. Gilchrist acts admirably. Any shallow org staffers can slag or attack Gilchrist, their lack of credibility by doing this only shows the General Public how silly some people are and only shames all of us in the Cause."

And finally from Mr Gilchrist, "Hanging the innocent is not the pathway to truth or justice. Unethical MM Spin-off orgs with their "leaders" nonsensical tirades attempting to convince a naive audience of a couple dozen internet groupies that the world is flat and that square pegs fit into round holes compromises your credibility and integrity. We are nation of laws and those laws apply universally not only to illegal aliens but also to U.S. citizens who violate those laws.

The Minuteman Project will not associate with witch hunters, racists, law breakers, or those who make an earnest market in hanging the innocent. The support of MM spin-off negative orgs with their nonsensical tirades is neither needed nor wanted.

The Minuteman Project will continue bringing national awareness to the illegal alien invasion of the United States with or without the sinister interference of those who spend all of their time attempting to disrupt the minuteman movement. How does the deliberate and ignorant braodcasting of lies and propaganda about minutemen and women move the illegal immigration forward in a respectable manner?
Hint: It doesn't.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, the Minuteman Project"

Friday, March 6, 2009

San Diego MinuteMan Leader and maybe closeted Girlyman.

Look what was sent to me and I recieved.
Could this be him enjoying to wear a ladies swimsuit while being in his hottub?
Make-up and fingernail polish was added for effect. Swimsuit photo is original.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

MORE lies from SOS's Director

The SOS staff keeps referring to the public & their SOS membership about some evidence in the PDF files of Gilchrist's anti-Chelene defamation court case, Chelene continually says the evidence proof file is open for public examination.

These PROOF files are NOT open to public or the SOS forum membership to exmaine for themselves!


PDF files archive 'Ayatollagondola' wrote:
These are the PDF files for the case. You can click on the attachments on this post to either save or open them.

Court_minutes_Gilchrist[1].pdf (366.9 KB, 0 views)

SOS-Chelene-Gilchrist Press_Release_Court_Ruling[1].pdf (78.1 KB, 0 views)

Stipulation_for_Gilchrist[1].pdf (12.8 KB, 1 views)

***-SENT From My SOS friend~ I wanted to read the court minutes for myself on the SOS forums. I tried to access these PDF file on the SOS forums as a genral member. They are locked-up from general members, maybe only AdMs can access them. That probably accounts for the ZERO views and only ONE view for the final stipulation.
Below is copy and pasted the thread posting propaganda from the SOS forums in their exact forum content and order.

Chelene 'Patriotic Dream' Nightengale posts-
1-10-09 PD- Official Court Documents (Gilchrist/Eichler False Lawsuits)

First, Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I know 2009 may not seem hopeful with an illegal alien about ready to take the highest office in the USA, but Americans are finally starting to wake-up!!! http://news.aol.com/political-machin...h-certificate/

Now onto business. I sent a final email regarding Gilchrist drama last year after winning the false lawsuits against me. One would think that the losses in court for Gilchrist and Eichler would have silenced them from further false attacks against patriots. Unfortunately yesterday, a friend forwarded me Gilchrist's latest outrageous lies (see below).

After consulting with my attorney, I am forwarding what I hope will be the final email on this subject! I am not forwarding to benefit those who are already wide awake to the drama created by Gilchrist and associates, but forwarding for the benefit of those who reside outside California and still think Gilchrist is some kind of "hero" so continue to donate to him.

Please find attached OFFICIAL court minutes so that each of you can read what the judges stated. (Eichler and Gilchrist did NOT lose due to being "public figures", they lost because their cases had NO merit!!! Although both are public figures, they filed false claims plain and simple!! Even if they had lost due to their "public status", then anti-SLAPP motions would not have been granted had the claims by them been true.) The attachments are in PDF (readable file only) so that they can not be edited!!

In regard to their attorneys' "due diligence", their attorney Catherine Lukehart worked very hard and even attempted to file settlements on her clients' behalf. She was a worthy attorney! Their first attorney was not fired! (The judge mentioned this during court.) Their first attorney allegedly found himself in some type of legal trouble and could not continue the case.

Finally, and most importantly, neither myself nor Save Our State are receiving money from Jim Gilchrist or Steve Eichler!! All checks are made payable to the lawfirm (please see attached files for proof). The fees ordered by the court only cover legal costs!!! A small amount is being reimbursed to me for out-of-pocket legal fees (court filings, etc..) and the remaining fees go directly to the law office to reimburse them for their legal services. There was no EXTRA money won in these cases! The anti-SLAPP motion was just to cover all the legal costs endured due to Gilchrist and Eichler FALSELY suing us patriots!! (If Gilchrist does not like paying the legal costs, then perhaps he should not have FALSELY sued patriots!!) By the way, I wonder who is really paying the court fees?? Donations to the MMP?

May this email and court documents help to awaken those who donate their hard earned money!!! Be careful who you trust!! And don't let those who instigate drama interfere with the real agenda..SAVING AMERICA!!!!! AND FREEING RAMOS & COMPEAN!!! Stay focused!! DONATE DIRECTLY TO MONICA RAMOS & PATTY COMPEAN!!!!

Thank you!! And sorry to burden everyone!! My goal is to inform in order to save others and prevent further damage!!

God Forgive America,
Chelene Nightingale
Managing Director

rom: Century21Minuteman
Subject: GIlchrist continues to pay over $1,000 per month to SOS's Chelene Nightingale
To: "Century21Minuteman"
Date: Friday, January 9, 2009, 11:27 AM

MMP funding SOS?

Just made my second monthly payment for Chelene Nightingale of about $1100.

Because the court considers me a "public figure" I am not entitled to sue anyone who deliberately lies about me or the MMP. Our former lawyer (has been fired) did not do his due diligence and left me with a court penalty (payable to defamation defendant Nightingale). I hope she is using that $1,000 plus per month to help her SOS organization solve the issue of illegal immigration. Nightingale will get about $15,000 before the payments are finished.

Please do not try to comprehend our judicial system. It is a shambles in many areas. Only in America can someone publicly broadcast defaming lies about another person or an organization, even knowing those claims to be outright lies or propaganda, and then win a mini-jackpot if the person whose reputation you have damaged sues you for relief in the US court system. Go figure!

But, in my opinion, assuming that the recipient uses his or her unjust enrichment to help solve the illegal immigration issue by perhaps spending all of that money on members of SOS or other immigration law enforcement advocates, then the money paid and received will not be all for waste.

However, some good news came in this week. The same judge fined Marvin Stewart and Deborah Courtney a total of $ 2,182 for penalties for offenses to the court. Stewart has 10 days to pay Jim Gilchrist’s MMP that money or face contempt of court. Counsel for MMP says at least about $26,000 of penalty payments for the benefit of JGMMP are still forth coming. MMP is getting penalty payments from the hijackers / defendants because of their abuse of the legal system. These funds will be used for supporting the MMP continued awareness program about the illegal alien dilemma.

I sincerely wish the best to Mr. Stewart, his close friends Ms. Nightingale, and Ms. Courtney, in any possible future endeavors to help solve the issue of chaotic illegal immigration. I pray that any money they have made, and any time they have available, will be used tirelessly to saving the USA from the Trojan horse invasion we have experienced for the past four decades.

Sadly, all of this money spent in the legal process has certainly caused a halt in the influence of immigration law enforcement advocates all across the country. With so much acrimony among some of the participants in this movement, like William Gheen of ALIPAC, Jeff Schwilk of SDMM, Barbara Coe of CCIR, the now defunct Immigration Watchdog (Brook Young) and defunct Mountain Minutemen (Robert ‘Lil Dog Crooks) it was not a surprise that neither McCain nor Obama gave the slightest attention to the critical issue of illegal immigration during their presidential campaigns.

By the way, next stop: Harvard Law School. I have been invited to speak at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Ma. On February 26. Harvard also has asked that I write an article (about 20,000 words) on immigration for publication in its esteemed Journal of Legislation.

Despite setbacks, we are still incrementally taking more ground on this issue. We are piercing the intellectual barriers against free speech that have been built around our universities and schools for the past four decades, and the minuteman/woman movement is now becoming a recognized influential authority in the immigration debate.

Thank you all for your support.

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA - Founder and President, -The Minuteman Project, Inc.

spin-off thread of original court cases aaginst SOS


ATTORNEYS AT LAW 4 PARK PLAZA, SUITE 1100 IRVINE, CA 92614 (949) 851-1100

JIM GILCHRIST, an individual,


MARVIN L. STEWART, an individual;
DEBORAH ANN COURTNEY, an individual;
BARBARA COE, an individual; PAUL
SIELSKI, an individual; BROOK YOUNG, an
individual; and DOES 1 - 100, inclusive,


CASE NO. 30-2008-00105431


Date Action Filed: April 16, 2008Trial Date: None Set

Plaintiff Jim Gilchrist, by and through his counsel, Catherine F. Lukehart, and
Defendant Chelene Nightingale, by and through her counsel, Daniel F. Lula, hereby agree and stipulate as follows:

The Judgment entered on December 5, 2008 in favor of Defendant Chelene
Nightingale and against Plaintiff Jim Gilchrist in the amount of $10,426.88 shall bear simple interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum provided that Plaintiff Jim Gilchrist makes and continues to timely make monthly payments of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to Defendant Chelene Nightingale’s counsel until the Judgment and accrued interest are fully satisfied, as follows:



ATTORNEYS AT LAW 4 PARK PLAZA, SUITE 1100 IRVINE, CA 92614 (949) 851-1100

1. The first payment shall be made within two (2) business days after the
signing of this Stipulation;
2. Future payments shall be made on the first of each month commencing with
January 1, 2009, or on the first business day of the month if the first calendar day is not a business day;
3. All payments shall be made by check or money order payable to "Payne &
Fears LLP" and delivered to Daniel F. Lula, Payne & Fears LLP, 4 Park Plaza, Suite 1100, Irvine,
CA 92614.
4. All payments shall be applied first to accrued interest and then to principal.
5. If, any time, Plaintiff Jim Gilchrist fails to abide by these conditions, either
through non-payment or late payment, this Stipulation shall cease to be operative and the Judgment shall bear interest at the statutory rate of ten percent (10%) per annum, retroactive to the date of entry of judgment.
6. Nothing in this Stipulation is or shall be construed to be a waiver of any
rights or remedies on the part of Defendant Chelene Nightingale, who expressly reserves her right to all legal means to enforce the Judgment.
7. Nothing in this Stipulation is or shall be construed as an assumption by Jim
Gilchrist or Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project, Inc., of any judgment which may be entered against Stephen Eichler and in favor of Defendant Chelene Nightingale.
DATED: December 12, 2008 PAYNE & FEARS LLP

Attorneys for DefendantCHELENE NIGHTINGALE




DATED: December 12, 2008
Attorneys for PlaintiffJIM GILCHRIST


Official Legal Press Release



Chelene Nightingale

Managing Director

Daniel F. Lula, Esq.

Payne & Fears LLP

(949) 851-1100

Save Our State Director Chelene Nightingale Prevails Over Jim Gilchrist
Again; Litigious Minuteman Founder Ordered to Pay Over $10,000 For
Subjecting Her to His Meritless Lawsuit.

Santa Ana, Calif. – November 19, 2008 – The Orange County Superior Court
today again rebuked litigious Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist by ordering him to pay
Save Our State managing director Chelene Nightingale the sum of $10,426.88.
Judge Randell Wilkinson made the award against Gilchrist in order to reimburse
Nightingale for the attorneys’ fees and costs she incurred as a result of his meritless
lawsuit, which was previously stricken on October 15, 2008.

This latest ruling is one in a long string of legal defeats suffered by Gilchrist. In April
2008, Gilchrist and his associate Stephen J. Eichler filed nearly identical lawsuits
against a number of fellow anti-illegal immigration activists. These suits claimed that
Minutemen Marvin Stewart, Deborah Courtney and Paul Sielski, California Coalition
for Immigration Reform founder Barbara Coe, and Immigration Watchdog creator
Brook Young had "defamed" Gilchrist and Eichler by commenting on the turmoil and
legal battle within the Minuteman Project.

These ill-advised lawsuits have been repeatedly stricken, and the judgments against
Gilchrist and Eichler are mounting. Gilchrist was previously ordered to pay Stewart,
Courtney and Sielski the sum of $18,888.33, and Coe $9,100. The latest victory by
Nightingale brings the total to over $38,000.

Eichler, who claims to have a law degree and to host a Las Vegas radio show
boasting 1.5 million listeners, was also previously ordered to pay Minutemen
Courtney and Sielski the sum of $4,380.75. Nightingale will seek fees from Eichler

"I am delighted to have represented Ms. Nightingale and vindicated her right to free
speech about issues of public concern," said attorney Daniel F. Lula. "No American
citizen should be cowed from speaking out about a prominent nonprofit entity like
the Minuteman Project, especially where there are allegations of internal turmoil and
misconduct. Ms. Nightingale did not deserve to be dragged into court, and today’s
award against Mr. Gilchrist is proof of that."

Unfortunately, it appears Gilchrist or those who support him are misrepresenting the
state of the legal cases on his website, www.minutemancc.us. A post there claims
that Eichler "won" his case on October 24, 2008, which is not the reality.

Save Our State is a California nonprofit corporation, working to educate the public
about the negative effects of illegal immigration.
Notice to SOS members: I, nor Joe Turner, nor A.G., ever collect any type of money for our own personal purposes. Save Our State has NEVER been an organization that sought tons of donations. Sometimes we asked for donations to cover expenses for events, etc...but we never pocketed any funds. This tradition continues today. Unfortunately I can not get the official court minutes posted here. (The pdf file is not transferring to text, however I have emailed the minutes to my list. If any member would like to view the minutes, please provide me via pm your email. However all court documents are public knowledge: http://www.occourts.org/)

The court minutes prove that neither Gilchrist nor Eichler lost due to their "public status". Like I stated above anti-SLAPP motions would NOT have been granted to cover our legal fees had we been guilty. The judges would have simply dismissed the cases due to their "public stature", but would not have rewarded any of us with legal costs...we would have been personally responsible.

The court minutes state that Gilchrist did NOT show actual malice! The minutes also state that neither Gilchrist nor Eichler showed burden of proof of ther (FALSE) claims. And in the Gilchrist minutes the judge even states that Gilchrist did not "even bother to sign his declarations".

It is highly unfortunate that some in the movement to save America put their trust and faith in the wrong individuals!!!

There will be no further postings by me on this subject. I believe the official court documents more than prove the TRUTH!!!!

I am NOT receiving any reward money - period! Save Our State is NOT receiving any reward money - period! Out-of-pocket expenses are being reimbursed and the legal fees are being covered - period!!
***- PDF files archive
These are the PDF files for the case. You can click on the attachments on this post to either save or open them.
Court_minutes_Gilchrist[1].pdf (366.9 KB, 0 views)
SOS-Chelene-Gilchrist Press_Release_Court_Ruling[1].pdf (78.1 KB, 0 views)
Stipulation_for_Gilchrist[1].pdf (12.8 KB, 1 views)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SOS's Chelene STUPID or what?

EXPOSED; This photo of SOS Managing Director, C. Nightengale wearing a rascist logo Confederate 'Stars & Bars' flag on her T-shirt DURING a street protest with Ted "Choose Black America' Hayes (Hayes is in the photo background dressed in white holding walking staff)