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CAUTION- Political Satire video posted here...

Barack Obama Song (Call Me Maybe) SOOO FUNNY

you tube video LINK:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmfMvPJ_q_k&feature=youtu.be

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obamacare is a fraud and a charlatan purposely wrote it to be a Scam on voters.

Jonathan Gruber wrote the Obamacare legislation purposely confusing and hiding it's REAL meaning and taxes. In his book The ENDS justify any MEANS ! The Obama Adm must be so proud of it legacy and accomplishment. Gruber admits this publicly now. 

Express your OUTRAGE to your elected officials and in the next election cycle.

No one elected him. He is arrogant, cynical and a scam artist. He doesn't believe in Govt by the people, for the people in a Democratic Republic.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

From England, "The Truth about Metal Detecting".

Very funny...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza's new film (his book) 'America' Tells the FACTS the Opposition won't.

The film "America, imagine the world without her" -- Brilliant, factual, debunking with contextual explanation of the Anti-American Progressive 'talking points' from Saul Alinsky (chum of Capone's hit-man, F. Nitty), Howard Zin (non-historian), Hilary Clinton, President Barack Obama, Bill Ayers (bomber), Ward Churchill (university plagiarist), MSNBC commentators, and many Progressive(Radical LEFTISTS) others in the news.  

Go see this film today.

  D'Souzas new film town & screenings List  

Friday, July 11, 2014

July 4th 2014- Murrieta, a town in California. Govt arranged flash-point for the illegal alien crisis.

    I saw it for myself....   July 4th 2014- Murrieta, a town in California.
Govt arranged flash-point for the illegal alien crisis.
Listen to the ignorance and the crazies.   Communists, anarchists, 'no borders' crowd, 'MechA Brown Berets reconqista' crowd, Aztec dancers, 'Buzz words' and' Progressive crowd and people swayed by the biased lamestream media like CNN.     Video LINK: http://youtu.be/y6XSoZ-wQJE

Thursday, June 26, 2014

BEWARE: Gregg R. Stone idiotic Star Trek Rabid fan that broke into the Star Trek:TNG sound stage to steal plexi Enterprise Console displays for Internet Sale.

Just another weirdo, wacko Star Trek fan with no morals....

Two idiot rabid Star Trek fans (Greg R. Stone and pal) broke into the Star Trek TNG set in 1988 during production. They left their video camera when caught.

Greg R Stone video LINK: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1f1_1390178312

discussion forum LINK: http://www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/1vf2ed/two_idiots_broke_into_the_star_trek_tng_set_in/

Monday, June 16, 2014

Scratch a background artist and you'll find an actor......Even on Star Trek.

There are many rabid Star Trek fans and non-entertainment savy people who THINK they know "The Biz". They tend to be to LOUDEST, blatant, empy-headed yakers around. They can't be shown, told or demonstrated to be wrong. Their ego is clearly involved in such trivial matters. Here another instance that prove them WRONG.

Billy Blackburn had been a stand-in, double, and background performer for most of the Star TRek: TOS episodes. Everyday of work he brought his own movie camera and shot the work, play and doings on those Paramount sets.

Billy Blackburn: Background performer, stand-in, and actor on Star Trek: TOS. LINK: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/William_Blackburn

He kept those films for screenings only at Paramount wrap parties at the end of the work's production seasons. Recently he has released thise wonderful films to the public to correct the MANY wrong perceptions of those loudly and pompous Trekkies fans that preach to others naive fans that only they know all about the early days of Star Trek production on the Paramount/Desilu lot. Those bloated cretins are wrong and Mr. Blackburn's films prove his point that he's right. He was in on a billion dollar franchise at the very beginning and has the film to prove it.

Video LINK: http://youtu.be/4qv16CBWkeU

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just another doctor treated mentaly ill kid killing folks with his pistol in Santa Barbara.

AGAIN, REALLY....Regulate mentally ill, not well law abiding citizens. Just another doctor treated mentaly ill kid killing folks with his pistol in Santa Barbara. His vendetta against "snobby women" ends in violence. Mentally ill should not be allowed firearms.

In the case of Hollywood Liberal kid Elliot Rodger and the Santa Barbara shooting, gun control laws dealing with mentally ill persons are already being proposed as a solution to the problem of mass shootings.

In a related report, a family member of the shooter has been confirmed to be a Hunger Games assistant director. Reports about Elliot’s Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis and his mental illness have already begun to spread, making it almost inevitable that the connection to Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook shooting will be made.

In the case of Adam Lanza, gun control also became a hot topic with many politicians promising to pass as many gun control laws as possible in order to supposedly stop these types of mass shootings. Gun control supporters in the media did not wait more than 24 hours before making the same connection to the Isla Vista shooting.

Mayby these law will catch the other mouthy gun owner and mentally ill "depressed" sychotropic medicine taking X-Devry grad aerospace custodian Internet troll of decades now hiding on an native American Indian reservation in Riverside CA. One can hope.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Internet TROLLS get a lesson from a Mom & her baby on Internet Manners !

Snide comments get trolls in trouble and they lose their website by staffers actions.

Mom RIPS apart troll who called her baby 'UGLY"

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Medically Crazy people WITH firearms or bombs in the News and how to deal with them.

There have been many brazon & loud mouthed certified medically mentally defective people in the news lately. They either leave knapsacks with bombs or bring firearms to crowded places to shoot innocent victims. This has to stop. There has to be some recourse for good sane people to get the dangerous individuals off the public streets. Especially after insane people show many signs of owning dangerous weapons and making public threats against ANY other person to use those firearms to shoot other persons.
Where are the police or authorties to stop this act of lawlessness.

Here is an incident where an armed man threatened another by coming after his victim  with his insane & violent Blog comments. And here are the actions taken against the isane 'depressed' internet threatener after he was turned into his local POLICE authorites....

Empty Whiting whining “Stalker” rumors exposed.

March 29th, 2005 In the strange, sad and disturbed firearm owner and user Internet gossiper J. Whiting 'whining' world, the clinically depressed  faux alien makeup clod has been consciously spreading rumors about me, the actor.

I am writing this so the readers can be told the first-hand true story about the whiny stalker’s rumors that included a reference with a constable from the country of Montclair. (The gossiper’s juicy rumor is more interesting than this simple truth. But this IS the truth, just the same). The actor’s conversation with an official constable came out very well for me, the actor. The phone call cleared up many questions about how the whining rumormonger’s sick mind works with his imaginary “stalker” issues with the actor.

Here is what the official constable said to the actor:

From Constable’s office call- Hello, Montclair constable C.

From the Actor- Sorry for playing phone tag. I was busy.

C- Do you know what this is about?

The actor- No.

C- Do you know a J. Whiting person (alien makeup clod)?

The Actor- No, not currently. I knew of him several years ago.

C- He has said that he is getting many strange emails. Many of them are inferring about him being gay.

The Actor- Oh??!!..Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

C- Sure.

The Actor- Have you seen these emails?

C- No.

The Actor- The last email I sent to him was in the fall of 2002.

C- What was that email about?

The Actor- It was my only response to his trashing my good reputation all over the Internet. I am an actor and I have some websites on the Internet. For over a year, he has tried to trash me. I sent him a direct email asking him to stop libeling me because he doesn’t know what he is talking about since he is not a performer. I then said that if he didn’t stop, I threatened him with legal action against him. I wanted him to take my message seriously.

C- When was this email sent?

The Actor- I think it was sent November ’02. The rumormonger is very active on the Internet and I run into him there on public BBS. Sometimes we disagree on issues. He gets really angry when I and other Internet people don’t agree with him. I think he is a very frustrated man. I am sure that many people send him strange email because of his very combatant attitudes on the Internet.

C- He said something about you were both members of a local Star Trek club. He said you were removed from the club. He said you were blaming him for being kicked out of a Star Trek club?

The Actor- Yes, the club matter happened back in 2000, years ago. I had little club interaction with him. I realized that the club staff did an illegal backroom deal without any club fair due process of hearing both sides. I wasn’t happy about that. The problem was with the club staff. He was not on the club staff. But, I feel his cowardly silence on this club matter (after he knew what was going to happened against me, a fellow member) showed his disgusting apathy towards prevention of an unethical club matter. (Club membership rules and bi-laws outlaws this behavior by club staffer against a member.)

C-Well, I think I have no more questions. I believe I understand what is happening here.

The Actor- May I make an observation about this matter?

C- Yes, sure.

The Actor- I believe the rumormonger is a very very frustrated man. If he is receiving emails that he doesn’t like, he needs to look into his own actions on the Internet and to see that his own obsessive actions on pro-gay issues could setup these gay email matters. I think most of this is his own fault because he participates in very vocal obcessive Internet disagreements.

C- Thank you. I think you are correct. I will bring up your views to him when I contact him back on these matters. I think this matter is closed for me and will not go further.

The Actor- Can I believe this matter is officially closed?


The Actor- Thank you, Constable.

***Please take note that the subject of receiving gay oriented emails accusing this rumormonger of being GAY and the unethical Trek club matters were the only issues that came up during these official police communications. Only those topics that have recounted here were truely discussed. NO mentioning of Internet stalking or threats & harassment were covered or mentioned.


BUT strangely & obsessively, then another Whiting whiny gossip rumor was published:

Latest Libelous Rumor News from J. Whiting: QUOTE- The stalking case has been sent to the District Attorney. Life is good and getting better all the time. UNQUOTE


Then the rumormonger wrote this on several Internet website’s BBS and on the “HF” home website bulletin board and on many others:

The subject title: The Feud is Ended?
Per a Constable of Montclair, the actor has stated that without admitting any guilt, he will have no further contact with me (and presumeably, Hidden Frontier) on the condition that I do not continue pressing charges against him. That’s fine with me. The moment the harassment starts again, of course, the case will be reopened and he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as I promised. I am disseminating this information widely so that both the agreement, and the consequences of breaking the agreement are also widely known. As a result, this subject should now be closed.

+++Rumormonger states another defensive face-saving LIE! Then, the Actor was notified of this new Internet rumor and the actor wanted to get the official police department truth first hand. The Actor talked to the Constable again.

From Constable office call- Hello, Montclair Constable!

The Actor- Hello. This is the actor. I am sorry for bringing up this Whitings rumor matter again with you, but some thing has recently occurred that I wish to speak to you about whiting.

C- Yes, no problem.

The Actor- I have been made aware about whiting posting several strange Internet rumor statements involving the constabulary on the coming out of this matter. I wanted to ask you about them, is that ok?

C- Sure. Go ahead.

The Actor- On the rumormonger’s website he states, “The stalking case has been sent to the District Attorney”. I was under the impression from what you said to me that this rumormonger matter has ended. Am I correct in assuming this?

C- Yes, this was never a stalking or harassment investigation. The matter is closed and is not going forward.

The Actor- Well, I think you can see that the rumormonger is purposely putting a lot of energy in keeping this matter going. Matters are NOT going forward to court?

C-My department and I have officially quashed this matter. It had no legal merit.

The Actor- I am very concerned about these matters being boasted about and continued by the rumormonger. I am sure you can appreciate this. Now, I believe you can see who is being honestly candid with you in these matters. I think the rumormonger is trying to make something else out of this issue. If the rumormonger doesn’t stop these continued false statements, I may have to take legal actions against him.

C-That is your right. I believe you should keep tract of his statements in case you need these evidential facts to support a legal case against him.

The Actor-That is good advice. I will think about doing that. I just wanted you to know what the rumormonger is doing to keep this matter going for his own advantage. Thanks for clearing up the confusion based on my seeing the rumormonger Internet intentional misinformation. I needed to know it from you.

C- No problem. Glad to help. Good Bye.

***Please take note that the subject of “HF” or Hidden Frontier NEVER CAME UP during the uncovering of these newer false rumormonger matters. Only the subjects that have been accounted here were discussed. There were NO other or missing subjects. Could the rumormonger just be a pitiful liar looking for some importance with his false claims? You can be the judge on that. I think he is.

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Residuals, Cash Flow, Income, Free Money, Residuals......Yippee!

My films & TV shows public screenings: Program screening- Channel- Date & Time "Bowfinger" - ON HBO cable- April 2014 Comedy about small filmakers making it in HOllywood. Eddie Murphy & Steve Martin. DIR- Frank OZ Message in a Bottle- On TVWG Chicago cable- airing April 2014 "Message in a Bottle": A reporter (Robin Wright Penn) tracks down the lovelorn author of a note in a bottle and meets her dream man (Kevin Costner). Blake: Paul Newman. Land: John Savage. Charlie: Robbie Coltrane. Lina Paul: Illeana Douglas. Directed by Luis Mandoki. "City of Angeles" - ENCRCLP On cable- airing April 2014 Fantasy story film remake of an angel wanting to become human to experience love of a women. Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Idea theft, plagiarism, copyright piracy is not CREATIVITY !

Informed people who know the real 'behind the scenes' Hidden Frontier facts and want to share them here without Hidden Frontier smear squads being so fearful to stamp out any 'naysayers' postings here that just confirm and demonstrate Hidden Frontier's cast & crews huge unethics, weaknesses, anti-Star Trek (IDIC) & Roddenberry fairness with HF smear squads hater posts. Hidden Frontier's cast & crews is just using internet stalker, hater, trolling fanatical bully tactics and show fans that Hidden Frontier's cast & crews are just mis-using Gene Roddenberry's genre for their selfish self engrandisement and shallow fanboy noteriety because they have little else to offer society or public. Copying or ripping off other's original artistic talents is not original.   



Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trekkies have NO sense of humor about TREK....watch them get 'punked'

TV show- 'Jamie Kennedy Experiment' punked a bunch of serious Star Trek geeks...... With amusing results.


You Tube video LINK: http://youtu.be/BDuzvKYpjk4

BRING HOLLYWOOD HOME - The solution group for runaway production from California

**Bring Hollywood Home has an Assembly Bill #1780

Bring Hollywood Home Foundation

NEWS FROM HOLLYWOOD! Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Bring Hollywood Home announces AB #1780 to make California competitive in tax credit incentives and to end the discriminatory lottery for independent filmmakers The first grassroots foundation in the history of job outsourcing is sponsoring a bill to put California on par with Georgia and Louisiana for tax credit incentives to keep production and post production in the state and save the iconic Hollywood movie industry and the ancillary businesses that support production in the film, TV, commercial and music industries. "We are delighted to be working with Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and his staff in introducing AB #1780 with the intent to write legislation that will put California back on the map in production." said Sharon Hardee Jimenez, founder/president of the California 501 C 4. "Our all volunteer effort has made a difference in raising awareness of the problem of runaway production. We have an online petition available on our website supporting our mantra "Job Outsourcing is an Outrage! Bring Hollywood Home." http://www.bringhollywoodhome.org. In 2013 Bring Hollywood Home helped make the issue a part of the LA Mayor's race. California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly released the following statement in a press release from his office in Sacramento. Assemblyman Donnelly's bill will revitalize California's current film tax credit that is set to expire and is woefully outdated. AB 1780 intends to replace the arbitrary lottery system, allows for a 30% transferable credit that will be competitive with states like Georgia and Louisiana that have benefited from the jobs lost in California and allows businesses to group multiple projects together in order to reach the minimum qualified expenditure amounts. Donnelly concluded, “Californians who want to work in the film industry shouldn’t have to leave the state to do so. Enough is enough. AB 1780 will make California competitive again so that the birthplace of film can take the lead again and bring prosperity back to California by bringing Hollywood home.” Sharon Hardee Jimenez, founder president of Bring Hollywood Home says, "We look forward to working across the aisle in a non partisan effort to make California competitive with other states and countries in film, TV, commercial, and music production. AB #1780 should be welcomed by everyone in the entertainment industry who wants to see jobs come back to our state and our creative economy vigorously supported. Artists deserve great leadership as their contributions have built the golden state."


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Looking for a Seminar or Convention Speaker or Guest? Continue reading...


*Do you know of or are you on the organizing commitee of an upcoming sci-fi convention?
*Are you in a sci-fi club who will be putting on a future convention?
*Maybe, you would be interested in having another guest who could entertain, host and provide some unique programming panels?

I am an professional union actor in Hollywood. I have an partial resume on my IMDB entry. LINK:

I have had roles in Bruce Campbell's 'Army of Darkness', Ron Howard's 'Apollo 13', 'Contact', and 'Spawn'. In 'Sliders' and the CD-ROM game- 'Wing Commander 4' (Starring- Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies). In both projects, I was John Rhys Davies' double and stand-in. Also, I had roles in 'Deep Impact', Joe Dante's film for Dreamworks- 'Small Soldiers', and in 'City of Angels' starring Nich Cage, Meg Ryan, and Dennis Franz. In 'City of Angels', I was also Dennis's double and stand-in. I have worked in the comedies: 'Bean' and Mel Brook's 'Dracula'. In television, I have worked in 'The Invaders' with Scott Bakula, and in 'Home Improvement' with "Al"- Richard Karns. I worked building props and sets on production team for Star Trek TNG and Voyager.

I have been a guest at several Californian and western state sci-fi conventions already. (References upon request- :~))
Also, I have been a convention committee member and programming panel director at Gallifrey one #1 through #7, William Cambell's 'FanstastiCon', 'Phil & Ed's EXCELLANT Convention', 'LosCon', three years at 'MikomiCon' (Animae) at CSUN, 'CONisaur', 'WesterCon', 'SherLocko'Con', 'MystiCon' Sacramento Ca, and some others in Arizona. I organized a Star Wars celebrity BBQ and autography dinner in Pasadena with Europe's International Science Fiction Federation with the help of my local club 'Deep Space 101'. While working at these larger convention events, I have been asked to screen several of my personally produced video projects. These include my Sean Connery's career retrospective and my comedy 'Star Trek- Redshirt Insurance' commercial. I can exhibit some 80+ hours of the best fan produced videos (StarTrek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Fantasy, Horror, etc.) donated by video makers friends and collected by myself over many decades of fan video maker interests. I can exhibit major studio's seldom seen 'Behind-the Scenes' and 'blooper' crew wrap-parties videos collected from my production experiences.

I have produced and been a member of several convention event programming panels about costuming and prop construction. I hold these panels illustrated by my extensive major film costume, props, and memorablia collections.

I have personally built and exhibited my FULL scale 'Doctor Who' TARDIS console (type 40- Tom Baker years). It was built for a local Doctor Who fan-based video titled "The Aziltine Holocaust". This same fan video, I also exhibited in seminar or convention fan video screening rooms. Speaking of Doctor Who, I worked on projects, been a close friend in the USA and made his video projects for the actor that played 'Sargent Benton' on U.N.I.T. John Levene aka John Anthony Blake.

If this sounds interesting, please contact me by email. Pass on your mailing address and email address so I can send you my press kit with all the details!
looking forward to hearing from you !! :~)

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TOO many scandals & embezzlement by GallifreyCon Staffers: BEWARE!

Does anyone in the Time Medders of LA, Dr Who Alliance or Gallifrey Conventions know about the his embarrassing "removal" of the club's council member, Jim Shaun Lyon, for illegally appropriating $1000 of club funds for personal use? He has also been dropped from his posts as club treasurer and newsletter editor. And there is talk of his removal from the control of the club web page, inter-club liaison, and editor of the Intergalactic Inquirer online version.
Aided by another council member, Arlene Satin, this loan was covered up and never brought before the full council's knowledge or the club's members for discussion.
One would wonder why Shaun, who was still on the controlling board of GallifreyCons, the Dr Who Alliance (Time Meddler's representative on the Alliance board), LostCon (in registration $), and CornucopiaCon (Programming and Ops); would be allowed to represent and handle the monies of these worthwhile clubs after what he did with The Meddlers?
What were they all thinking when this $1000 "loan" was proposed and acted upon???????
No more excuses from Shaun's cronies. How about the truth, not the rationalizations on his personal web site? Use your heads people, please!!!!!

The Chronicle of the Club Funds being used for Personal bills by Council Members: Arlene Satin, Jim "Shaun" Lyon, and Micheal Mason. **Sections reprinted from the Time Meddler's newsletter, "Intergalactic Inquirer" Oct '97, composed by Christian McGuire on behalf of the current club council.

QUOTE- "When Arlene Satin was treasurer during the first half of '94, she took a personal loan on the treasury of $75. Shaun Lyon (co-treasurer) was aware of it and when Arlene gave up the treasury, he listed it in the books and quarterly statement to the club as an outstanding loan. She made three payments of $25 during consecutive months to pay it off. Both were elected council members at the time. July '95, Shaun approached Arlene about his taking a personal loan out to pay for care of his cat. He convinced Arlene to sign a blank check that he used. The total would come to $750. Shaun was treasurer, but Arlene remained the signer from her time as treasurer. Shaun made a payment of $50 on the outstanding sum of $750, during Dec. '95. That left a remainder of $700. Both Shaun and Arlene have said that the rest of the '95/'96 council was informed of this loan, but the amount was NOT relayed to the council. Members of the council were Cathy Beckstead, David Kazmer, Matthew Mitchell and Carol Loessin. Arlene was president of the council. June,'96 Shaun advanced himself $300 from the Time Meddler treasury for the stated purpose of meeting unexpected expenses at the 10th Anniversary (Time Meddler) Dinner celebration. Micheal Mason (Shaun's condo-partner) knew of the advance. The money was not needed at the banquet. Shaun did not redeposit the funds into the (club's) account. Micheal was not aware that Shaun did not redeposit the funds. Both Shaun and Micheal were elected council members at the time. Arlene, Cathy, Carol and other members of the council were not informed of any of these facts". From Arlene's Newletter Statement she says,"The money was not needed. Shaun never put the money back, I have a real problem with that. I would like to make it perfectly clear that I did not know about the $300 or the amount of the vet bill until the emergency council meeting.(Thurs Oct. 9th 997)

Back to the Chronicles,"Both Shaun and Arlene have said that the '96/'97 council was informed of this loan, the amount was NOT told to the council. During the winter of '96, Christian McGuire asked Arlene if Shaun had repayed the loan? She asked Shaun if it had been paid off? Shaun told Arlene that he had completely paid back the club. Arlene relayed this to Christian. At either the March or April '97 meeting of the Time Meddlers, Shaun let Christian know that he still owed money. The sum of $600 was mentioned as the amount Shaun still owed the club. Christian spoke to Arlene about this inconsistent statement by Shaun. Arlene said she would look into it. When approached Shaun told Arlene that he still owed money, but was making $50 payments. Arlene relayed this to Christian. Arlene noted that Shaun did NOT tell the "97/'98 council that he had this outstanding loan. May 4,'97 was the day that Micheal Mason approached Arlene for a loan of $200 from the treasury. His car had died and the loan would allow him to immediately purchase a used vehicle. He offered to place a check in the Meddler's hands that would be good the following Monday. Arlene told him that it would be ok if he recieved the approval of the rest of the council. He told her that he spoke to them and recieved such permission". (excepting Shaun who was not in the country at the time. traveling abroad.) Again from Arlene's statement, " Micheal agreed to pay 10% interest charge on the money ($200) at the time of this transaction. His check of $200 went right into the cash box. Micheal advised he would pay the $20 as soon as he could. I advised Shaun of the 10% interest charge. Shaun said since he didn't know about the interest charge, he would not bother to collect it".

Chronicles go on, 'At Sept. '97 council meeting, Arlene became very concerned about the state of the Meddler treasury when Shaun told the council that he would not let them spend $50 to $80 on a banner for the club. On Weds. Oct 1st'97, Arlene went to dinner with Christian. She brought with her a copy of (club's) Meddlex 2.0 for them to review the bylaws within it. She wanted to see if Shaun, as treasurer, could tell the council that money would not be spent on a banner. They discovered that the bylaws clearly stated that any sum of Meddler monies over $150 to be paid by the club must have approval of the general membership by vote, thus making the loan of funds to Micheal for his car, or Shaun for the purposes of paying for the care of his cat, a clear violation of the bylaws. They also confirmed that the treasurer was answerable to the council. Oct 2nd '97, Arlene visited Bill (Watson) at his home. He was informed of the series of loans that had previously (been) made. They discussed the need to follow the bylaws, and they noticed several items that might be rewritten for clarification. This could be brought before the membership at a later date. Both Maribeth (Tate) and Gary (Akers) were spoken to that evening. They all agreed that the council must audit the books in order for them to fulfill their reponsibilities to the membership that elected them. Since Arlene would see Shaun socially on Fri. Oct3rd '97, she would ask Shaun to produce the financial records of the club for the audit to take place. Arlene remembered to tell Shaun that the council was calling an audit of the books. An argument occurred. After Shaun had left, Arlene said that Shaun had taken her words as a personal attack. She also said that Shaun had refused to submit to an audit. Arlene and Christian openly discussed what was going on to Cathy and Scot Beckstead". In Arlene's printed statement she adds, "His reaction was one of panic to this whole situation. He took the enacting of the Bylaws as a personal attack".

The Chronicles then say, "Saturday Oct. 4th '97, Shaun called Bill(Watson) in the morning and asked Bill what he expected from Shaun. Bill replied that the council was interested in seeing all of the financial records of the club. Shaun then said that if everything was paid back and the books were ok; (was) Bill intending to tell anyone? Bill replied that he had no intention of making a big issue of it. Shaun spoke to Bill three times that morning. In the late morning, Shaun arrived at the home of Christian McGuire where several Gallifrey staff were working on a project. (Robbie Canter's [Bourget] residence) He spoke to Arlene and Christian and told them that he had been given a check for $600 by his close friend for the purpose of immediately paying off the loan. He also said that he had spoken to Bill and that Bill had agreed that if the books were ok and that Shaun paid off the loan that everything could be kept quiet. Christian and Arlene told Shaun that others had the knowledge and had every intention of bringing the subject up at the next Time Meddler meeting. Shaun offered to resign from the treasurer's position if they thought it would help". Arlene states in her comments, "He asked us if we had heard anyone discussing anything about his expulsion from the Time Meddlers? We told him we did not thing (think) that was an issue as long a he made a statement and did not leave anything out. He left Christian's and later called me to tell me he actually owed more than $600. I asked how much? Shaun advised me that the amount was $1,200.00".

The Chronicles resumes,"The attendees of the work party were Arlene, Christian, Cathy, Matthew, Joyce Sperling, Wendy Weisman, all of whom are Time Meddlers; and Rainy Smith and her daughter Malina, who were not Meddlers. During the day, Shaun called Arlene three times. It was during these calls that Shaun had Arlene, with Maribeth's assent and Bill's agreement set a date for a special council meeting for Thurs. Oct 9th, 97 7pm at Bill and Jacque Watson's residence. At 7:00pm, Arlene, Shaun, Bill, Maribeth, and Gary were present.(The whole council) Also attending were Matthew, Jacque, Christian, David Keller and Deanna Bayless. Shaun passed the books to Christian who would take them to Kimberlee Brown, an accountant and respected fan outside the Meddlers, whom everyone had agreed would be a good choice to conduct the audit. Shaun formally resigned from the appointed offices of treasury, and secretary, and elected position of council member. Shaun said he would turn over the Club's TV, VCR and the club archives at the first opportunity.(Parts of the archive are still issing) Shaun told the council that the books were accurate and up to date. Arlene resigned from the council. The $750 and $300 loans left the club with limited resources which could have been disastrous in a emergency situation. Shaun stated at the Oct. 9th meeting, that these funds came to over 50% of the club's current treasury as of the time he made the $1000 deposit to restore the money to the club. Shaun raised the concern that he might be thrown out of the club, or that a rogue member might still seek legal action against him. It was agreed that it would be very unlikely to happen. Shaun offered to never run for office in the Time Meddlers again in order to prevent this from occuring. The council acknowledges that loans of any sort are improper, and that Arlene and Shaun made a mistake in judgement by their actions, The treasury will be kept by Christian McGuire, while Gary Akers will be signer of the checks. The new secretary is Matthew Mitchell. Replacement council members will be voted on at the Nov. meeting.."UNQUOTE

Please take NOTE of the freinds, cronies, supporters, and in-ablelers in this unethical matter and the cover-up to the public.
Some of the club leaders/people involved are: Jim Shaun Lyon- Arlene Satin- Bill Watson- Christian McGuire- Mari Beth Tate- Cathy Beckstead- Bobbie Canter [Bourget]
ALSO- The truth about Shaun's GallifreyCon Forum's website protection of convicted child molester, Finklestone, finally. Lyon's Closet is FULL of Skeletons.