Thursday, June 26, 2014

BEWARE: Gregg R. Stone idiotic Star Trek Rabid fan that broke into the Star Trek:TNG sound stage to steal plexi Enterprise Console displays for Internet Sale.

Just another weirdo, wacko Star Trek fan with no morals....

Two idiot rabid Star Trek fans (Greg R. Stone and pal) broke into the Star Trek TNG set in 1988 during production. They left their video camera when caught.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Scratch a background artist and you'll find an actor......Even on Star Trek.

There are many rabid Star Trek fans and non-entertainment savy people who THINK they know "The Biz". They tend to be to LOUDEST, blatant, empy-headed yakers around. They can't be shown, told or demonstrated to be wrong. Their ego is clearly involved in such trivial matters. Here another instance that prove them WRONG.

Billy Blackburn had been a stand-in, double, and background performer for most of the Star TRek: TOS episodes. Everyday of work he brought his own movie camera and shot the work, play and doings on those Paramount sets.

Billy Blackburn: Background performer, stand-in, and actor on Star Trek: TOS. LINK:

He kept those films for screenings only at Paramount wrap parties at the end of the work's production seasons. Recently he has released thise wonderful films to the public to correct the MANY wrong perceptions of those loudly and pompous Trekkies fans that preach to others naive fans that only they know all about the early days of Star Trek production on the Paramount/Desilu lot. Those bloated cretins are wrong and Mr. Blackburn's films prove his point that he's right. He was in on a billion dollar franchise at the very beginning and has the film to prove it.

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