Monday, August 11, 2008

Mickadeit, Phony Orange Cty Reporter Spouts Minutemen Hate

You will enjoy this one from Jim Gilchrist about "dirty journalist" Frank Mickadeit. :) Forward at will. -

There He* Goes Again* Second-rate journalist Frank Mickadeit of the Orange County, Ca. Register

Dear American Patriots and Minutemen/women,

My Minuteman Project, Inc. has undergone a certified audit. Yet, 'dirty' journalist Frank Mickadeit continues stumbling over himself in a futile effort to find something, anything, anywhere that would put the Minuteman Project, or any immigration reform group, in a negative and false light.
Wow, so I’m the target of a stalker. I not impressed. I’ve never thought of myself as that famous and/or important. I’ve always thought of myself as just an Average Joe American, imperfect and mortal like the rest of us.

Please click on the FAQ button at
for details and truths about pro-illegal alien invasion journalist Frank Mickadeit and his long-time friendship with Deborah Courtney (alias Peterson, alias Peters, alias Sielski, alias who knows how many other names she uses?). Had Courtney/Peterson/Peters/Sielski revealed her covert association with Frank Mickadeit when she showed up uninvited one day to volunteer for service with the Minuteman Project, she never would have gotten within 10 miles of the Project. I have to give her credit for apparent convincing ruse and stealth, though.
There is infinite data in the FAQ section that will answer all of your questions about the charades acted out by those sorry individuals and associates of Frank Mickadeit that MMP attorneys are bringing to justice first in the civil courts, and then hopefully in the criminal courts. Apparently, Paul Sielski faces a return to prison for five years (in Maryland) without parole if he is found in violation of his current probation. Yep, he’s on probation for something I had him arrested and convicted for last year. He did about six months in the slammer. Gee, I wonder why he and Mickadeit hate me so much?

I’ve always thought that journalists and good citizens alike believed in the rule of law. After all, it is the essential framework of any civilized nation. I guess some persons make exceptions to any rule of law that interferes with their anti-law agendas. Kind of like the 21st century slave traders who continue luring illegal aliens into our country and the corrupt political governors, from local mayors to U.S. senators, who encourage such behavior.

Mickadeit follows on the heels of one Ruben Navarrette, another journalist known nationally for the bombastic lies he publishes about minutemen and minutewomen in his columns. He is the only syndicated journalist I know of who got his promotion into the national scene for being such a good liar and libeler, not for being a professional journalist. Go figure. Maybe they are a species of the illegitimate test-tube offspring of the untrustworthy crackpot Keith Olberman of MSNBC?

Minuteman Project attorneys are set to counter Mickadeit’s bogus claims in his deliberate 'hit piece' aimed directly at minutemen all across the nation, not just The Minuteman Project. It must be very frustrating for this second-rate journalist, Mickadeit, and his close friends Courtney(plus aliases) and Sielski, to keep shooting at me with no effect. Hmmm, kind of psychopathic on their part, don’t you think? Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, yet getting the same result each time. J Their rhetorical and accusatory bullets keep ricocheting back at them. Sometimes, they make me feel ten feet tall and bullet proof. J {that’s a Travis Tritt line, folks}

Stay tuned for more of the same amateur propaganda to be written by 'dirty' journalist Frank Mickadeit of the Orange County, Ca. Register newspaper. (Boy, do those dirty journalists hate it when I say that!) But, I submit that such America(n)-haters should not blame other Americans for their failures in life. That’s like the reconquistas blaming European Americans in the USA (about 40 different nationalities) for what some Spanish conquistadores did four and five hundred years ago when they attempted to colonize what is now the United States of America.

One final word of wisdom and advice to the incompetent likes of dirty journalists Frank Mickadeit and Ruben Navarrette, and their few cultist-like friends (remember Charlie Manson?) :

To be persuasive, you must be believable. To be believable, you must be credible. And to be credible, you must be truthful. Professional canons of journalism do not allow for anything less. [Now we know why Mickadeit is still writing second-rate gobbledygook for a second-rate newspaper].

Minutemen and women, Stand your ground! United we stand. Divided by dirty journalists we fall.

I’m Jim Gilchrist, President and Founder of The Minuteman Project, Inc., and I approve (and really enjoy) this message. J
PS. Make sure to read the FAQ section of the MMP web site. And, it’s okay to call a dirty journalist a dirty journalist, just like you would call a crooked cop a dirty cop, or a corrupt politician a dirty politician or a pedophile priest a dirty priest. The political correctness embraced by Frank Mickadeit and Ruben Navarrette, and heralded in the images of Stalin and Lenin, is a thing of the past. We are now free to be Americans again.

Monday, August 4, 2008

B. Young: "Envy shoots at others and wounds himself."

FIRST, Brook Young ['The Watchdog/Lapdog"] of D. Slater (NMI) and C. Nightengale (SOS) publicly posted on SOS/NMI membership locked forums:

SOS's 'The Watchdog(lapdog)'..You mean the Ron Jeremy look-a-like (**NOTE: Brook should know about porno stars?), dressed like a Keebler Elf ? Very strange that he was there. (*NOTE: I have been there for many many weeks, where was he? Brook was there once before.) He was banned by SOS, and then banned by NMI, and now he's talking trash about both groups on Gilcrhist's MMP forum. (*NOTE: More public SLANDER on others, first.) Just go away...++++


NMI's D. Slater posed: "What a dunce."

NMI's 'Small and Mighty(Mouthy)' posted: "some people will do anything for attention...even bad attention!"++


'Bad attention' !!??? or Rank petty disruptive jealousy from mindless 'yes men' ?....

The photo featuring a revolutionary minuteman dressed protestor at Simi sanctuary church rally (One year anniversary date that Sunday). Resulted in him being interviewed by local press after his Ventura County Star press photo was taken:


Let's have some fun....tongue securely placed in cheek, LOL ...

Hey, Brook...Do YOU have a sense of humor about yourself? Don't 'hate' cause you aren't a fantastic rally dresser that makes a visual point to passers by. Maybe this elf or other elves...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wikipedia is seriously FLAWED in searching for true facts.

"Wikipedia is a wildly popular online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and in some cases, sabotage with misinformation and libelous or politically slanted content. Its co-founder, Jimmy Wales, has explicitly stated that he doesn't make any distinction between the contributions of an Ivy League professor and a bright 16-year-old, as long as the 16-year-old is doing good work. Whenever a student in the English-speaking world hears the name of an American politician for the first time, he or she is likely to run a Google search on the name. The first, second or third Internet page produced by such a search is often the Wikipedia biography about the public figure. Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, with over 2 million page views per day. Because Wikipedia articles are mirrored on other sites such as, the number of daily hits on articles written by Wikipedia editors is about 2.6 million per day. [b]Editing decisions are made not by a team of experts in a given subject, but by a consensus of whoever shows up to edit the article. Many have written about the failures inherent in this system.[/b] **Knowledge vs. Agenda Some of the most pithy critiques are from Ikkyu2, a board-certified neurologist and clinical epilepsy specialist whose peer-reviewable work on Wikipedia's "Epilepsy" article kept getting messed up by others who, to put it kindly, did not share his level of expertise. [i]There have also been several publicized examples of staff members for Democrats in Congress, such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Tom Harkin, Sen. Joe Biden and Rep. Marty Meehan, "airbrushing" or spiffing up their bosses' Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia traced Capitol Hill IP addresses contributing to their site and found the source of the airbrushing, as well as vandalism of articles about Republicans including Rick Santorum and George W. Bush. Staff members of a few Republicans, including Sen. Norm Coleman, have also done some airbrushing. Accusations of libel have also peppered Wikipedia's recent history. A former staffer for Robert F. Kennedy, John Siegenthaler Sr., attacked Wikipedia in print for "false and malicious" content when he learned that for 132 days in 2005, his biography said "he was thought to have been directly involved in the Kennedy assassinations of both John and his brother Bobby." [/i]Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller sued a Miami firm, alleging that libelous statements about him that appeared in his Wikipedia biography were posted from a computer at that firm. The statements claimed that he had abused drugs and alcohol, and committed domestic battery. "Courts have clearly said you have to go after the source of the information," said Zoeller's attorney, Scott Sheftall. "The Zoeller family wants to take a stand to put a stop to this. Otherwise, we're all just victims of the Internet vandals out there. They ought not to be able to act with impunity." **Who's Minding the Store? Wikipedia's Site management simply doesn't have the manpower to supervise 1 million editors. But perhaps the worst failings of Wikipedia arise not from its Capitol Hill visitors, its libel-mongering vandals or its editorial policies, but from the people who have risen to positions that grant the power to interpret and enforce those policies. A scandal involving academic fraud recently brought unwanted notoriety. A 24-year-old community college dropout from Kentucky passed himself off for years as "Essjay," a lecturing professor with a doctorate in divinity, supporting his claims with quotations from "Catholicism for Dummies." This case has been presented by most of the mainstream media as if it is somehow unique. It is neither unique nor surprising, given the leadership at Wikipedia. "Essjay" was serving on the 13-member Arbitration Committee, which serves as a kind of Wikipedian Supreme Court. Its senior member, 60-year-old Fred Bauder, describes himself as a "retired lawyer" living in Colorado, but the truth is that in 1997 he was officially censured for inappropriate activities. [NOTE: Bauder was disbarred for soliciting a prostitute.] Aside from Bauder, the average age of an Arbitration Committee member is around 22. The committee, and the 1,000 or so administrators who enforce their rulings, appear to include a disproportionate number of high school and college students. [b]As a result of Wikipedia's open-door policy, hordes of political partisans have flocked to the site from such liberal Web sites as and Daily Kos, and made it their "turf."[/b] **The Left Takes Over Newcomers who try to put Wikipedia's "neutral point of view" into practice on sensitive political subjects are often shouted down, or baited into committing rules infractions that lead to a lifetime ban. Wikipedia members from Democratic Underground and have the power, the numbers and the seniority. They can win any argument about content, either through mob tactics or a well-placed block by a friendly administrator. The rules and policies form an online minefield, and they derive immense satisfaction from baiting newbies into that minefield. Editors are recruited from Democratic Underground. The author of the recruiting drive, Ben Burch, is the Webmaster of a site whose motto is "Fighting the Rise of the New Fascism." Articles about politically delicate subjects such as the war in Iraq, the dismissal of seven U.S. attorneys, and Republican politicians and conservative organizations have been turned into hatchet jobs. Take the case of Republican Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico. Several years ago her husband, Jay Hone, was accused of molesting a teenage boy. Until March 5, the accusation was blared loudly in a boldfaced headline in Rep. Wilson's Wikipedia biography: "Husband Jay Hone's hidden file on alleged sexual harassment of male minor." But the fact that Hone was thoroughly investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing didn't make it into the article at all. The biography has now been amended to remove any reference to the charge. [b]Then there's Colorado Republican Tom Tancredo. Until March 4, his Wikipedia biography strongly hinted that Tancredo's congressional office falsely reported a bomb threat during a visit to South Florida, which was scheduled to include a gathering at a local restaurant: "While it was first reported by South Florida media that the congressman had received a bomb threat, Miami Police detectives stated they were not treating it as such, and the [restaurant] denied any such report." Eventually it was revealed that the bomb threat was actually reported by the restaurant's manager, and it was removed from the article.[/b] Early in 2006, Rep. Lee Terry of Nebraska was another Republican lawmaker whose Wikipedia biography was vandalized. Terry was falsely accused of domestic violence. **The problems at Wikipedia are many-layered, and yet it thrives as the most popular reference source on the Internet. Most people accept information that is at their fingertips and don't take the time to check original sources. Thus the information superhighway offers everyone access to the same often inaccurate and biased information."

Wikpedia editor says: "Library Link Isn't a Good Way Forward"
Wikipedi sucks and why I left, Mike- Wiki AdM
Wikipedia - bad news for knowledge?Some parts of Wikipedia are very good. Others are not. Are the bad parts acceptable for something claiming to be an online Encyclopedia?
Wikipedia is bad.
Wikipedia does have two big problems, and attention to them is long overdue.

Simi’s Political Church: One year Latter……

A first hand after action report about July 27th Simi Sanctuary church rally....

On Sunday July 27, it was just another protest day for the few faithful grassroots neighborhood anti-illegal alien activists picketing at Simi’s "St. Liliannas of Illegal Aliens"…aka the United Church of Christ on Royal Ave. LINK:
Phone #: 805-526-6001

These activists had been coming there for a year to alert their community of a crime being openly committed by a churches political activist clergy. Harboring or ‘aiding and abetting’ a wanted twice deported convicted felon that also failed to appear when requested for an immigration hearing to remedy her status. ‘Lilianna’ was still enjoying her life sanctioned by this churches leadership by giving her free room and board. I wonder how many Simi homeless and unemployed US veterans could have received this same help for a full year? Simi has their share of those needy souls.
This morning several members of the Ventura press were in attendance while the police and several church congregation members stood and watched the methodical Sunday morning sidewalk protest routine. Ventura news photographers took some photographs of the local sidewalk activists including one man dressed as a revolutionary war minuteman. These five advocates consisted of a hearty stalwart crew that had been holding a weekly Sunday orderly informational anti-illegal immigration street event for many months now. They had been displaying their disapproval for the Mexican ‘guest’ citizen and US felon parent who is hiding in the churches’ parsonage house from law enforcement authorities for a year. What has happened to the positive law-abiding parental and church clergy role model in society? It seems it is dead. Most all picketers are from the Simi area and are adamant that the whole Simi community to know that this church’s leadership is not supporting current established immigration law and this church taking a political advocates’ stance in initiating this sanctuary action against it’s surrounding law abiding residential neighborhood’s best wishes.

There were two new persons on today’s scene that will go purposely nameless in this account. These were two radical members of the racist MEChA Hispanic anarchy group. MEChA is a violent leftist radical anarchy group. The very same radical political organization that the now convicted (MetroLink train derailment in Glendale, killing 11 and injured 200) murder spent his life as proud member. What is more troubling is the two radical members of MEChA were quickly and freely invited into this church by the clergy and their Aztec tribal team performed pagan dances for the church members that morning. MEChA is Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan LINK:
Their Hispanic group’s racist motto is "Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada." "Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing." This is what the MEChA Constitution says (Article II, section 1): "General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land."
MEChA was founded for the sole purpose of radicalizing young Latino students with a hatred for America, Chicano pride, and separatism. Returning the American Southwest to Mexico was the stated goal. MEChA was founded in the ‘60’s but today they seek nothing less than control of the United States either by ballot box or by armed revolution. These political radicals are welcomed into this church while the orderly respectful grassroots community picketers have been rejected.
Do you see the problem here?

The respectful community picketers are continually monitored as they stood watching outside and video taped by the churches congregation members. Does this sound like a tax-exempt friendly open spiritual peaceful oasis for the study of God’s precepts or a repressive elitist ideologue political action committee? And what ever happened to separation of ‘church and state’? Perhaps the federal and state tax officials should be notified of these political matters and review this churches tax-exempt status irregularity. LINK:
Both sides were protected and monitored by local Simi police department. One familiar friendly public relations Simi police Sergeant was again doing his Sunday morning friendly visit with the sidewalk picketers. This was his regular Sunday ritual. All the while, three unmarked black police cars with two uniformed officers patrolled driving past the sidewalk event while two others were parked a block away on side streets keeping attentive watch. It was really too bad this substantial police coverage wasn’t here months ago. Then, four young Hispanics persons came across Royal Street, unprovoked, and mercilessly attacked two women and an elderly male activist. The attackers were living across the street in a rented house and moved away right after their crime. No police arrests or county court cases were filled for this broad daylight assault on December 23, 2007. Articles of the activist attack are in The Achorn and Ventura County Star news. You can Google for them. But, why won’t the Simi police arrest this nationally known felon escapee Lilianna or file the necessary bench warrants with the federal ICE authorities to have ICE officers arrest her? Is this breakdown of law enforcement? Let these people know your views-
Police Chief: Mike Lewis (805) 583-6950.
OR Mayor Paul Miller…(805) 583-6701
They have the power to stop the sidewalk event forever by merely doing their sworn job to enforce all laws. It’s a ‘no-brainer’.

After being absent for a year, some non-local new church picketers and their group’s leaders took over this orderly ongoing church protest event. Their grandstanding actions disrupted this weekly Sunday sidewalk Simi event. While the regular weekly picketers quietly took up their stations standing on the sidewalk as usual, some strange sidewalk confrontations were started.
Palmdale’s ranting and screaming Chelene Nightengale, leader of the anti-illegal alien group called Save Our State confronted one regular attendee bewildered male activist dressed as a US revolutionary minuteman. He was dressed so to commemorate an anniversary date of his 1-year picketing this Simi sanctuary church. Nightengale is the SOS’s untrained Events & Mass Media Director and the group’s volunteer boss. Save Our State is now listed as an active ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Center is the organization that sued and by winning their court cases, destroyed the influence of the KKK . LINK:

The Minuteman Project’s nationally known director, Jim Glichrist, is suing her in court for libel and other matters. LINK:

Nightengale kept yelling at this anti-illegal immigrant minuteman activist and making a childish scene in front of the monitoring police and eight church members. Then, another newcomer event attendee from North Hollywood, nicknamed ‘The Watch Dog" (aka Brook Young) took up confronting a perplexed costumed middle aged calm man holding a placard saying, ‘Respect US Citizenship, NO amnesty!’ Minuteman Project nationally known director, Jim Glichrist is suing Mr. Young in court for libel and other matters. (*See above Minuteman Project news link.) Maybe the Gilchrist Minuteman Project future court suit stress was getting to these two unbalanced defendants? Maybe seeing an activist dressed like a revolutionary minuteman set them over the brink?
Dealing with these ranting and grandstanding SOS folks at the time, the anti-illegal immigrant gentleman kept his composure. He smiled at them and peacefully kept asking both, "When is you court date?’ Then, he stated that he didn’t like the lies that Nightengale and Young had been gossiping about Mr. Gilchrist. Then he gave them some free legal advice. He stated that their antics against him today just proved to everyone attending that these unbalanced people are not to be trusted in any leadership roles. And then, he suggested to them that it would best for them to stop their ranting behavior and act less unhinged. At that point and for the rest of the day, Nightengale and Young spent the whole day huddled with some worshiping sidewalk fans, no doubt, spreading more gossip. And these two puzzle wits spent the rest of their time at this event glaring back at the unaffected smiling minuteman dressed male activist with his picket sign.

These un-trained self-appointed group’s leaders are only becoming a national joke. The mission of combating illegal alien immigration is NOT. Simi police did nothing about these raucous yelling spectacle and no other disturbances occurred. The rest of the day’s picketing was uneventful by very positive. The regular street event time went off very well with hundreds of Simi cars passing by this outlaw political church location. Many car drivers with bright smiles with many positive thumbs-up accompanied were combined by a happy horn honking of salute were given to their Simi community picketers. It is still recommend everyone interested in these anti-illegal alien community matters to get knowledgeable on the facts and get personally involved. The mission of combating illegal alien immigration is really important. You must get community active to combat this neighborhood problem that is killing our town, state and country.